January 2004

3rd January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs

Senior Women (8000m)
2nd Natasha Cendrowicz  27mins 47s
3rd Astrid Wingler 27mins 49s
6th Esther Evans 28mins 50s
20th Sarah Nicholls 30mins 49s
Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 31 points
2ndLondon Heathside40 points
3rdShaftesbury Barnet47 points

Senior Men (12000m)
1st Jerome Claeys 35mins 47s
3rd Dennis Fricks 36mins 18s
5th Henry Dodwell 36mins 24s
8th Dominic Hall 37mins 27s
17th Andy Evans 38mins 33s
19th Duncan Burbidge 39mins 01s
25th Pat Davis 39mins 25s
30th Chris Bailey 39mins 54s
51st Jim Eltringham 42mins 39s
65th Nick Stockman 44mins 04s
74th Derek Baigent 45mins 53s
79th Anthony Flick 46mins 17s
86th Kevin Linehan 47mins 19s
121st Ralph Allemano 57mins 58s
Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 53 points
2ndHarrow AC115 points
3rdLondon Heathside164 points

Under 20 men (6000m)
9th Jonathan Deane 22mins 20s

Under 17 men (6000m)
5th Saningo Martyn 21mins 28s
7th Rory Campbell 21mins 52s

Under 13 boys (3000m)
5th Henry Gomez 13mins 56s

Full Middlesex 2004 results

10th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Wormwood Scrubs

Senior Women
1st Svenja Abel 15mins 20s    
2nd Astrid Wingler 15mins 33s
3rd Natasha Cendrowicz  15mins 43s
6th Esther Evans 16mins 02s
9th Kate Jenrick 16mins 09s
19th Sarah Nicholls 16mins 57s
25th Cathy Dawson 17mins 35s
30th Jenny Turner 17mins 53s

Team Position - 1st
Position after race 4 - 1st
Senior Men
45th Jeremy Rogers 31mins 08s
61st Jonathan Deane   31mins 48s
80th Andrew Evans 33mins 05s
84th Richard Stewart 33mins 23s
117th Nick Stockman 35mins 04s
122nd John Barratt 35mins 16s
135th Steve Scruton 35mins 48s

Team Position - 11th
Position after race 4 - 13th

Full results

14th January - Sir Sefton Brancker Trophy
and Seax Trophy
(Middlesex v RAF v Civil Service)
RAF Halton

Middlesex results

17th January - North West London Young Athletes League
Trent Park


18th January - Sportshall Competition
Stonebridge Park

Outstanding performance by 10 year old Harrier

Highgate Harrier Christian Gomez aged 10, had an outstanding afternoon at the under 11 Sportshall competitions, winning 3 of the 4 events he entered. He came first in the standing long jump, vertical jump and speed bounce.In addition he was invited to run in an under 13 composite relay team which won the event.

24th January - South of England Cross Country Champs
Parliament Hill Fields

Southern Gold for Highgate Women

Senior Women
5th Svenja Abel 33mins 23s
7th Natasha Cendrowicz  33mins 31s
10th Astrid Wingler 33mins 49s
27th Kate Jenrick 35mins 15s
35th Esther Evans 35mins 38s
57th Sarah Nicholls 36mins 43s
114th  Jenny Turner 39mins 43s
260th Annie Dicey 49mins 11s
297 finishers
Team positions
1stHighgate Harriers 49 points
2ndShaftesbury Barnet 66 points
3rdLondon Heathside 115 points
38 complete teams

Senior Men
15th Jerome Claeys 48mins 39s
21st Henry Dodwell 49mins 14s
48th Dennis Fricks 50mins 52s
54th Shane Snow 51mins 09s
69th Nick Martyn 51mins 47s
96th Nick Gold 53mins 18s
156th Duncan Burbidge   55mins 05s
171st Chris Bailey 55mins 35s
222nd Jeremy Rogers 56mins 54s
248th Andrew Collinge 57mins 47s
250th Richard Stewart 57mins 49s
251st Ali Brown 57mins 51s
332nd Joseph Lowe 60mins 26s
349th Jim Eltringham 60mins 51s
366th Derek Baigent 61mins 15s
393rd Mark Sweeney 62mins 13s
418th  José Barretta 63mins 08s
449th Nick Stockman 63mins 56s
500th Robin Basford 65mins 33s
535th Jesus Anorve 66mins 31s
569th Kevin Linehan 67mins 16s
590th Anthony Flick 68mins 06s
(800 finishers)
Team positions (6 to score)
1stNewham & Essex Beagles 128 points
2ndLondon Irish 171 points
3rdAldershot, Farnham & District194 points
4thBedford & County 202 points
5thHighgate Harriers 302 points
(65 complete teams)
Team positions (12 to score)
1stAldershot, Farnham & District774 points
2ndHighgate Harriers 1594 points
3rdNewham & Essex Beagles 1939 points
(17 complete teams)

