January 2006

7th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League
St Albans (Race 4 of 5)

Under 13 boys
34th George Laing15m 30s
39th P Laing18m 31s
41 finishers

Under 17 men
10th Atak Diing14m 01s
16th Max Onslow14m 15s
33rd William Laing15m 42s
50 finishers

Senior Women
3rd Sula Young 15m 06s
6th Astrid Wingler (2nd Vet) 15m 19s
8th Kate Jenrick (3rd Vet) 15m 24s
13th Esther Evans 15m 35s
33rd Elizabeth Ogunde 16m 26s
43rd Sarah Bailey 16m 51s
66th Louise Burnie 17m 30s
76th Antra Balcuna17m 57s
94th Sarah Chapman 18m 47s
116th Natasha Cendrowicz 20m 10s
119 finishers
Match Position 2nd - League position 1st
Senior Men
8th Henry Dodwell 26m 25s
26th Chris Evans 27m 46s
35th Adam Mills 28m 05s
44th Saningo Martyn 28m 30s
45th Peter Downie 28m 32s
58th Jeremy Rogers 28m 50s
67th Chris Bailey 29m 17s
73rd Dominic Hall 29m 24s
102nd Greg Fuzesi 30m 27s
104th Joseph Lowe 30m 29s
122nd Damian Shirley 31m 27s
144th Jonathan Deane 32m 10s
154th Nick Stockman 32m 35s
171st Kevin Linehan 33m 07s
173rd Keith Wilson 33m 19s
181st José Barretta 33m 34s
275 finishers
Match Position 3rd - League position 5th

Full results

14th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Wormwood Scrubs

Under 13 girls (3000m)
20th Matilda Bridge 14mins 00s
26th Amy Cotter 14mins 10s
35 finishers

Under 13 boys (3000m)
Middx XC Champs
21st George Laing 12mins 23s
26th Roland Turnell-Ritson12mins 30s
46 finishers

Under 15 boys (4000m)
14th William Laing 16mins 22s
30th Matt Kavanagh-Talbot 19mins 21s
39 finishers

Under 17 men (6000m)
Middx XC Champs
4th Atak Diing 20mins 34s
7th Max Onslow 21mins 15s
18th Laurence Matthewman 22mins 49s
23 finishers

Junior women (5000m)
4th Antra Balcuna 22mins 13s
10 finishers

Junior men (6000m)
2nd Saningo Martyn 19mins 58s
11 finishers

Senior Women (8000m)
Middx XC Champs
1st Sula Young 29mins 49s
5th Esther Evans 30mins 35s
15th Jo Carritt 33mins 01s
17th Alex Goodwin33mins 14s
18th Sarah Bailey 33mins 22s
30th Louise Burnie 34mins 59s
32nd Fiona Maguire 35mins 56s
42nd Sarah Chapman 38mins 08s
60 finishers
Team positions
1stLondon Heathside23 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 38 points
3rdEaling, Southall & Middx  53 points

Senior Men (12000m)
5th Henry Dodwell 39mins 49s
14th David Bruce 41mins 39s
15th Dale Bickham 41mins 41s
20th Chris Evans 42mins 30s
25th Phil Coulson 43mins 32s
36th Chris Bailey 44mins 35s
38th Peter Downie 44mins 39s
40th Duncan Burbidge 44mins 46s
63rd Jim Eltringham 46mins 43s
71st Damian Shirley 47mins 48s
77th Joseph Lowe 48mins 21s
87th Nick Stockman 49mins 24s
98th Tom Mehew 50mins 13s
103rd Steve Scruton 50mins 41s
106th José Barretta 51mins 08s
110th Kevin Linehan 51mins 36s
115th Andrew Collinge 52mins 43s
153 finishers

Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 115 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers142 points
3rdHarrow192 points

Full Middlesex 2006 results

21st January - South of England Indoor Athletic Championships
Brunel University,Uxbridge

Detailed Results (MS Word - 300KB)   Highgate report

28th January - South of England Cross Country Champs
Bicton College, Exmouth

Saningo at the Southern Champs Under 17 Men
48th Atak Diing 22mins 41s
118 finishers
Junior Men
18th Saningo Martyn 28mins 18s
81 finishers

