January 2005

8th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League
St Albans

2nd Astrid Wingler (1st vet) 14m 37s
3rd Sula Young 14m 53s
17th Natasha Cendrowicz  16m 04s
29th Jo Carritt 16m 35s
39th Cathy Dawson 16m 55s
47th Jenny Turner 17m 28s
72nd Sarah Chapman 18m 54s
102 finishers
Match Position 2nd - League position 1st
Vets Match Position 5th - Vets League position 2nd
46th Chris Bailey 28m 51s
68th Jeremy Rogers 29m 35s
115th Nick Stockman 31m 24s
154th Kevin Linehan 33m 01s

256 finishers
Match Position 18th - League position 14th

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15th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Wormwood Scrubs

Senior Women (8000m)
3rd Astrid Wingler 30mins 37s
4th Sula Young 30mins 50s
17th Natasha Cendrowicz  33mins 08s
20th Josefa Souza 33mins 25s
21st Jo Carritt 33mins 48s
29th Jenny Turner 35mins 52s
39th Sarah Chapman 38mins 46s
Team positions
1stLondon Heathside30 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 44 points
3rdWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow  59 points

Senior Men (12000m)
8th Dale Bickham 42mins 22s
10th Duncan Burbidge 42mins 51s
14th Henry Dodwell 43mins 16s
27th Phil Coulson 45mins 21s
33rd Andy Evans 45mins 45s
44th Jeremy Rogers 47mins 01s
50th Dominic Hall 48mins 10s
53rd Ali Brown 48mins 30s
55th Joseph Lowe 48mins 33s
59th Claudio Romero 48mins 44s
60th Richard Stewart 48mins 50s
64th John Landau 49mins 08s
71st Nick Stockman 49mins 31s
84th Steve Scruton 50mins 59s
111th Kevin Linehan 53mins 50s
Team positions
1stThames Valley Harriers119 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 130 points
3rdHillingdon144 points

Junior men (6000m)
13th Jonathan Deane 22mins 34s

Under 17 men (6000m)
1st Rory Campbell 20mins 20s
3rd Saningo Martyn 20mins 56s
24th Jack Matthewman 24mins 16s
26th Liam Donnelly 25mins 31s
Team positions
1stEaling, Southall & Middlesex46 points
2ndHarrow54 points
3rd Highgate Harriers 54 points

Under 15 boys (4000m)
12th Max Onslow 16mins 53s

Under 13 boys (3000m)
5th William Laing 11mins 16s

Under 15 girls (4000m)
10th Molly Wheeler 19mins 49s

Under 13 girls (3000m)
28th Letisha Hercules-Page 14mins 25s
33rd Matilda Bridge 14mins 52s
37th Eucalypta Bradley 16mins 03s

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29th January - South of England Cross Country Champs
Parliament Hill Fields

Southern Silver for Highgate Women

Senior Women (8000m) Lindsay at the Southern Champs
13th Kate Jenrick 34mins 42s
14th Astrid Wingler 34mins 47s
18th Lindsay Kehoe 35mins 03s
23rd Esther Evans 35mins 22s
75th Josefa Souza 38mins 52s
81st Natasha Cendrowicz  39mins 06s
198th  Sarah Chapman 44mins 50s
307 finishers
Team positions (4 to score)
1stWinchester AC 28 points
2ndHighgate Harriers 68 points
3rdShaftesbury Barnet 104 points
38 complete teams

Alex at the Southern Champs Senior Men (15000m)
24th Henry Dodwell 50mins 18s
53rd Dale Bickham 52mins 03s
57th Duncan Burbidge 52mins 22s
109th Alex Davidson 54mins 28s
132nd Anddrew Evans 55mins 32s
169th Jeremy Rogers 56mins 30s
193rd Ali Brown 57mins 17s
204th Chris Bailey 57mins 36s
218th Andrew Collinge 58mins 09s
285th Richard Stewart 59mins 48s
292nd John Landau 60mins 08s
328th Nick Stockman 60mins 52s
332nd Joseph Lowe 60mins 59s
421st Steve Scruton 63mins 24s
473rd Kevin Linehan 64mins 58s
478th Claudio Romero 65mins 10s
479th  José Barretta 65mins 12s
493rd Jamie Darling 65mins 46s
518th Mark Sweeney 66mins 19s
542nd Jonathan Evans 67mins 00s
594th Anthony Flick 68mins 39s
(830 finishers)
Team positions (6 to score)
1stBedford & County 99 points
2ndThames Hare & Hounds 166 points
3rdAldershot, Farnham & District227 points
4thBlackheath & Bromley 422 points
5thLondon Irish 446 points
6thHighgate Harriers 541 points
(63 complete teams)
Team positions (12 to score)
1stThames Hare & Hounds 822 points
2ndHighgate Harriers 2055 points
3rdLondon Heathside 2200 points
(11 complete teams)

Under 17 Men (6000m) Rory at the Southern Champs
18th Rory Campbell 23mins 13s
49th Saningo Martyn 24mins 16s
121st Jack Matthewman   26mins 34s
149th  Liam Donnelly 29mins 10s
(159 finishers)

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February 2005

5th February - Middlesex Veterans Cross Country Champs
Mad Bess Wood - Ruislip

Men (8000m)
1st Alex Davidson 28mins 35s
12th Chris Bailey 30mins 40s
30th  Kevin Linehann 33mins 34s

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5th February - North West London Young Athletes League

Young Athletes Results

12th February - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Horsenden Hill

Highgate Women crowned League Champions
for 3rd successive year

3rd Astrid Wingler (1st vet) 14m 46s
12th Esther Evans 15m 31s
13th Kate Jenrick 15m 33s
30th Josefa Souza 16m 51s
35th Jenny Turner 17m 06s
37th Natasha Cendrowicz  17m 09s
62nd Sarah Chapman 18m 58s
96 finishers
Final League positions
1stHighgate Harriers2864 points
2ndWoodford Green & EL2662 points
3rdHillingdon AC2608 points
4th Henry Dodwell 29m 37s
19th Duncan Burbidge 31m 17s
40th Andrew Evans 32m 32s
95th Richard Stewart 34m 35s

242 finishers
Match Position 14th
Final League position 14th

Andys last race

Under 17 men
4th Saningo Martyn  13m 52s
36 finishers
Under 13 boys
5th William Laing11m 46s
28 finishers

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19th February - National Cross Country Championships
Cofton Park, Birmingham

Under 17 Men
74th Saningo Martyn 22mins 29s
(244 finishers)
Senior women Caroline at the National Champs
48th Caroline Bullard 32mins 16s
57th Esther Evans 32mins 33s
68th Kate Jenrick 32mins 52s
118th Josefa Souza 34mins 17s
211th Jenny Turner 37mins 04s
(451 finishers)
Team positions
1stBristol & West AC55 points
2ndCharnwood AC 57 points
3rdTipton Harriers 189 points
9thHighgate Harriers 291 points
50 complete teams

José at the National Champs    Senior men
65th Henry Dodwell 41mins 14s
253rd Duncan Burbidge 44mins 34s
453rd Richard Stewart 47mins 09s
582nd Claudio Romero 48mins 44s
595th Joseph Lowe 48mins 54s
606th Steve Scruton 49mins 02s
688th Nick Stockman 49mins 53s
1007th  José Barretta 55mins 00s
(1316 finishers)
Team positions (6 to score)
1stSalford Harriers & AC188 points
2ndLeeds City AC 232 points
3rdTipton Harriers 232 points
41stHighgate Harriers2554 points
101 complete teams

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March 2005

19th March - North West London Young Athletes League
Wormwood Scrubs

Young Athletes Results