Junior Men
64th Jonathan Deane 33mins 37s
(85 finishers)

Under 17 Men
31st Saningo Martyn 24mins 00s
54th Rory Campbell 24mins 45s
(165 finishers)

Full results

28th January - London Schools Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Year 11 Year 9 Year 7
1st Rory Campbell* 45thSam Jeal 5th Henri Gomez*
2nd Saningo Martyn*  

* Selected to represent London Schools in the All England Champs

Year 9 Year 8 Year 7
33rdJess Jeal 11thMolly Wheeler    51stMarika McKennell

31stFlynn Ester

31st January - Metropolitan Cross Country League
St Albans

Highgate women remain unbeaten and retain the
Metropolitan Cross Country League title

Senior Women
League Champions 2003/2004
1st Svenja Abel 14mins 22s
2nd Astrid Wingler (1st V35) 14mins 28s    
3rd Natasha Cendrowicz  14mins 40s
5th Kate Jenrick (2nd V35) 15mins 03s
10th Esther Evans 15mins 16s
11th Caroline Bollard 15mins 24s
24th Becky Long 16mins 09s
28th Elizabeth Ogunde 16mins 20s
72nd Sarah Chapman 20mins 45s
Race report
Team Position - 1st
Final League positions after race 5
1stHighgate Harriers 2514 points
2ndLondon Heathside 1959 points
3rdWoodford Green 1805 points
Senior Men

47th Chris Bailey 29mins 32s
70th Jonathan Deane 30mins 50s
98th Nick Bentham 32mins 22s
118th Nick Stockman 33mins 40s

Team Position - 14th
Final League position - 13th

Full results

February 2004

7th February - Middlesex Veterans Cross Country Champs
Mad Bess Wood - Ruislip

Men (8000m)
1st Nick Martyn 26mins 38s
2nd Paul Lemmon (London Heathside)28mins 04s
3rd A. Hoiles (Harrow AC) 28mins 12s
4th Chris Bailey 28mins 23s
... ... ...
25th  Steve Scruton 31mins 44s

Full Results    

14th February - North West London Young Athletes League


21st February - National Cross Country Championships

Under 17 Men (6K)
69th Saningo Martyn 23mins 59s
(227 finishers)

Junior men (10K)
130th Jonathan Deane 38mins 43s
(149 finishers)

Senior women (8K)
18th Sula Young 34mins 26s
31st Natasha Cendrowicz 35mins 09s
44th Svenja Abel 35mins 51s
78th Kate Jenrick 37mins 04s
83rd Sally Hannah 37mins 17s
121st Esther Evans 38mins 32s
127th Marguerite Lazell 38mins 43s
162nd Jenny Turner 39mins 50s
(454 finishers)
Team positions
1stBristol AC 100 points
2ndSale Harriers 112 points
3rdTipton Harriers 155 points
4thHighgate Harriers 171 points
54 complete teams

Senior men (12K)
7th Keith Cullen (non scorer) 42mins 31s
58th Jerome Claeys 44mins 42s
97th Shane Snow 45mins 41s
122nd Henry Dodwell 46mins 21s
149th Nick Martyn 46mins 57s
344th Duncan Burbidge 50mins 12s
371st Andrew Evans 50mins 30s
389th Phil Coulson 50mins 45s
603rd Richard Stewart 53mins 48s
654th Joseph Lowe 54mins 34s
681st Robin Basford 55mins 07s
771st José Barretta 56mins 17s
777th Nick Stockman 56mins 21s
794th Jim Eltringham 56mins 37s
888th Jonathan Evans 58mins 13s
1012th Anthony Flick 60mins 33s
(1394 finishers)
Team positions (6 to score)
1stBelgrave Harriers 160 points
2ndLeeds City AC 254 points
3rdSale Harriers 258 points
22ndHighgate Harriers1123 points
116 complete teams

