January 2003

11th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Alexandra Palace

Senior Men
20th Javier Pes 24mins 39s    
24th Andrew Evans 24mins 52s
25th Alex Davidson (3rd V40)   24mins 53s
30th Duncan Burbidge 25mins 13s
32nd Chris Bailey 25mins 25s
42nd Phil Coulson 25mins 51s
47th Sergio Di Noto 26mins 06s
59th Eric Southam 26mins 38s
62nd Alistair Lindsay 26mins 50s
107th Jim Eltringham 28mins 22s
108th Joseph Lowe 28mins 22s
155th Kevin Linehan 30mins 40s
176th   C Candy 31mins 44s

Team Position - 4th
Position after race 4 - 6th
Senior Women
1st Astrid Wingler 13mins 52s
3rd Kate Jenrick (1st V35) 14mins 07s
11th Anna McCutcheon 14mins 40s
15th Natasha Cendrowicz  14mins 50s
21st Rhonda Munnick 15mins 04s
29th Sarah Nicholls 15mins 26s
57th Sharon Cooney 16mins 46s
70th Jenny Turner 17mins 26s

Team Position - 1st
Position after race 4 - 1st

Under 17 Men
10th Rory Campbell 13mins 26s
22nd  Saningo Martyn  14mins 18s  

Full results

18th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Wormwood Scrubs

Senior Women (8000m)
2nd Astrid Wingler 30mins 38s
10th Anna McCutcheon 31mins 49s
12th Natasha Cendrowicz  32mins 54s
13th Esther Evans 33mins 17s
15th Sarah Nicholls 33mins 25s
39th  Rebecca Tunstall 40mins 09s
Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 37 points
2ndShaftesbury Barnet45 points
3rdLondon Heathside47 points

Under 17 Girls
10th Nelsey Cassalas 25mins 58s

Senior Men (12000m)
4th Nick Martyn 42mins 36s
8th Chris Beecham 43mins 32s
12th Alex Davidson 44mins 01s
22nd Duncan Burbidge 44mins 55s
24th Chris Bailey 45mins 20s
25th Andy Evans 45mins 28s
42nd Craig Ross 47mins 21s
87th Joseph Lowe 52mins 44s
107th Steve Scruton 54mins 55s
Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 95 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers116 points
3rdLondon Heathside140 points

Junior Men (6000m)
6th Jonathan Deane 23mins 21s

Under 15 boys (4000m)
5th Rory Campbell 16mins 00s
9th Saningo Martyn 16mins 20s

Full Middlesex 2003 results     Ham & High Press report

25th January - South of England Cross Country Champs
Bicton, East Devon

Senior Women
17th Kate Jenrick 25mins 01s
20th Astrid Wingler 25mins 12s
30th Anna McCutcheon 25mins 34s
38th Sally Hannah 25mins 58s
46th Natasha Cendrowicz  26mins 19s
56th Sarah Nicholls 26mins 59s
62nd Esther Evans 27mins 10s
142nd  Jenny Turner 30mins 31s
Team positions
1stWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow64 points
2ndBedford & County AC 79 points
3rd Highgate Harriers 105 points

Senior Men
34th Nick Martyn 39mins 30s
96th Jo Loader 41mins 38s
107th Duncan Burbidge   41mins 59s
119th Chris Bailey 42mins 29s
387th Joseph Lowe 49mins 07s
506th  Phil Coulson 52mins 29s
Team position - 19th of 55 teams

Full results     Ham & High Press report

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February 2003

1st February - Middlesex Veterans Cross Country Champs
Mad Bess Woods - Ruislip

Men (8000m)
1st Alex Davidson 29mins 08s
4th Chris Bailey 29mins 40s
7th Eric Southam 30mins 14s
34th  Steve Scruton 34mins 58s
Team positions
1stHarrow AC 32 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 46 points
3rdEaling, Southall & Middlesex 61 points

Full Results     Race report

15th February - Metropolitan Cross Country League
St Albans

Highgate women crowned League Champions 2002/2003

Senior Women
1st Astrid Wingler 15mins 07s
3rd Kate Jenrick (1st V35) 15mins 22s
12th Sally Hannah 16mins 06s
13th Natasha Cendrowicz  16mins 07s
15th Sarah Nicholls 16mins 15s
18th Rhonda Munnick 16mins 19s
32nd Maria Psatha 17mins 26s
49th Karen Wright 18mins 32s

