Highgate Harriers are based at
Parliament Hill athletics track
Hampstead Heath, London NW5.

The club welcomes new members of all standards and abilities from the age of seven. Club training sessions take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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05-Dec-2016     Alastair Aitken

So far this season Highgate Harriers have been unstoppable. The Men have topped the Start Fitness Metropolitan League, on each of three occasion out of three and after winning the North of the Thames; North London and London cross country Championships to boot!

On Saturday their seniors in the Premier Division One pulled further ahead, with a total 3552 Points with Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 3117 and Serpentine RC 3rd with 3078 points. 441 runners finished and the Highgate Harriers 1st Division 'A' team of 12 to score were 4 Robel Bahelbi 26.03; 7 Chris Rainsford 26:10 (Both had very good runs); 15 Terry Fawden (1st Under 20) 26:43; 19 Charlie Hayward 26:50; 21 Brahma Pochee 27:02; 28 Sean Renfer 27:21; 33 Jon Laybourn 27:28; 34 Ben Noad (M40) 27:29; 35 Dominic Smith 27:30; 41 Fergal Smithwick 27:43; 45 Darryl Davison 27:54, 49 Mark Vardy 28:12.

In Division 2 of the Metropolitan League Highgate ‘B’ are in 2nd place.
1 Ealing, Southall & Middx ‘A’ 3507; 2 Highgate Harriers 3350; 3 Thames Valley Harriers 3257

Highgate's 'C' team are leading the 31 clubs in Division 3.
1st Highgate Harriers 3490; 2 Ealing Eagles 3265; 3 London City AC 2815

In Division One for the Women Highgate Harriers are placed second but, knowing the ‘Great’ record Highgate Harriers have had over the last 20 years, there is little doubt Highgate could still win the league. The first three teams currently are 1 London Heathside 791; 2 Highgate Harriers 763 and 3rd Serpentine RC 650.

The Highgate runners of the 199 finishers were 4 Emma Dixon 22.24, improving on her 6th and 5th in the two previous leagues, then came 6th Hanna Viner (22:40) (Hannah felt she did not have a good run but the position sounds good to me!); 12 Alex Gounelas (The North London Champion three times); 27 Emma Burgess 24:45 (Good she is back to support the team); 35 Emma Simpson-Dore 25:14;  51 Morven Lean 25:55; 59 Esther Pigney (3rd Under 20) 26:18; 68 Louise Faherty 26:39; 80 Lucy Mc Guinness (Very good for woman over 50, to be well in the first 100); 27:18; 146 Emily Martyn 31:02 and 164 Sarah Chapman 32:49.

79 finished the Under 17 mens race and Highgate were 5th of 26 club teams. Austin Harris ran well again coming 13th in 14:19. The others were 18 Dempster Fawden 14:39; 25 Tal Pelmont 14:56; 28 Aidan Raphael 15:02; 56 Charlie Smith 15:58 and 76 Manny Pigney (48th Under 15).

55 finished the Under 17 women’s race and Highgate are 3rd of 24 teams. The results were 5 Megan Greensmith 15:52; 6 Phoebe Littler 15:54; 20 Sophie Boehler 17:03; 21 Maxine Chapman (11th under 15) 17:09; 32 Ella Hartley (19th under 15) 17:42 and 38 Jesse Wilkinson 18:26.

Under 13 Boys Jesse Hopkins came 11th of the 52 finishers in 12:48 in the Highgate club team that are placed 3rd of the 20 clubs in their league.
The other Under 13 Boys for Highgate were 19 Lucas Porter 12.57; 29 Theo Machin-Paley 13:30 and 35 Ezra Baddiel-Banks 13:44

Only one Highgate girl ran in the Under 13 girls race and yet Highgate are 12th of the 20 club teams so, it goes to show what only one Highgate girl can do, when Ellen Donald was 6th 35 finishers in 13.12.

In the Under 11 Boys and Girls race there were 75 that completed and Highgate were well up the field 16 Caspar Hopkins 6:11; 30 Thea Reinhardt 6:34; 33 Jamie Cameron 6:35; 51 Liam Bailey 7:03 (One of the sons of Chris Bailey) and 55th Amy Chapman in 7.06
(It was a mixed boys and girls race under the age of 11 and the runners were 9 or 10).