Team positions (9 to score)
1stLeeds City AC 614 points
2ndBelgrave Harriers 620 points
3rdBedford & County AC 744 points
14thHighgate Harriers 2753 points
50 complete teams

Full results

March 2004

6th March - Inter Counties Cross Country Championships

Senior Women (8K)
1st K Butler 27:04 Scotland East
2nd N Harvey 27:10Surrey
3rd H Yelling 28:00Middlesex
... ... ... ...
30th Sula Young (Highgate) 29:49Middlesex
45th Natasha Cendrowicz (Highgate)30:34Middlesex
101st Kate Jenrick (Highgate) 32:01Surrey

Senior Men (12k)
1st G Tromans 36:25  Warwickshire
2nd Ben Noad (Highgate) 36:41 Avon & Somerset
3rd C Thompson 36:52 Hampshire

Under 20 men
1st G Davenport 25:25  Avon & Somerset
2nd C Lamb 25:32 North East
3rd A Moran 25:33 Greater Manchester
... ... ... ...
151stJonathan Deane (Highgate)32:01 Middlesex

Full Results    

22nd March - British Masters Cross Country Championships

3rd  Astrid Wingler

7th  Nick Martyn

22nd March - Thames Valley Harriers Relays
Stockley Park

Women (3 x 3.5 miles)
Leg 1  Esther Evans 22mins 04s (4th)
Leg 2 Marguerite Lazell 21mins 57s (2nd)
Leg 3 Cathy Dawson  23mins 21s (1st)
Team positions
1stHighgate Harriers67mins 22s
2ndShaftesbury Barnet Harriers  67mins 33s
3rdVale of Aylesbury67mins 47s

Men (5 x 3.5 miles)
'A' team
Leg 1  Phil Coulson 18mins 32s (10th)
Leg 2 Henry Dodwell 18mins 25s (5th)
Leg 3 Dominic Hall 19mins 13s (5th)
Leg 4 Duncan Burbidge   18mins 54s (4th)
Leg 5 Andrew Evans 20mins 06s (4th)
'B' team

Jeremy Rogers 20mins 24s (18th)

Richard Stewart   21mins 18s (20th)

Pat Davis 19mins 34s (17th)

Saningo Martyn 20mins 12s (12th)

Jeremy Rogers 21mins 14s (12th)
Team positions
1stBelgrave Harriers87mins 31s
2ndWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow91mins 32s
3rdEaling, Southall & Middlesex94mins 23s
4thHighgate Harriers95mins 10s

27th March - North West London Young Athletes League
Wormwood Scrubs

Santi Martyn becomes Under 11 League Champion following his latest win in the final race of the season at Wormwood Scrubs.

Saningo Martyn takes third place in the final race to finish the Under 17's League in equal third place.


April 2004

4th April - South of England Road Relay Championships
Milton Keynes

Women (6 x 5.5km)
Leg 1 Esther Evans (18th)21:02
Leg 2 Kate Jenrick (9th)20:34
Leg 3 Cathy Dawson (13th)21:49
Leg 4 Sula Young (5th)19:14
Leg 5 Marguerite Lazell (6th)23:05
Leg 6 Astrid Wingler (3rd)20:17
Incomplete 'B' Team
Leg 1 Becky Long (26th)21:52
Leg 2 Elizabeth Ogunde (23rd)21:48

Team Positions
1stBedford & County1hrs 56m 51s
2ndShaftesbury Barnet2hrs 00m 42s
3rdHighgate Harriers2hrs 06m 01s

