January 2007

6th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Horsenden Hill

Under 13 girls (3000m)
4th Samara Williams14mins 06s
25th Mei Corbett 16mins 08s
26th Amy-Jane Cotter16mins 11s
36 finishers     (5th team out of 7)
Under 13 boys (3000m)
11th   Roland Turnell-Ritson13mins 14s
18th Stanley Harrison 13mins 44s
20th Leo Turnell-Ritson13mins 49s
44 finishers     (4th team out of 7)
Under 15 girls (4000m)
9th Alice Keane 19mins 58s
24th Verity Cleveley-Jones 23mins 18s
30th Mathilda Sissy Bridge 25mins 15s
33 finishers     (6th team out of 7)
Under 15 boys (4000m)
20th William Laing 19mins 07s
28th George Laing 20mins 28s
36 finishers
Under 17 women (5000m)
14th Nina Sorensen 26mins 59s
21 finishers
Under 17 men (6000m)
14th Lawrence Matthewman   24mins 35s
24 finishers
Junior women (5000m)
4th Aneira Roose-McClew 26mins 42s
5 finishers
Junior men (6000m)
1st Saningo Martyn 22mins 11s
4th Atak Diing 23mins 25s
12th Jack Matthewman 25mins 29s
15 finishers
Junior men team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 17 points
2ndHillingdon27 points
3rdHarrow32 points

Senior Women (8000m)
1st Svenja Abel 33mins 24s
2nd Esther Evans 34mins 23s
7th Astrid Wingler 36mins 00s
16th   Alex Goodwin38mins 01s
18th Anne Curley 38mins 23s
19th Natasha Cendrowicz 39mins 23s
20th Louise Burnie 39mins 24s
32nd Jenny Turner 42mins 02s
38th Fiona Maguire 43mins 22s
43rd Annabelle Lovejoy 45mins 15s
53 finishers
Senior women team positions
1stLondon Heathside22 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 26 points
3rdEaling, Southall & Middx  53 points
Senior Men (12000m)
6th Henry Dodwell 45mins 29s
8th David Bruce 46mins 39s
14th Chris Beecham 47mins 58s
16th Ryan McKinlay (U20 guest) 48mins 26s
23rd Peter Downie 48mins 58s
38th Glenn Saqui 50mins 31s
42nd Alistair Lindsay 51mins 08s
60th Jonathan Deane 53mins 33s
76th Greg Fuzesi 56mins 26s
90th José Barretta 58mins 45s
107th Nick Stockman 63mins 14s
114 finishers
Senior men team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 131 points
2ndHarrow151 points
3rdThames Valley Harriers160 points

Full Middlesex 2007 results

13th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Wormwood Scrubs

Under 15 girls
11th Alice Keane15m 20s
40 finishers
Match Position 9th
League Position after race 4 - 9th of 12
Under 17 men
12th Laurence Matthewman16m 07s
29th William Laing17m 36s
30th David Mobbs17m 49s
42nd George Laing19m 08s
49 finishers
Match Position 7th
League Position after race 4 - 6th of 14
Senior Women
2nd Esther Evans 16m 35s
4th Astrid Wingler (2nd Vet) 16m 45s
17th Kate Jenrick 17m 46s
24th Fiona Burnie 18m 02s
28th Natasha Cendrowicz 18m 09s
29th Louise Burnie 18m 15s
40th Alex Goodwin 18m 35s
64th Natalie Vasey 19m 32s
117 finishers
Match Position 1st
League table after race 4 (top 4 of 22)
1st Highgate Harriers 2864 points
2nd Woodford Green & Essex Ladies2464 points
3rd London Heathside 2398 points
4th Garden City Runners 2283 points
Senior Men
3rd Henry Dodwell 28m 59s
24th Ryan McKinlay 30m 54s
25th Atak Diing 30m 56s
34th Peter Downie 31m 06s
60th C Panayioutou 32m 30s
71st Alistair Lindsay 32m 59s
91st Joseph Lowe 33m ??s
115th Jon Gardner 34m 26s
141st John O'Shea35m 27s
142nd J Rainbow 35m 29s
164th José Barretta36m 37s
169th Steve Scruton 36m 43s
181st Keith Wilson 37m 11s
207th Kevin Linehan 38m 18s
229th Nick Stockman 39m 29s
287 finishers
Match Position 5th
League table after race 4 (top 5 of 25)
1st Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 12571 points
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet12385 points
3rd Serpentine RC10842 points
4th Highgate Harriers 10471 points
5th London Heathside 9964 points