Full results from Saturday's Met League at Wormwood Scrubs can be found on the Highgate Results page


29-Nov-2016     Alastair Aitken

It is not only the seniors that are having a bonanza at cross-country this season, judging from the Youngsters performances in the 3rd of 5 North West London Young Athletes League on Saturday morning at Trent Park, Cockfosters.

Highgate Harriers topped three of the age group races team-wise.
The Under 11 girls; Under 11 Boys & under 13 Boys

Taking the Under 13 Boys first in the race over 3000m, out of 11 clubs.
The first 3 - 1 Highgate Harriers 47; 2 London Heathside 52 and 3 Harrow AC 69.
Out of 51 finishers the Highgate contingent was 9 Sam Amdor 13:00; 11 Franklin Griffiths 13:07; 13 Jack Bailey 13:08 (His Father Chris has been competing for Highgate Harriers for many years); 14 Monte Watson 13:09; 15 Jesse Hopkins 13:11; 28 Ezra Baddiel-Banks 13:46; and 44 Mathew Walker 15:00.

Under 11 Girls 1400m, the Teams in the first 3 out of 14 were Highgate 31; Cookham AC 32; Harrow 44.
The Highgate runners:- .8 Amy Chapman 8.05; 11 Natasza Goldsmith 8.13; 12 Emilia Keat 8.19; 20 Celestine Brennan 8.50; 21 Rachel Odujebe 8:50; 23 Gabrielle Taylor 8.56; 24 Juliet Lumineau 8.58 (Her Father Emmanuel Lumineau runs for Highgate); 35 Kim Le Vue 9.42.
41 completed.

Under 11 Boys over 2450m
First three teams Highgate Harriers 54; Cookham 55; Trent Park 66.
Team in 4th place of 42 runners was Liam Bailey 11:19; 5 Casper Hopkins 11.23; 18 Joseph Hayes 12.11; 27 Max Fairhead 12:59; 32 Jaime Cameron 13:33; 40 Charlie Aslem 15:19.

The Under 13 girls there were 12 teams and Highate were 2nd in the ‘A’ and 1st of the ‘B’ teams.
Runners:- 3 Ellen Donald 11:11; 10 Sienna Thompson 11:50; 15 Hanna Giles 12:05; 19 Milly Aslan 12.28; 23 Nikita Crabb 12.52; 24 Kate Driscoll 13:04; & 36 Lauren Walker 13:55.

Highgate Harriers Under 15 girls Highgate ware 4th team of 12.
It was on the shoulders of just two runners, who were 4 Maxine Chapman 13:49 and 13 Ella Hartley 13:46.
The race was over 3000m with 27 finishing

Full Results


29-Nov-2016     Alastair Aitken

Following their victories in the Met League, North of the Thames, and London Championships, all this season Highgate’s cross country team are on a ‘High’ as, they were not only the first team in the North London Championships at Trent Park, Cockfosters on Saturday but also the winners of the Fraternity Cup race which was combined with the North London Championships this year.

The first six out of 25 club teams was 1 Highgate Harriers 98; 2 Trent Park Running club 107; 3 London Heathside 142; 4 Serpentine Running club 147; 5 Barnet & District A.C. 153 and 6 Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets AC 275.

In the race for the North London Championship 1st was Hillingdon’s Rob Thompson in 25:57. Out of 153 men that finished, the Highgate Harriers team were 4th Fergal Smithwick in 26:30; 6th Daryl Davison 26:42; 12 Nick Gold 27:50; 17 Jack Matthewman 28:14; 37 Andrew Collins 29:22; 41 Alex Davidson 29;28. The other Highgate runners were 60 Joseph Lowe 30:22 and Richard Stewart (With No warm up) 85 in 32:44.


Lucy McGuinness, who has been competing for Highgate Harriers since February last year, had previously run for Mornington Chasers. She has been an important part of Highgate’s track and country teams and has been a valuable scorer in the Start Fitness Metropolitan leagues.
Her latest good performance was coming 19th out of 75 in 35:57, in the North London race for the ‘Sorority Cup’ last Saturday at Trent Park.
It is especially good as she was 2nd Over 50 women in the race.

Also running was Natasha Cendrowicz (W45), who has been competing, at least since 1997 for Highgate.
On Saturday she finished in 25th place in the race near Cockfosters. Her time 37:26.

The winner for the winning team was Alex Gounelas of Eton Manor AC who won the race in 30:12. Gounelas runs 2nd claim for Highgate and is a valuable member of the Highgate Harriers Metropolitan League team.