Full results

Men (12 stage)
'A' Team
Long leg (8km)  Short leg (5.5km)
Leg 1 Nick Martyn (14th)25:24
Leg 2 Dominic Hall (10th)18:02
Leg 3 Keith Cullen (5th) course record23:24
Leg 4 Pat Davis (5th)18:15
Leg 5 Henry Dodwell (6th)25:37
Leg 6 Andy Evans (6th)18:36
Leg 7 Duncan Burbidge (8th)26:42
Leg 8 Robin Basford (10th)19:41
Leg 9 Phil Coulson (9th)26:37
Leg 10 Jeremy Rogers (9th)19:07
Leg 11 Mark Sweeney (11th)29:38
Leg 12 Jim Eltringham (11th)19:46
Incomplete 'B' Team
Leg 1 Nick Stockman (57th)31:22
Leg 2 Saningo Martyn (48th)18:31
Leg 3 Kevin Linehan (51st)33:17
Leg 4 Steve Scruton (48th)21:14
Leg 5 Greg Fuzesi (47th)30:36
Leg 6 Richard Stewart (46th)20:25
Leg 7 Anthony Flick (47th)31:41
Leg 8 Nick Stockman (45th)22:03
Leg 9 Steve Scruton (45th)31:38

Team Positions
1stBelgrave Harriers4hrs 10m 53s
2ndBedford & County4hrs 12m 15s
3rdAldershot, Farnham & District4hrs 13m 37s
11th Highgate Harriers 4hrs 30m 49s

Full results

24th April - National Road Relay Championships
Sutton Park - Sutton Coldfield

Women (6 x 3 miles)
Leg 1 Astrid Wingler (12th)17:21
Leg 2 Esther Evans (14th)18:42
Leg 3 Sula Young (4th)16:37
Leg 4 Kate Jenrick (5th)18:01
Leg 5 Emma Brady (5th)18:40
Leg 6 Natasha Cendrowicz (8th)18:30

Team Positions
1stCoventry Godiva1hrs 42m 46s
2ndTipton Harriers1hrs 43m 13s
3rdShaftesbury Barnet Harriers1hrs 45m 51s
8thHighgate Harriers1hrs 47m 51s

Full results

Men (12 stage)
Long leg (5.4 miles)  Short leg (3 miles)
Leg 1 Jerome Claeys (38th)28:46
Leg 2 Dale Bickham (36th)15:51
Leg 3 Keith Cullen (10th) 25:47*
Leg 4 Andy Evans (16th)16:01
Leg 5 Nick Martyn (14th)28:28
Leg 6 Rob Goddard (14th)16:19
Leg 7 Dennis Fricks (12th)27:50
Leg 8 Chris Bailey (14th)17:31
Leg 9 Phil Coulson (14th)29:40
Leg 10 Jeremy Rogers (15th)17:24
Leg 11   Duncan Burbidge (15th)29:51
Leg 12   José Barretta (21st)18:03
* 2nd fastest long leg of the day

Team Positions
1stAldershot, Farnham & District4hrs 10m 15s
2ndBelgrave Harriers4hrs 11m 47s
3rdSalford Harriers4hrs 13m 09s
20th Highgate Harriers 4hrs 31m 31s

Full results

24th April - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Parliament Hill

1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS  157 points
2 - Hillingdon AC      115 points
3 - Ryston Runners      97 points
4 - Ilford AC           56 points
League Table   Further results

May 2004

1st May - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Parliament Hill
1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        138 points
2 - Newham & Essex Beagles   111 points
3 - London Heathside         110 points
4 - Exeter                    81 points
5 - Worthing & District       76 points
League Table   Further results

Division 4N - Parliament Hill
1 - Thurrock                 136 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        124 points
3 - Queens Park Harriers      96 points
4 - London AC                DNS       
League Table   Further results

9th May - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 2NW - Parliament Hill
1 - St Albans                496 points
2 - Hillingdon               409 points
3 - Bicester and Banbury     399 points
4 - Oxford City              383 points
5 - Chiltern                 372 points
6 - Abingdon                 342 points
7 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        332 points
Results      Highgate placings

15th/16th May - Middlesex Track & Field Championships
New River Stadium


22nd May - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Southend
1 - Southend                       157 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS              113 points
3 - Ashford                         95 points
4 - Windsor,Slough,Eton & Hounslow  87 points
5 - Blackheath & Bromley            76 points
League Table   Further results

Division 4N - Southend
1 - Southend                 150 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        110 points
3 - Watford                  105 points
4 - Dagenham 88               54 points
League Table    Further results