Full results

20th January - North of the Thames Championships

Under 20 women (6000m)
1st Aneira Roose-McClew31m 10s
Senior Women (6000m)
1st Astrid Wingler 25m 22s
12th Annabelle Lovejoy31m 01s

Full results

20th/21st January - South of England Indoor Championships
Lee Valley Centre

Full results

27th January - South of England Cross Country Championships
Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Under 15 girls
58thAlice Keane16m 57s
137 finishers
Under 17 boys
55th Laurence Matthewman20m 19s
85 finishers
Junior men
10thSaningo Martyn27m 39s
67thLouis Bellamacina35m 25s
68 finishers
Senior Women (8000m)
52ndAnne Curley 33m 42s
?? Natasha Cendrowicz??m ??s
100th Natalie Vasey36m 57s
203 finishers
Senior Men (15000m)
28th Glenn Saqui 49m 45s
81st Peter Downie52m 31s
226th Mark Sweeney58m 51s
297th José Barretta61m 59s
430th Nick Stockman67m 49s
553 finishers

Full results

February 2007

3rd February - South of England Masters Cross Country Champs
(incorporating Middlesex Masters Championships)
Mad Bess Wood - Ruislip

Men (10k)
23rd   Eric Southam (7th SEAA V45, 5th Middlesex V40)   36mins 14s

Full Results

10th February - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Horsenden Hill, Perivale

Highgate women crowned League Champions
for the 5th successive year

Under 15 girls
3rd Samara Williams13m 57s
5th Alice Keane14m 04s
23rd Stella Sabin16m 14s
31 finishers
Match Position 4th
Final League Position - 9th of 12

Senior Women
3rd Astrid Wingler (2nd Vet) 26m 41s
16th Fiona Burnie 28m 30s
21st Louise Burnie 29m 20s
33rd Natalie Vasey 30m 13s
40th Natasha Cendrowicz30m 49s
51st Fiona Maguire 32m 22s
58th Aneira Roose-McClew32m 56s
87 finishers
Match Position 3rd
Final League table (top 4 of 22)
1st Highgate Harriers 3228 points
2nd Woodford Green & Essex Ladies2869 points
3rd London Heathside 2744 points
4th Garden City Runners 2693 points
Under 17 men
7th Laurence Matthewman25m 07s
13th Hammish Birrell25m 50s
21st William Laing26m 57s
26th George Laing27m 32s
28th David Mobbs28m 01s
38 finishers
Match Position 4th
Final League Position - 5th of 14
Senior Men
13th Glen Saqui 35m 31s
35th C Panayioutou 36m 53s
50th Eric Southam 37m 21s
66th Joseph Lowe 37m 58s
110th Jon Gardner 40m 50s
113th J Rainbow 41m 25s
127th Tom Mehew 42m 25s
137th John O'Shea 43m 39s
146th Greg Fuzesi 44m 24s
148th Kevin Linehan 44m 29s
149th José Barretta44m 33s
179th Nick Stockman 47m 56s
213 finishers
Match Position 6th
Final League table (top 5 of 25)
1st Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 14690 points
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet14550 points
3rd Serpentine RC12453 points
4th Highgate Harriers 11766 points
5th London Heathside 11144 points

Full results

March 2007

10th March - English National Cross Country Championships

Senior Women (8000m)
18th Svenja Abel 31mins 33s
30th Sula Young 32mins 31s
86th Astrid Wingler 34mins 58s
118th Louise Burnie 36mins 10s
180th Natasha Cendrowicz 38mins 56s
(297 finishers)
Team positions (4 to score)
1stWinchester & District AC41 points
2ndTelford AC123 points
3rdBingley Harriers & AC145 points
4thShaftesbury Barnet165 points
5thLeeds City AC186 points
6thHighgate Harriers 252 points
28 complete teams
Full Senior Women results
Junior Men (10000m)
92nd Saningo Martyn 37mins 20s
(139 finishers)
Full Junior Men Results

Senior Men (12000m)
120th Henry Dodwell 42mins 18s
241st Eric Southam 44mins 56s
(916 finishers)
Full Senior Men Results