Team Position - 1st
Final League position after race 5 - 1st
Race Report     Ham & High Press report
Senior Men
22nd Alex Davidson    28mins 56s

Final League position after race 5 - 9th

Full results

22nd February - National Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 17 women (5K)
100th Nelsey Cassalas 27mins 44s

Under 15 boys (4½K)
44th Rory Campbell 19mins 50s
186th Saningo Martyn 22mins 11s

Junior men (10K)
104th Jonathan Deane 42mins 43s

Senior women (8K)
22nd Sula Young 36mins 03s
29th Astrid Wingler 36mins 37s
45th Natasha Cendrowicz 37mins 21s
67th Sally Hannah 38mins 30s
76th Kate Jenrick 38mins 43s
89th Sarah Nicholls 39mins 08s
189th Jenny Turner 44mins 09s
398 finishers
Team position - 5th out of 43 complete teams

Senior men (12K)
Senior Mens team
32nd Ben Pochee 43mins 57s
65th Shane Snow 45mins 24s
89th Nick Martyn 46mins 05s
132nd Henry Dodwell 47mins 11s
139th Joe Loader 47mins 19s
153rd Alex Davidson 47mins 51s
164th Chris Bailey 48mins 07s
179th Chris Beecham 48mins 29s
203rd Nick Gold 48mins 52s
232nd Duncan Burbidge 49mins 30s
238th Andrew Evans 49mins 34s
406th Eric Southam 52mins 25s
465th Sergio DiNoto 53mins 25s
503rd Jim Eltringham 54mins 06s
560th Dan Winfield 55mins 05s
629th Joseph Lowe 56mins 30s
803rd Jason 59mins 32s
841st Nick Stockman 60mins 18s
1257 finishers
Team position
9th out of 100 complete teams (6 to score)
7th out of 40 complete teams (9 to score)

Full results

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March 2003

22nd March - Thames Valley Harriers Relays
Stockley Park

Veteran Men (3 x 3.5 miles)
Leg 1  Alex Davidson (3rd fastest overall)18mins 33s (1st)
Leg 2 Chris Bailey 19mins 06s (2nd)
Leg 3 Steve Scruton  21mins 54s (5th)
Team position - 5th

Senior Men (5 x 3.5 miles)
Leg 1  Ben Pochee (3rd fastest overall) 17mins 16s (2nd)
Leg 2 Henry Dodwell   18mins 26s (3rd)
Leg 3 Sergio Di Noto 20mins 34s (8th)
Leg 4 Phil Coulson 19mins 00s (6th)
Leg 5 Chris Bailey 20mins 05s (8th)
Team position - 8th

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April 2003

6th April - South of England Road Relay Championships
Milton Keynes

Women (6 x 5.5km)
Leg 1 Astrid Wingler (2nd)19:22
Leg 2 Esther Evans (2nd)19:45
Leg 3 Sally Hannah (1st)20:14
Leg 4 Natasha Cendrowicz (2nd)21:06
Leg 5 Sarah Nicholls (3rd)20:50
Leg 6 Sula Young (1st)19:21

Team Positions
dq Highgate Harriers 2hrs 00:38
1stSouth London Harriers2hrs 01:13
2ndShaftesbury Barnet2hrs 01:26
3rdBedford & County2hrs 01:45

Full results

Long leg (8km)  Short leg (5.5km)
Leg 1 Ben Pochee (3rd)24:26
Leg 2 Dominic Hall (6th)18:04
Leg 3 Nick Martyn (7th)25:35
Leg 4 Phil Coulson (9th)18:20
Leg 5 Chris Beecham (9th)25:42
Leg 6 Jim Eltringham (10th)18:23
Leg 7 Javier Pes (9th)26:52
Leg 8 Shane Snow (8th)17:16
Leg 9 Alex Davidson (9th)26:27
Leg 10 Duncan Burbidge (6th)17:38
Leg 11 Chris Bailey (8th)27:10
Leg 12 Andrew Evans (9th)18:25

Team Positions
1stBelgrave Harriers4hrs 07:23
2ndNewham & Essex Beagles4hrs 11:51
3rdBedford & County4hrs 16:54
9th Highgate Harriers 4hrs 24:18