22nd May - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Ilford

1 - Wycombe Phoenix         159 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS       106 points
3 - Walthamstow/Eton Manor  100 points
4 - Southend                 99 points
League Table   Further results

June 2004

6th June - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 2NW - St Albans
1 - St Albans                532 points
2 - Oxford City              439 points
3 - Hillingdon               420 points
4 - Bicester and Banbury     392 points
5 - Abingdon                 296 points
6 - Chiltern                 232 points
7 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        145 points
Results      Highgate placings

13th June - BAL Jubilee Cup (Men & Women)


1 - Southend AC          236 points
2 - Colchester Harriers  234 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS    231 points
4 - Thurrock Harriers    230 points
5 - Barnet & District AC 185 points
6 - London Heathside      36 points

26th June - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Portsmouth
1= - Winchester                     120 points
1= - Yeovil                         120 points
3  - HIGHGATE HARRIERS              114 points
4  - Harrow                          96 points
5  - Victoria Park Harriers          83 points

Division 4N - Mile End

27th June - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 2NW - Banbury
1  - St Albans                571 points
2  - Bicester and Banbury     547 points
3  - Hillingdon               337 points
4= - Oxford City              331 points
4= - Abingdon                 331 points
6  - Chiltern                 236 points
7  - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        110 points
Results      Highgate placings

July 2004

3rd July - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Braintree

1 - Tower Hamlets & Victoria Park  143 points
2 - Braintree                      112 points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS              104 points
4 - Chiltern                        50 points

10th July - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Woking
1  - HIGHGATE HARRIERS      132  points
2  - Milton Keynes          114  points
3  - Woking                 103½ points
4  - Havering               100½ points
5  - Team Solent             67  points
Division 4N - Walthamstow
(awaiting results)

31st July - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - New River
1  - HIGHGATE HARRIERS      114 points
2  - Luton United           112 points
3= - Enfield & Haringey     107 points
3= - Basingstoke            107 points
5  - Chelmsford              78 points
Further results

Division 4N - Hemel Hempstead
1 - London Heathside    144½ points
2 - Dacorum & Tring     121½ points
3 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS     53 points
Further results

August 2004

1st August - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 2NW - Abingdon
1 - Bicester and Banbury     532 points
2 - St Albans                435 points
3 - Abingdon                 426 points
4 - Oxford City              378 points
5 - Hillingdon               350 points
6 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS        134 points
7 - Chiltern                 117 points

Results     Highgate placings

7th August - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Uxbridge

1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS  138 points
2 - Harlow             128 points
3 - Watford            122 points
4 - Vale of Aylesbury  DNS       
Further results

14th August - Southern Mens Athletics League

Division 1 - Tonbridge
1 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS      121 points
2 - Tonbridge              120 points
3 - Ilford                 110 points
4 - Bournemouth             96 points
5 - Nene Valley Harriers    85 points
League Table   Further results

September 2004

11th September - Southern Womens Athletics League

Division 3N - Luton

1 - Ipswich            144 points
2 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS  120 points
3 - West Norfolk        78 points
4 - Biggleswade         70 points
League Table   Further results

18th September - British League Qualifier

1 - Swindon (qualified)     389  points
2 - Southend (qualified)    373  points
3 - Leeds                   293  points
4 - HIGHGATE HARRIERS       287½ points
5 - Bolton                  283  points
6 - Winchester              230½ points
7 - Yeovil                  224  points
8 - Deeside                 116  points

18th September - St Albans Cross Country relays


'A' team
'B' team
Incomplete 'C' team
Leg 1 Astrid Wingler 16m 03s
Anna McCutcheon 17m 11s
Sarah Chapman 21m 49s
Leg 2 Kate Jenrick 16m 35s
Jo Carritt 17m 20s
Leg 3 Sula Young 15m 45s
Josefa Souza 17m 41s
Leg 4 Esther Evans 16m 26s
Jenny Turner 19m 28s

Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 'A'    64mins 49s
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet 66mins 04s
3rd Bedford & County 67mins 10s
4th Highgate Harriers 'B'   71mins 40s

Fastest laps
1stSula Young (Highgate Harriers)15 mins 45s
2nd Sharon Morris (Bedford & County)15 mins 53s
3rdAstrid Wingler (Highgate Harriers)16 mins 03s