Full results

17th March - Coastal Challenge
North Shore City, Auckland

11km (Milford Beach to Devonport)
5thDavid Burrows47:22
151 finishers

Full results

25th March - Devonport Classic 5K
Devonport, Auckland


David Burrows  

287 finishers

Full results

April 2007

1st April - South of England Road Relay Championships
Milton Keynes

Women (6 x 5356m)
Highgate women at Milton Keynes
Leg 1 Esther Evans (9th)19:38
Leg 2 Astrid Wingler (12th)20:38
Leg 3 Kate Jenrick (10th)20:58
Leg 4 Svenja Abel (5th) (4th fastest of day)18:15
Leg 5 Louise Burnie (4th)21:48
Leg 6 Fiona Burnie (4th)21:15
Incomplete B team
Leg 1 Natasha Cendrowicz (34th)23:21

Team Positions
1stBedford & County1hrs 54m 07s
2ndAldershot, Farnham & District1hrs 54m 59s
3rdShaftesbury Barnet Harriers1hrs 55m 46s
4thHighgate Harriers2hrs 02m 32s
25 teams finished

Full results

Men (12 stage)
Long leg (7826m)  Short leg (5356m)
Leg 1 Glen Saqui (11th)25:08
Leg 2 Peter Downie (10th)17:46
Leg 3 Henry Dodwell (6th) 25:15
Leg 4 Alistair Lindsay (10th)18:56
Leg 5 Chris Chapman (12th)26:10
Leg 6 Eric Southam (11th)18:04
Leg 7 Chris Beecham (11th)26:29
Leg 8 Joseph Lowe (13th)18:58
Leg 9 Ryan MacKinley (12th)26:49
Leg 10 Atak Diing (12th)18:21
Leg 11 John Deane (12th)29:51
Leg 12 Chris Pananayiotos (12th)18:13

Team Positions
1stShaftesbury Barnet Harriers4hrs 13m 43s
2ndBelgrave Harriers4hrs 14m 13s
3rdNewham & Essex4hrs 15m 34s

12th Highgate Harriers 4hrs 30m 00s
38 teams finished

Full results

28th April - London Inter-Club Challenge

1Shaftesbury Barnet172 points
2Highgate Harriers86 points
3=Enfield & Haringey51 points
3=Woodford Green & EL   51 points
5Vale of Aylesbury29 points

1Shaftesbury Barnet113 points
2Enfield & Haringey78 points
3Woodford Green & EL  50 points
4Vale of Aylesbury18 points
5Highgate Harriers7 points

Full Results

29th April - National Junior League
South Thames Division

Team result
1   Basildon AC505
2City of Norwich430
3Team Bedfordshire419
4Havering Mayesbrook AC388
5Ipswich Harriers251
6London Heathside & Highgate Harriers   222
7Colchester & Tendring AC112
8St Albans / Watford AC0

Full Results

May 2007

5th May - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Parliament Hill

1Highgate Harriers136 points
2Woking AC119 points
3Kent AC103 points
4Woodford Green & Essex Ladies   93 points
5Swindon AC65 points

6th May - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 1E
William Parker Arena, Hastings

1Hastings373½ points
2Eastbourne349    points
3Thames Valley Harriers   279½ points
4Highgate Harriers191    points

Full Results

19th May - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Peterborough

1Reading134½ points
2Nene Valley133½ points
3Highgate Harriers118½ points
4Dartford AC73½ points
5Newham & Essex Beagles   68 ½ points

20th May - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 1E
Canterbury High School

1Herne Hill Harriers   446 points
2Lewes AC382 points
3Invicta East Kent   316 points
4Highgate Harriers152    points

Full Results

26th May - London Inter-Club Challenge
Lee Valley

1Enfield & Haringey107 points
2=Highgate Harriers80 points
2=Shaftesbury Barnet80 points
4Woodford Green & EL74 points
5Vale of Aylesbury42 points

1Woodford Green & EL  112 points
2Enfield & Haringey78 points
3Shaftesbury Barnet27 points
4Highgate Harriers20 points
5Vale of Aylesbury10 points

League positions after match 2
1Shaftesbury Barnet8½ (252 points)
2   Highgate Harriers8 (166 points)
3Enfield & Haringey7½ (158 points)
4Woodford Green & EL  4½ (125 points)
5Vale of aylesbury2 (71 points)

1Woodford Green & EL  8 (162 points)
2Enfield & Haringey8 (156 points)
3Shaftesbury Barnet8 (140 points)
4Vale of Aylesbury3 (28 points)
5   Highgate Harriers3 (27 points)

Full Results

27th May - National Junior League
South Thames Division

Team result
1   Havering Mayesbrook AC489
2Ipswich Harriers484
3Basildon AC479
4City of Norwich437
5Bedford & County363
6London Heathside & Highgate Harriers   167
7Colchester & Tendring AC126