Full Fraternity and Sorority Results


28-Nov-2016     Alastair Aitken

Earlier this month (16th of November), on Wimbledon Common was another London Colleges League race...

Within that race was the LONDON UNIVERSITY CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS and, two athletes who should feature again in the successful Highgate Harriers women’s team, in the Start Fitness Metropolitan League at Wormwood Scrubs, this Saturday, December the 3rd were in that university race.

 Emma Dixon, running for the Royal Veterinary College , became the London University Champion and Hannah Viner, running for Kings was the runner up.
They were 2nd and 3rd in the actual college’s race in 17:01 and 17:02 respectively.


21-Nov-2016     Alastair Aitken

Highgate Harriers men followed up their win in the Metropolitan league at Stevenage with glory in the North of Thames Champ/Liddiard Cup and, another good win in the cross country team race, in the London Championships at Parliament Hill Fields on Saturday. Jon Laybourn, who manages the Non-Beacon teams for Highgate will hope and, I am sure think, that with the North London Championships combined with the Fraternity Cup at Trent Park, Cockfosters this Saturday, the 26th, again Highgate will achieve more glittering ‘Gold’s’ The only blip in their racing last year was a bad result in the Fraternity Cup which, will be put to rights this year.

On Saturday, out of the large field Highgate’s 4 man team were first of 26 clubs declared. The first three being 1 Highgate 52; 2 Serpentine RC 64 and Thames Valley Harriers 90. The Highgate quartet were 8 UCL Medical student, Charlie Haywood 6th in 32:00; 13th Jon Laybourn 33:08; 14 Sean Renfer 33:10; and 19 Dominic Smith 33:23. Next came Darryl Davison 34:17; 32 Guillaume Cribier 34:25; 43 Tom Willner-Reid 35:05; 51 Jack Matthewman 35:53; 55 Alex Machin-Paley 35:45; 60th Chris Beecham 35:53 (The 47 year old was 2nd in the event over 20 years ago!) 127 Alex Davidson 37:45; 242 Martin Bright 40:52 and 246 Emmanual Lumineau 41:09. The winner was Peter Huck for ‘Run Fast’ club, who is in construction in the City of London. His time 30:50, one ahead of TVH’s Chris Smith who won the Championship 4 times in the last half a dozen years.

Hannah Viner of Highgate Harries was 4th in the women’s Championship out of 250 finishers. She was never out of the first 5 in the race and doing well, as she only changed from being a junior this year. London Heathside won with 44 points and Highgate Harriers were 4th with 103 points. (21 clubs closed in.)
4 Hannah Viner 22:33; 15 Harriet Brock (Good to see her back running well again) Her time 23:09; 19 Ashley Scott-Wilson 23:34 and 65 Esther Pigney 25:53. The winner was Stacey Ward who runs for Herne Hill & Hillingdon second claim, she did 21:29.
Other Highgate Harriers out of the 250 runners were 88 Louise Faherty 26:39 and 116 Natasha Cendrowicz in 27:38.


Oliver Haddad born 5th of March 2002, was 2nd in the Under 15 London Youth Games cross country at Parliament Hill fields on Saturday morning. Haddad, who ran 4:23.32 for 1500 in the Summer, was representing Camden and came 2nd in 10:18 behind classy Mohamed Saharif Ali, who was competing for Ealing and did a time of 10:05. He had, won the last Under 17/15 Met League at Stevenage.
185 completed the Under 15 race at Parliament Hill Fields so, that was a good result for the Highgate Harrier Haddad.

Highgate’s’ two to score in the Under 11 Boys race meant London Borough of Camden came 2nd with 12 points behind Merton who got 5 points. 24 teams completed and the two Camden runners were 4 Conor Sayles 6:10 and 8th Highgate’s, Remy Weinbrecht in 6:22. Casper Hopkins was 13th in 6:28 24.
Ellie Donald was 23rd in the under 13 girl’s race. Finlay Sleeman was the leading Highgate runner in the Under 13 Boys race in 26th of   214 runners in 7:53; Camden were 4th of 25 boroughs with 4 to score.

In the Under 17 girls race Megan Greensmith was 11th and the first for Camden, in the team that came 4th of 20 Boroughs. In the Under 17 men Camden were 6th of 19 Boroughs with 3 to score and the leading Highgate  runner was Austin Harris who came 11th of 115; In the Under 15 girls the first Highgate girl, running for Camden was, Maxine Chapman who was 38th of 176.

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