Full results

13th April - The London Marathon

39th Nick Martyn 2 hrs 27mins 11s
205thAndrew Evans 2 hrs 44mins 10s
227thMark Wilcox 2 hrs 45mins 31s
439thChris Bailey 2 hrs 52mins 22s
1355thDuncan Burbidge 3 hrs 07mins 12s
3096thKevin Linehan 3 hrs 24mins 46s
4345thRoger Low 3 hrs 34mins 27s
10973rdGeorge Emorfopoulos 4 hrs 12mins 50s
23001st   Reginald Burbidge 6 hrs 04mins 47s
53rd Sarah Nicholls 3 hrs 04mins 10s
159th Esther Evans 3 hrs 17mins 04s

Full results

26th April - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Parliament Hill

1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS   146 points
2 - Ryston Runners      104 points
3 - Harlow RC            87 points
4 - Eton Manor AC        58 points
5 - Hillingdon AC        28 points
Other Div 3N results

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May 2003

3rd May - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Ilford
1 - Bournemouth            128.5 points
2 - Ilford                 104   points
3 - Basildon               103   points
4 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS      100.5 points
5 - Worthing & District     90   points

Division 4E - Walthamstow
1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        132 points
2 - Stevenage & North Herts  108 points
3 - Southend                 102 points
4 - Walthamstow               67 points
5 - Ashford                  DNS       
Other Div 4E results

17th May - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Blackheath
1 - Blackheath & Bromley 128 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS    115 points
3 - Chelmsford           111 points
4 - Cambridge             84 points
5 - Basingstoke           83 points

Division 4E - Dartford
1 - Blackheath         146 points
2 - Chelmsford         137 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS  108 points
4 - Dartford            73 points
5 - Bexley              DNS      
Other Div 4E results

31st May - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Exeter
1 - Exeter             117 points
2 - Woking             111 points
3 - Harrow             108 points
4 - Winchester         103 points
5 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS   93 points

Division 4E - Bury St Edmunds
1 - West Suffolk                   141 points
2 - Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets  123 points
3 - Tunbridge Wells & Langton      116 points
4 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS               87 points
5 - Herts Phoenix                   Withdrawn
Other Div 4E results

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June 2003

7th June - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Copthall

1 - Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets  114½ points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS              113  points
3 - Richmond & Twickenham           99½ points
4 - Biggleswade                      4  points
Other Div 3N results

15th June - BAL Gold Cup (Men & Women)


1 - Bournemouth        257 points
2 - London Heathside   207 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS  176 points
4 - Cheltenham         146 points
5 - Luton              141 points
6 - Yeovil              88 points

28th June - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Copthall
1 - Southend            141 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS   133 points
3 - Shaftesbury Barnet  130 points
4 - Aldershot            84 points

Division 4E - New River
1 - Barnet/Trent Park  151.5 points
2 - Diss               128.5 points
3 - London Heathside   103   points
4 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS   72   points
5 - Eastbourne          10   points
Other Div 4E results

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July 2003

5th July - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - High Wycombe

1 - Barnet               139 points
2 - Wycombe              121 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS    107 points
4 - Braintree             93 points
Other Div 3N results

12th July - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Parliament Hill
1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS     137   points
2 - Herne Hill Harriers   136   points
3 - Ashford               110   points
4 - Team Solent            69 ½ points
5 - Epsom & Ewell          66 ½ points

Division 4E - Parliament Hill
1 - Harlow             134   points
2 - Invicta East Kent  117 ½ points
3 - Hastings           114   points
4 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS   87   points
5 - Eton Manor          42 ½ points
Other Div 4E results

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August 2003

2nd August - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Peterborough

1 - Yeovil Olympiads               135 points
2 - Nene Vally Harriers            123 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS              113 points
4 - Vale of Aylesbury               82 points
5 - Windsor,Slough,Eton & Hounslow  73 points
Final 2003 League Table

Division 4E - Colchester
1 - Colchester Harriers  153 points
2 - Enfield & Haringey   140 points
3 - Paddock Wood         124 points
4 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS     44 points
Final 2003 League Table    Other Div 4E results

9th August - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Cambridge

1 - Southend               134 points
2 - Cambridge & Coleridge  121 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS      106 points
4 - Watford                 88 points
Other Div 3N results