Full Results

June 2007

2nd June - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Ashford

1Yeovil128 points
2Havering Mayesbrook   110 points
3Highgate Harriers108 points
4Ashford AC103 points
5City of Norwich   81 points

3rd June - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 1E
Parliament Hill

1Brighton & Hove353 points
2St Albans344 points
3Dartford 263 points
4Highgate Harriers   231 points

Full Results

23rd June - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Brighton

1Highgate Harriers126 points
2Channel Islands116 points
3Brighton & Hove AC   112 points
4Chelmsford AC77 points
5Milton Keynes   75 points

24th June - Young Athletics League

Southern Division 1E

1Ealing, Southall & Middlesex 431 points
2Medway & Maidstone350 points
3Hercules Wimbledon   223 points
4Highgate Harriers186 points

Full Results

30th June - London Inter-Club Challenge
Parliament Hill

1Shaftesbury Barnet85 points
2Highgate Harriers73 points
3Woodford Green & EL55 points
4Enfield & Haringey42 points
5Vale of Aylesbury17 points


Awaiting results

League positions after match 3
1Shaftesbury Barnet13½ (337 points)
2   Highgate Harriers12 (239 points)
3Enfield & Haringey9½ (200 points)
4Woodford Green & EL  7½ (180 points)
5Vale of aylesbury3 (88 points)


Awaiting results

Full Results

July 2007

1st July - National Junior League
South Thames Division

Team result
1Basildon AC524½
2   Havering Mayesbrook AC518
3Bedford & County479
4City of Norwich425
5Ipswich Harriers279½
6London Heathside & Highgate Harriers   129
7Colchester & Tendring AC71

Full Results

14th July - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Kingston

1Exeter153 points
2Thames Valley Harriers   120 points
3Herts Phoenix114½ points
4Highgate Harriers105½ points

August 2007

4th August - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Braunton

1Tonbridge127½ points
2North Devon AC   116½ points
3Highgate Harriers116 points
4Serpentine104 points
5Windsor, Slough & Eton   53 points

Final League position: 7th from 25 clubs

11th August - London Inter-Club Challenge
New River Stadium

1   Highgate Harriers110 points
2Enfield & Haringey110 points
3Shaftesbury Barnet90 points
4Woodford Green & EL     54 points

1Enfield & Haringey82 points
2Shaftesbury Barnet40 points
3Woodford Green & EL  10 points
4Highgate Harriers9 points
Final League positions after match 4
1Shaftesbury Barnet16½ points
2   Highgate Harriers16 points
3Enfield & Haringey14 points
4Woodford Green & EL  9½ points
5Vale of Aylesbury3 points

1Enfield & Haringey18 points
2Shaftesbury Barnet16 points
3Woodford Green & EL  14 points
4   Highgate Harriers7 points
5Vale of Aylesbury4 points

Full Results

September 2007

9th September - Middlesex 10K Championships
Victoria Park

Finish position  Middx position
4Henry Dodwell 31:452nd
8Genn Saqui 32:356th
14Chris Beecham33:2310th
15Chris Chapman33:32 
20Peter Downie 34:2012th
39Svenja Abel 35:551st woman
50Jack Matthewman     36:4732nd
52Joseph Lowe 37:0033rd
68Anne Curley 38:213rd woman
78José Barretta 38:52 
84John O'Shea 39:0550th
163Annabelle Lovejoy 45:4813th woman
306 finishers

Team positions (3 to score)
1st Highgate Harriers     18 points
2nd Serpentine 31 points
3rd Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets 38 points
1st London Heathside 12 points
2nd Highgate Harriers     17 points
3rd Serpentine 27 points

Full results

15th September - St Albans Cross Country relays

Women (4 x 2.5 miles)
Leg 1 Sula Young16m 18s (fastest time of day)
Leg 2 Kate Jenrick17m 38s
Leg 3 Astrid Wingler17m 36s
Leg 4 Anne Curley17m 24s (4th fastest time of day)

Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers     66mins 56s
2nd Garden City Runners     70mins 14s
3rd Barnet & District 73mins 09s

Full Results

Men (6 x 2.5 miles)