Senior Women (8000m) Kate at the Southern Champs
15th Sula Young 31mins 23s
30th Kate Jenrick 32mins 23s
52nd Jo Carritt 33mins 42s
66th Astrid Wingler 34mins 51s
231 finishers
Team positions (4 to score)
1stWinchester AC 36 points
2ndShaftesbury Barnet 37 points
3rdWoodford Green & Essex Ladies88 points
7thHighgate Harriers 163 points
27 complete teams

Chris at the Southern Champs Senior Men (15000m)
18th Henry Dodwell 51mins 35s
100th Peter Downie 56mins 21s
116th Chris Bailey 57mins 20s
153rd Andrew Collinge 58mins 40s
175th Damian Shirley 59mins 23s
243rd Joseph Lowe 62mins 30s
300th Tom Mehew 65mins 07s
309th Nick Stockman 65mins 17s
315th  José Barretta 65mins 30s
551 finishers
Team positions (6 to score)
1stBedford & County 165 points
2ndNewham & Essex Beagles 218 points
3rdHerne Hill Harriers223 points
...... ...
15thHighgate Harriers 802 points
41 complete teams

Full results

February 2006

4th February - Southern Veterans Cross Country Champs
(incorporating Middlesex Veterans Championships)
Mad Bess Wood - Ruislip

17th Chris Bailey (3rd Middlesex)34mins 43s
67th  Kevin Linehann (31st Middlesex) 39mins 40s
4th Kate Jenrick 22mins 36s
21st Sarah Bailey (6th Middlesex) 24mins 39s
73rd Natasha Cendrowicz (23rd Middlesex) 31mins 19s

Full Results

11th February - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Horsenden Hill (Race 5 of 5)

Highgate women become the League Champions
for the 4th successive year
Senior Women
4th Svenja Abel 13m 46s
8th Kate Jenrick (2nd Vet) 14m 08s
9th Astrid Wingler (3rd Vet) 14m 12s
12th Esther Evans 14m 28s
25th Sarah Bailey 15m 08s
39th Alex Goodwin 15m 51s
49th Antra Balcuna16m 10s
50th Louise Burnie 16m 11s
54th Jenny Turner16m 19s
58th Louise Faherty 16m 25s
71st Tess Stomer17m 35s
84th Natasha Cendrowicz 18m 28s
89 finishers
Match Position 1st
Final League Table (top 3 of 20 clubs)
1Highgate Harriers2878 pts
2Woodford Green & EL2826 pts
3London Heathside2363 pts

Senior Men
9th Henry Dodwell 26m 51s
17th Jerome Claeys 27m 22s
24th Saningo Martyn 27m 43s
27th Dale Bickham 27m 54s
40th Peter Downie 28m 26s
55th Duncan Burbidge 29m 26s
58th Jeremy Rogers 29m 37s
64th Chris Bailey 30m 03s
78th Andrew Aitken 30m 33s
87th Mark Sweeney 31m 00s
108th Damian Shirley 31m 54s
109th Joseph Lowe 31m 56s
113th Tom Mehew 31m 59s
131st José Barretta 32m 46s
138th Nick Stockman 33m 08s
147th Kevin Linehan 33m 41s
150th John Griffin 33m 47s
230 finishers
Match Position 3rd
Final League Table (top 5 of 23 clubs)
1Shaftesbury Barnet13258 pts
2Woodford Green & EL12363 pts
3Serpentine RC11371 pts
4Highgate Harriers10721 pts
5London Heathside10708 pts

Full results

25th February - National Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 13 girls (3000m)
Full results
287th Matilda Bridge 16mins 25s
349th Amy Cotter 18mins 04s
(376 finishers)
Under 15 girls (4000m)
Full results
226th Hannah Ashman 23mins 36s
(293 finishers)
Junior Women (5000m)
Full results
64th Antra Balcuna 24mins 02s
(103 finishers)

Senior Women (8000m)
Full results
12th Svenja Abel 33mins 52s
28th Kate Jenrick 35mins 30s
54th Lindsay Kehoe 36mins 45s
62nd Jo Carritt 37mins 00s
73rd Esther Evans 37mins 30s
100th Anna McCutcheon 38mins 35s
112th Sally Hannah 39mins 08s
131st Sarah Bailey 39mins 42s
182nd Louise Burnie 41mins 30s
217th Astrid Wingler 42mins 53s
282nd Fiona Maguire 45mins 39s
(444 finishers)
Team positions (4 to score)
1stCharnwood AC68 points
2ndShaftesbury Barnet148 points
3rdHighgate Harriers 154 points
47 complete teams