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September 2003

6th September - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Woodford

1 - Loughton               190 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS       93 points
3 - St Albans               42 points
4 - Ilford                  35 points
Final League Table     Other Div 3N results

20th September - St Albans Cross Country relays

Leg 1Anna McCutcheon 17mins 00s
Leg 2Natasha Cendrowicz 17mins 25s
Leg 3Astrid Winglser 16mins 03s
Leg 4Sarah Nicholls 17mins 48s

Team positions
1stShaftesbury Barnet A   64mins 59s
2ndShaftesbury Barnet B   67mins 54s
3rdHighgate Harriers68mins 16s

Fastest Laps
1st - Chloe Wilkinson(Shaftesbury Barnet)15 mins 45s
2nd - Julia Bleasdale(Hillingdon)15 mins 46s
3rd - Astrid Wingler(Highgate Harriers)16 mins 03s

Full Womens Results

(A team)
Leg 1Henry Dodwell dnf
Leg 2Nick Martyn 14mins 57s
Leg 3Andrew Evans 14mins 50s
Leg 4Javier Pes 14mins 36s
Leg 5Duncan Burbidge 14mins 50s
Leg 6Phil Coulson 15mins 17s

(B team)
Leg 1Dale Bickham 14mins 10s
Leg 2Chris Bailey 15mins 14s

Full Mens Results

27th/28th September - South of England Road Relays

No Highgate team
Full results


"A" Team
Leg 1 - Sula Young       13mins 13s (11th fastest)
Leg 2 - Gowry Retchaken  13mins 57s               
Leg 3 - Sally Hannah     14mins 24s               
Leg 4 - Astrid Wingler   13mins 33s (13th fastest)
"B" Team
Leg 1 - Esther Evans       14mins 34s
Leg 2 - Anna McCutcheon    14mins 50s
Leg 3 - Sarah Nicholls     14mins 51s
Leg 4 - Natasha Cendrowicz 14mins 53s
Team Positions
1stShaftesbury Barnet "A"53mins 47s
2nd Highgate Harriers "A" 55mins 07s
3rdHavant AC "A"55mins 30s

17th Highgate Harriers "B" 59mins 08s

Full results

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October 2003

4th October - Ealing Cross Country relays
Horsenden Hill

(A team)
Leg 1Anna McCutcheon 14mins 58s
Leg 2Sula Young 13mins 35s (course record)
Leg 3Astrid Wingler 13mins 56s
(B team)
Leg 1Sarah Nicholls 15mins 00s
Leg 2Kate Jenrick 14mins 20s
Leg 3Natasha Cendrowicz 14mins 39s
(C team)
Leg 1Jenny Turner 16mins 33s
Leg 2Fiona Maguire 17mins 43s
Leg 3Sula Young 14mins 32s
(D team)
Leg 1Sarah Chapman 20mins 03s

Team positions
1stHighgate Harriers A   42mins 29s (course record)
2ndShaftesbury Barnet A   43mins 07s
3rdHighgate Harriers B43mins 59s

(A team)
Leg 1Nick Gold 12mins 54s
Leg 2Dale Bickham 12mins 06s
Leg 3Chris Beecham 12mins 29s
Leg 4Chris Bailey 13mins 08s
Leg 5Phil Coulson 12mins 58s
Leg 6Duncan Burbidge 12mins 44s
(B team)
Leg 1Alistair Lindsay 13mins 32s
Leg 2Nick Stockman 16mins 05s

Team positions
1stHarrow   74mins 56s
2ndEaling, Southall & Middx 75mins 34s
3rdHighgate Harriers   76mins 19s
4thLondon Heathside79mins 17s

4th October - North West London Young Athletes League
Horsenden Hill


11th October - Metropolitan Cross Country League

1st Sula Young 14m 00s
6th Astrid Wingler 14m 40s
8th Kate Jenrick 14m 45s
13th Natasha Cendrowicz  15m 11s
18th Anna McCutcheon 15m 28s
34th Cathy Dawson 16m 37s
37th Jenny Turner 16m 59s
86th Sarah Chapman 20m 19s

Team Position - 1st
22nd Chris Bailey (3rd Vet) 28m 55s
110th Derek Baigent 33m 13
143rd Dave Burrows 35m 27s
151st Nick Stockman 35m 45s
175th Duncan Burbidge*  37m 33s
178th Andrew Evans* 37m 37s
* missed start