Full Results


'A' team
'B' team
Leg 1 Chris Bailey 15m 08s
Steve Scruton 16m 31s
Leg 2 Duncan Burbidge14m 35s
Nick Stockman 17m 04s
Leg 3 Greg Fuzesi 16m 24s
Chris Wilson 17m 32s
Leg 4 Saningo Martyn 15m 56s
Steve Scruton 17m 19s
Leg 5 José Barretta 17m 15s
Nick Stockman 17m 31s
Leg 6 Jeremy Rogers 15m 53s
Duncan Burbidge  15m 12s

Team position - 8th
Team position - 14th

Full Results

25th/26th September - South of England Road Relays


'A' team
'B' team
'C' team
Leg 1 Ben Pochee 18:07(3rd)
Javier Pes19:59(40th)
Chris Bailey20:08(44th)
Leg 2 Henry Dodwell 19:20(8th)
Duncan Burbidge19:42(28th)
Mark Sweeney22:40(62nd)
Leg 3 Ben Noad 18:01(3rd)
Rob Goddard20:05(22nd)
Jeremy Rogers20:45(57th)
Leg 4 Phil Coulson 19:38(8th)
Dominic Hall20:56(23rd)
Claudio Romero21:47(55th)
Leg 5 Jerome Claeys 18:37(6th)
Dale Bickham20:25(25th)
Nick Stockman22:16(55th)
Leg 6 Keith Cullen 17:24(2nd)
Pat Davis21:57(28th)
Steve Scruton22:22(50th)

Team positions
1st Belgrave Harriers 1h 50m 00s
2nd Highgate Harriers 'A'    1h 51m 07s
3rd Aldershot, Farnham & District 1h 51m 18s

Fastest laps
1stKeith Cullen (Highgate)17 mins 24s
2nd Mark Miles (Belgrave)17 mins 37s
3rd Stephen Sharp (Belgrave)17 mins 57s
4th Angus MacLean (Team Solent)18 mins 00s
5thBen Noad (Highgate)18 mins 01s
Full Results


'A' team
'B' team
Leg 1 Sally Hannah13:36 (6th)
Esther Evans14:04 (16th)
Leg 2 Svenja Abel 13:36 (6th)
Natasha Cendrowicz 15:15 (15th)
Leg 3 Sula Young 13:15 (2nd)
Karen Wright 15:44 (19th)
Leg 4 Astrid Wingler 14:05 (3rd)
Jenny Turner 16:18 (23rd)

Team positions
1st Bedford & County 53mins 28s
2nd Medway & Maidstone 53mins 49s
3rd Highgate Harriers 'A'    54mins 32s

Full Results

October 2004

2nd October - Ealing Cross Country relays
Horsenden Hill

(A team)
Leg 1Kate Jenrick 14mins 03s
Leg 2Natasha Cendrowicz 15mins 50s
Leg 3Karen Wright 15mins 46s
(B team)
Leg 1Jenny Turner 16mins 12s
Leg 2Fiona Maguire 17mins 23s
Leg 3Sarah Chapman 18mins 10s
Team positions
1stMetropolitan Police44mins 43s
2ndHillingdon45mins 18s
3rdHighgate Harriers45mins 39s

2nd October - North West London Young Athletes League
Horsenden Hill

Young Athletes Results

9th October - Metropolitan Cross Country League

2nd Svenja Abel 16m 15s
9th Kate Jenrick (2nd Vet) 17m 12s
10th Esther Evans 17m 13s
16th Astrid Wingler (4th Vet) 17m 31s
23rd Natasha Cendrowicz  17m 53s
28th Josefa Souza 18m 22s
29th Karen Wright 18m 24s
50th Jenny Turner 19m 22s
86th Sarah Chapman 21m 21s

Team Position - 1st
Vets Team Position - 1st
1st Henry Dodwell 27m 00s
13th Duncan Burbidge   28m 31s
38th Alex Davidson 29m 50s
40th Jeremy Rogers 30m 02s
46th Chris Bailey 30m 18s
99th Nick Stockman 32m 35s
109th Steve Scruton 33m 13s