Shane and Chris at the National Champs
Shane & Chris in the senior mens race

Under 13 boys (3000m)
Full results
216th George Laing 14mins 17s
(361 finishers)
Under 15 boys (4500m)
Full results
209th William Laing 21mins 11s
308th Matt Kavenagh-Talbot 24mins 08s
(326 finishers)
Under 17 Men (6000m)
Full results
105th Atak Diing 24mins 50s
198th Laurence Mathhewman 26mins 46s
245th Liam Donnelly 28mins 32s
(282 finishers)
Junior Men (10000m)
Full results
45th Saningo Martyn 36mins 44s
(177 finishers)

Senior Men (12000m)
Full results
5th Ben Noad 39mins 52s
6th Keith Cullen 40mins 00s
66th Henry Dodwell 42mins 15s
140th Shane Snow 44mins 15s
162nd Chris Beecham 44mins 52s
164th Alan MacPherson 44mins 53s
189th Adam Mills 45mins 20s
221st Dale Bickham 45mins 56s
297th Chris Bailey 47mins 11s
322nd Andrew Collinge 47mins 45s
351st Jeremy Rogers 48mins 20s
418th Duncan Burbidge 49mins 27s
437th Mark Sweeney 49mins 48s
522nd Damian Shirley 51mins 11s
536th Joseph Lowe 51mins 25s
544th Chris Evans 51mins 35s
565th Greg Fuzesi 51mins 57s
566th Tom Mehew 51mins 58s
591st Richard Stewart 52mins 32s
631st Jonathan Deane 53mins 06s
682nd Steve Scruton 53mins 48s
760th Nick Stockman 55mins 18s
994th Tim Gascougne 59mins 33s
995th John O'Shea 59mins 33s
(1290 finishers)
Team positions (6 to score)
1stLeeds City AC234 points
2ndSalford Harriers & AC348 points
3rdAltrincham & District AC361 points
11thHighgate Harriers537 points
99 complete teams
Team positions (9 to score)
1stLeeds City AC566 points
2ndShaftesbury Barnet837 points
3rdBedford & County AC848 points
7thHighgate Harriers1233 points
45 complete teams

Full results

March 2006

26th March - South of England Road Relay Championships
Milton Keynes

Women (6 x 5.5km)
Leg 1 Esther Evans (6th)19:51
Leg 2 Sarah Bailey (7th)21:53
Leg 3 Antra Balcuna (15th)23:53
Leg 4 Sally Hannah (11th)20:51
Leg 5 Svenja Abel (7th) (2nd fastest of day)18:52
Leg 6 Elizabeth Ogunde (7th)21:31

Team Positions
1stWinchester & District1hr 58m 58s
2ndBedford & County2hrs 00m 56s
3rdWoodford Green & Essex Ladies2hrs 01m 58s
4thMilton Keynes AC2hrs 02m 33s
5thAldershot, Farnham & District2hrs 05m 31s
6thCity of Norwich2hrs 05m 45s
7thHighgate Harriers2hrs 06m 51s
22 teams finished

Full results

Men (12 stage)
Long leg (8km)  Short leg (5.5km)
Leg 1 Keith Cullen (1st)23:32 *
Leg 2 Dale Bickham (1st)17:59
Leg 3 Henry Dodwell (1st) 25:19
Leg 4 Chris Bailey (2nd)18:48
Leg 5 David Bruce (4th)26:21
Leg 6 Chris Evans (4th)18:21
Leg 7 Phil Coulson (5th)26:47
Leg 8 Dominic Hall (7th)18:41
Leg 9 Adam Mills (7th)26:48
Leg 10 Andrew Aitken (8th)19:30
Leg 11 Glen Saqui (8th)25:59
Leg 12 Saningo Martyn (7th)18:07
* fastest long leg of day

Team Positions
1stBelgrave Harriers4hrs 12m 38s
2ndBedford & County4hrs 19m 25s
3rdNewham & Essex4hrs 21m 14s
4thAldershot, Farnham & District4hrs 21m 24s
5thWoodford Green & Essex Ladies4hrs 22m 19s
6thKent AC4hrs 25m 49s
7th Highgate Harriers 4hrs 26m 12s
42 teams finished

Full results