Team Position - 17th

Full results

25th October - National Relay Championships
Sutton Park, Birmingham

Women (A team)
Leg 1 - Sula Young 14mins 50s (11th)
Leg 2 - Gowry Hodge 15mins 44s (7th)
Leg 3 - Sally Hannah 16mins 13s (10th)
Leg 4 - Astrid Wingler15mins 15s (12th)

Women (B team)
Leg 1 - Kate Jenrick 15mins 40s (26th)
Leg 2 - Natasha Cendrowicz 16mins 09s (21st)
Leg 3 - Sarah Nicholls 16mins 42s (23rd)
Leg 4 - Louise Curtis 16mins 16s (22nd)

Team positions
1st Chester Le Street59mins 09s
2nd Charnwood AC 59mins 25s
3rd Sale Harriers 59mins 58s
12th Highgate Harriers 'A' 62mins 02s
22nd Highgate Harriers 'B' 64mins 47s

Full women's results

25th October - Liddiard Cross Country Trophy

6th   Andrew Evans       26mins 12s
7th   Henry Dodwell      26mins 18s
8th   Duncan Burbidge    26mins 24s
24th  Jeremy Rogers      28mins 17s
30th  Derek Baigent      29mins 50s
46th  Dave Burrows       31mins 10s
53rd  Nick Stockman      32mins 24s

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November 2003

1st November - Metropolitan Cross Country League

1st Astrid Wingler 16m 56s
2nd Natasha Cendrowicz  17m 18s
3rd Svenja Abel 17m 18s
4th Kate Jenrick 17m 21s
12th Emma Brady 18m 03s
16th Sarah Nicholls 18m 29s
24th Marguerite Lazell 19m 10s
33rd Jenny Turner 19m 48s
51st Karen Wright 20m 48s
56th Fiona Maguire 21m 05s

Team Position - 1st
Position after race 2 - 1st
18th Henry Dodwell 29m 12s
24th Duncan Burbidge   29m 31s
25th Nick Martyn (2nd Vet) 29m 33s
28th Andrew Evans 29m 38s
32nd Chris Bailey (3rd Vet) 29m 46s
117th Dave Burrows 34m 28s
151st Steve Scruton 36m 50s
156th Nick Stockman 37m 04s
193rd Alastair Campbell 39m 52s

Team Position - 11th
Position after race 2 - 13th

Under 17 men
8th    Rory Campbell 16m 11s
9th Saningo Martyn  16m 16s

Full results

8th November - North London Cross Country Championships
Wormwood Scrubs

Highgate Harriers retained the team titles in both the womens and mens championships on Saturday.

Senior Women
1st Astrid Wingler (1st Vet) 21mins 04s
3rd Kate Jenrick (2nd Vet) 21mins 41s
5th Anna McCutcheon (3rd Vet) 22mins 15s
7th Emma Brady 22mins 24s
10th Sarah Nicholls 22mins 55s
16th Becky Long 24mins 24s
18th Jenny Turner 24mins 58s
22nd Karen Wright 26mins 02s
23rd Fiona Maguire 26mins 08s

Team Positions
1st Highgate Harriers 16 points
2ndLondon Heathside37 points
3rdSerpentine53 points

Senior Men
4th Dale Bickham 27mins 59s
6th Chris Beecham 28mins 22s
8th Dominic Hall 28mins 58s
11th Duncan Burbidge 29mins 09s
12th Phil Coulson 29mins 20s
13th Andrew Evans 29mins 24s
20th Chris Bailey (1st Vet) 29mins 49s
36th Jeremy Rogers 30mins 53s
47th Nick Gold 31mins 36s
51st Joseph Lowe 31mins 52s
52nd Chris Evans 31mins 54s
57th Ali Brown 32mins 40s
59th Derek Baigent 32mins 42s
73rd Jesus Anorve 33mins 56s
80th Robin Basford 34mins 37s
81st Nick Stockman 34mins 41s

Team Positions
1st Highgate Harriers 54 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers103 points
3rdEaling, Southall and Middx156 points

15th November - SEAA Reebok International Cross Country Race
(Incorporating Southern Vets Championships)

9th (2nd Vet)Astrid Wingler 19m 17s
15th (3rd Vet) Kate Jenrick 19m 36s
20th (7th Vet)Anna McCutcheon  20m 23s