Team Position - 11th

Under 17 men
2nd Saningo Martyn  15m 29s

Full results

23rd October - National Relay Championships
Sutton Park, Birmingham

'A' team
Leg 1 - Sally Hannah 15mins 15s (19th)
Leg 2 - Kate Jenrick 15mins 45s (17th)
Leg 3 - Sula Young 14mins 54s (9th)
Leg 4 - Esther Evans 15mins 55s (12th)
Incomplete B team
Leg 1 - Lindsay Kehoe 15mins 58s (42nd)
Leg 2 - Marguerite Lazell 16mins 54s (40th)
Team positions
1st Bristol & West AC57mins 46s
2nd Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow59mins 20s
3rd Wakefield District59mins 59s
12th Highgate Harriers 'A' 62mins 49s

Full women's results

Leg 1 - Ben Pochee 17mins 28s (3rd)
Leg 2 - Dennis Fricks 19mins 06s (24th)
Leg 3 - Keith Cullen (3rd fastest of day) 17mins 01s (5th)
Leg 4 - Henry Dodwell 18mins 38s (13th)
Leg 5 - Shane Snow 18mins 34s (14th)
Leg 6 - Duncan Burbidge 19mins 07s (15th)

Team positions
1st Belgrave Harriers1h 44m 35s
2nd Aldershot, Farnham & District1h 45m 55s
3rd Birchfield Harriers 1h 46m 49s
15th Highgate Harriers 'A' 1h 49m 54s

Full men's results

23rd October - Liddiard Cross Country Trophy

2nd   Chris Beecham    26m 46s
12th  Alex Davidson    27m 54s
13th  Chris Bailey     28m 06s
21st  Jonathan Deane   28m 47s
22nd  Jeremy Rogers    28m 54s
28th  Joseph Lowe      30m 19s
29th  Nick Stockman    30m 24s
35th  Steve Scruton    31m 01s
42nd  Kevin Linehan    32m 34s
Team positions
1stEaling & Southall120 points
2ndHighgate Harriers162 points
3rdHarrow164 points

1st  Natasha Cendrowicz   18m 47s
2nd  Jenny Turner         19m 59s
3rd  Sarah Chapman        22m 01s
Team positions
1stHighgate Harriers

30th October - Metropolitan Cross Country League

3rd Kate Jenrick (2nd vet) 15m 52s
5th Esther Evans 16m 09s
6th Astrid Wingler (3rd vet) 16m 11s
8th Lindsay Kehoe 16m 20s
19th Natasha Cendrowicz  17m 14s
31st Josefa Souza 17m 38s
77th Sarah Chapman 20m 29s
118 finishers
Match Position 1st - League position 1st
Vets Match Position 2nd - Vets League position 1st
39th Chris Bailey 28m 56s
41st Dale Bickham 29m 03s
53rd Jeremy Rogers 29m 34s
77th Jonathan Deane 30m 35s
96th Greg Fuzesi 31m 29s
143rd Nick Stockman 33m 22s
176th Kevin Linehan 34m 41s
274 finishers
Match Position 14th - League position 12th

Under 17 men
2nd Rory Campbell14m 15s
6th Saningo Martyn  15m 01s
27thJack Matthewman16m 26s
52 finishers

Full results

November 2004

6th November - National Cross Country Relay Championships

Leg 1 - Sula Young 10mins 37s (10th)
Leg 2 - Esther Evans 11mins 33s (17th)
Leg 3 - Astrid Wingler11mins 11s (15th)
Team positions
1st Charnwood AC30mins 05s
2nd Wakefield District H & AC30mins 54s
3rd Bedford & County AC31mins 03s
15th Highgate Harriers 'A' 33mins 21s

Full women's results

No Highgate mens team competed
Team positions
1st Morpeth H & AC1hr 01m 06s
2nd Belgrave Harriers1hr 01m 12s
3rd Altrincham & District AC1hr 01m 44s

Full men's results

13th November - North London Cross Country Championships
Trent Park

Senior Women
1st Lindsay Kehoe 23mins 46s
4th Anna McCutcheon 24mins 45s
11th Natasha Cendrowicz 25mins 41s
12th Josefa Souza 25mins 45s
Team Positions
1st Highgate Harriers 28 points
2ndHillingdon AC30 points
3rdBarnet56 points

