QuadKids is the athletics competition format for all children aged up to 12 years old with each competitor doing a sprint/run/throw and jump. At Highgate Harriers Quadkids we split the athletes into two age groups, Under 7 and 7 and above. Distances for these age groups are Under 7 - sprint 50m/run 400m and 7 and over - sprint 75m/run 600m. Throws use a 'howler', which is a plastic throwing device that emulates a javelin (but much safer!), jump is a running jump into a sand pit.

All performances are converted into points using an England Athletics scoring system, with full results loaded onto the QuadKids website (usually within 48 hours) and available through the link below. Certificates are handed out at each event to all competitors.

Highgate Harriers have run monthly QuadKids competitions, open to all, for many years. We make it as fun and inclusive as we can and encourage parents to get involved whether through helping out or by encouraging the youngsters. Our QuadKids are held every month on a Sunday 12-2pm with registration from 11.30am, no need to pre-register just turn up on the day. Cost is £3 per child, dates available on the link below.

This is a great way to introduce your child into athletics in a fun, safe environment! Any queries about Highgate Harriers QuadKids email highgateharriersquadkids@gmail.com.

More details on the QuadKids website