Team Position - 1st
27th (3rd Vet) Nick Martyn 31m 43s
46th (13th Vet) Chris Bailey   33m 36s

Full results

15th November - North West London Young Athletes League


22nd November - London Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

1st Astrid Wingler 18mins 49s
4th Natasha Cendrowicz  19mins 08s
7th Kate Jenrick 19mins 40s
9th Anna McCutcheon 20mins 06s
13thSarah Nicholls 20mins 41s
21stMarguerite Lazell 21mins 08s
26thCathy Dawson 21mins 32s
34thJenny Turner 21mins 56s
38thBecky Long 22mins 28s
50thKaren Wright 23mins 19s
84thBrenda Hyers 27mins 56s

Team Positions
1stHighgate Harriers 21 points
2ndHillingdon 53 points
3rdLondon Heathside 61 points
4thHighgate Harriers "B"94 points

4th Chris Beecham 32mins 26s
5th Shane Snow 32mins 30s
7th Henry Dodwell 32mins 39s
10th Dominic Hall 32mins 54s
13th Nick Martyn 33mins 24s
18th Duncan Burbidge 33mins 51s
19th David Bruce (J) 33mins 55s
23rd Andrew Evans 34mins 26s
26th Chris Bailey 34mins 35s
46th Chris Evans 36mins 10s
49th Jeremy Rogers 36mins 23s
50th Andrew Collinge 36mins 31s
57th Joseph Lowe 36mins 55s
75th Jim Eltringham 38mins 07s
77th Jonathan Deane (J)38mins 09s
81st Stephen Lord 38mins 39s
82nd Jason Cox 38mins 43s
90th Robin Basford 39mins 23s
93rd Derek Baigent 39mins 31s
100thNick Gold 39mins 44s
126thKevin Linehan 41mins 58s
135thSteve Scruton 42mins 29s
136thNick Stockman 42mins 39s

Team Positions
1stHighgate Harriers 26 points
2ndKent AC 39 points
3rdHighgate Harriers "B"73 points
4thLondon Heathside 96 points

Full results

29th November - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Horsenden Hill

1st Astrid Wingler 13m 47s
3rd Natasha Cendrowicz  14m 11s
6th Anna McCutcheon 14m 31s
16th Sarah Nicholls 15m 04s
20th Esther Evans 15m 11s
22nd Elizabeth Ogunde 15m 22s
28th Cathy Dawson 15m 39s
34th Becky Long 15m 51s
47th Jenny Turner 16m 27s
55th Karen Wright 16m 47s

Team Position - 1st
Position after race 3 - 1st
6th Henry Dodwell 27m 22s
11th Dennis Fricks 27m 53s
25th Andrew Evans 28m 54s
36th Chris Bailey 29m 29s
93rd Jonathan Deane   31m 35s
136th Nick Stockman 33m 56s
159th Kevin Linehan 35m 14s

Team Position - 11th
Position after race 3 - 13th

Full results

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December 2003

6th December - SEAA Inter County Champs

Full Results

6th December - Fraternity Cup
Trent Park

3rd Henry Dodwell 25:39
5th Nick Martyn (1st Vet) 25:53
12th Duncan Burbidge 26:27
13th Andrew Evans 26:31
16th Chris Bailey 26:53
43rd Jonathan Deane 29:25
45th Joseph Lowe 29:38
Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 92 points
2nd London Heathside 93 points
3rd Ealing, Southall & Middx 123 points

1st Svenja Abel 30:20
3rd Sarah Nicholls 31:13

20th December - North of the Thames Championships
Alexandra Palace

5th Henry Dodwell 31mins 44s
8th Dennis Fricks 32mins 18s
10th Nick Martyn 32mins 33s
14th Dale Bickham 33mins 26s
22nd Chris Bailey 34mins 07s
29th Phil Coulson 34mins 50s
35th Jeremy Rogers 35mins 13s
41st Jonathan Deane 36mins 15s
44th Alistair Lindsay 36mins 31s
81st Steve Scruton 41mins 10s
Team positions (6 to score)
1st Highgate Harriers 88 points
2nd Thames Valley Harriers 138 points
3rd London Heathside 192 points

Under 17 Men
2nd Rory Campbell 19mins 04s
12th Saningo Martyn 20mins 16s

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