Senior Men
1st Keith Cullen 24mins 10s
8th Dale Bickham 26mins 42s
16th Alex Davidson 27mins 52s
29th Jeremy Rogers 29mins 10s
37th Greg Fuzesi 29mins 47s
46th Nick Stockman 30mins 30s
60th José Barretta 31mins 33s
74th  Kevin Linehan 33mins 30s

20th November - London Cross Country Championships
(incorporating the Reebok Challenge & European Trials)
Parliament Hill Fields

9th Sula Young 18mins 48s
13thLindsay Kehoe 18mins 58s
15thKate Jenrick 19mins 16s
21stAnna McCutcheon 19mins 29s
24thEsther Evans 19mins 46s
32ndNatasha Cendrowicz20mins 31s
40thJosefa Souza 21mins 08s
50thJenny Turner 21mins 38s
66thFiona Maguire 23mins 26s
82ndSarah Chapman 24mins 46s

Team Positions
1stShaftesbury Barnet 45 points
2ndHighgate Harriers 58 points
3rdLondon Heathside 88 points

1st Keith Cullen 30mins 20s
13th Shane Snow 34mins 07s
19th Chris Beecham 34mins 34s
20th Duncan Burbidge 34mins 36s
22nd Dale Bickham 34mins 38s
29th Alex Davidson 35mins 34s
34th John Landau 35mins 57s
48th Jeremy Rogers 36mins 44s
49th Andrew Collinge 36mins 45s
54th Chris Bailey 37mins 02s
57th Ali Brown 37mins 11s
63rd Jonathan Deane 37mins 26s
73rd Pat Davis 38mins 22s
74th Richard Stewart 38mins 26s
78th Jim Eltringham 38mins 40s
92nd Mark Sweeney 39mins 38s
102ndNick Stockman 39mins 59s
111thDominic Hall 40mins 39s
113thJosé Barretta 40mins 47s
115thRobin Basford 40mins 52s
117thDerek Baigent 40mins 59s
123rdSteve Scruton 41mins 34s
134thJesus Anorve 42mins 08s
140thBen Daniels 42mins 30s
157thJonathan Evans 43mins 57s

Team Positions
1stHighgate Harriers 54 points
2ndSerpentine 67 points
3rdShaftesbury Barnet    82 points

Reebok Challenge
Under 17 men
26th  Rory Campbell  17mins 08s

Reebok Challenge results

20th November - North West London Young Athletes League
New River Sports Arena - Haringey

Young Athletes Results

27th November - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Wormwood Scrubs

8th Esther Evans 16m 23s
9th Astrid Wingler (1st vet) 16m 23s
22nd Jo Carritt 17m 20s
26th Cathy Dawson 17m 28s
27th Natasha Cendrowicz  17m 29s
55th Karen Wright 18m 38s
84th Sarah Chapman 20m 03s
129 finishers
Match Position 3rd - League position 1st
Vets Match Position 2nd - Vets League position 1st
30th Chris Bailey 30m 52s
45th Jeremy Rogers 31m 30s
76th Richard Stewart 32m 56s
118th José Barretta 35m 37s

271 finishers
Match Position 15th - League position 13th

Under 17 men
1st Rory Campbell14m 23s
5th Saningo Martyn  15m 03s
15thJack Matthewman15m 41s
53 finishers
Match Position 5th - League position 7th

Full results

December 2004

4th December - Fraternity Cup / Sorority Cup
Trent Park

Fraternity Cup
22ndJeremy Rogers28mins 39s
25thAndy Evans28mins 51s
34thRichard Stewart29mins 35s
47thJosé Barretta30mins 57s
51stNick Stockman31mins 25s
67thSteve Scruton32mins 40s
104thNeil Ritson35mins 52s
Team positions
1st Ealing, Southall & Middx   43 points
2nd London Heathside 109 points
3rd Enfield 145 points
4th Barnet 170 points
5th Highgate Harriers 246 points

Sorority Cup
2nd Kate Jenrick 31mins 17s
22nd Sarah Chapman 38mins 19s

4th December - North West London Young Athletes League
Trent Park

Young Athletes Results