'A' team
'B' team
Leg 1 Chris Chapman14m 58s
Nick Stockman 18m 50s
Leg 2 Henry Dodwell14m 24s
Steve Scruton 17m 46s
Leg 3 Chris Bailey16m 32s
Chris Chapman15m 32s
Leg 4 Andrew Aitken16m 30s
Henry Dodwell14m 37s
Leg 5 Nick Gold15m 28s
Dan Gay 15m 49s
Leg 6 Damian Shirley15m 29s
Andrew Aitken16m 55s

Team positions
1st Bedford & County 87mins 50s
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet 88mins 17s
3rd Harrow AC 89mins 41s
8th Highgate Harriers 'A'     93mins 21s
14th Highgate Harriers 'B' 99mins 29s

Full Results

29th September - South of England Road Relays

Leg 1 Henry Dodwell18:57 (18th)
Leg 2 Saningo Martyn19:27 (12th)
Leg 3 Duncan Burbidge21:22 (29th)
Leg 4 Jonathan Henderson20:01 (25th)
Leg 5 Chris Beecham19:43 (19th)
Leg 6 Andrew Aitken21:32 (21st)

Team positions
1st Belgrave Harriers 1h 49m 39s
2nd Newham & Esex Beagles 1h 50m 44s
3rd Bedford & County AC 1h 51m 47s
... .......... ...
21st Highgate Harriers 2h 01m 02s
70 complete teams finished

Full Results

October 2007

6th October - Ealing Cross Country relays
Horsenden Hill

Leg 1Kate Jenrick (1st)14m 22s
Leg 2Anne Curley (1st)14m 47s
Leg 3Astrid Wingler (1st)     15m 22s

Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 44mins 31s
2nd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex   
3rd Reading AC

Leg 1Nigel Stephens (14th)15m 42s
Leg 2Damian Shirley (10th)13m 12s
Leg 3José Barretta (11th)     15m 19s
Leg 4Nick Stockman (12th)     16m 00s
Leg 5John O'Shea (10th)     14m 29s
Leg 6Andrew Aitken (10th)     13m 41s

Team positions
1st Harrow AC 77mins 08s
... ... ...
10th Highgate Harriers     88mins 23s

6th October - North West London Young Athletes League
Horsenden Hill

Highgate results and report can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

13th October - Metropolitan Cross Country League

Under 17 women
4th Samara Williams (2nd U15)15m 58s
49 finishers
Under 13 boys
34th Phoenix Love13m 40s
37 finishers
Under 17 men
18th William Laing14m 29s
19th Hamish Birrell14m 34s
52nd George Laing15m 54s
67 finishers
Senior Women
2nd Esther Evans 22m 07s
3rd Kate Jenrick (1st Vet) 22m 37s
4th Anna McCutcheon (2nd Vet) 22m 41s
10th Anne Curley 23m 39s
30th Astrid Wingler 24m 54s
43rd Alex Goodwin 25m 53s
97 finishers
Match Position 1st
League table after race 1 (top 3 of 23)
1st Highgate Harriers 492 points
2nd Garden City Runners 472 points
3rd Woodford Green & EL 431 points
Senior Men
5th Henry Dodwell 27m 35s
9th Glen Saqui 27m 48s
13th Saningo Martyn 28m 04s
28th Chris Chapman 29m 18s
57th Andrew Aitken 30m 45s
63rd Patrick Thomas 31m 00s
73rd Damian Shirley 31m 13s
77th Ed Green 31m 20s
80th Lawrence Matthewman 31m 23s
89th Jonathan Deane 31m 46s
110th Thierry Lebreton 32m 42s
116th Tim Gascoigne 32m 58s
125th John O'Shea 33m 19s
132nd Keven Linehan33m 46s
145th John Rainbow 34m 19s
146th Nigel Stephens 34m 20s
158th Steve Scruton 35m 13s
183rd Keith Wilson 36m 11s
189th Richard Solomans 36m 24s
286 finishers
Match Position 3rd
League table after race 1 (top 3 in Division 1)
1st Woodford Green & EL 1656 points
2nd Serpentine RC1567 points
3rd Highgate Harriers 1496 points

Full results

20th October - National 6 stage Relay Championships
Sutton Park, Birmingham

Leg 1 - Glen Saqui18:03 (34th)
Leg 2 - Saningo Martyn 19:17 (45th)
Leg 3 - Johnny Henderson19:47 (50th)
Leg 4 - Henry Dodwell 18:32 (42nd)
Leg 5 - Chris Chapman 19:10 (37th)
Leg 6 - Ryan McKinley 18:28 (31st)
Team positions
1stBelgrave Harriers1hr 44m 30s
2ndLeeds City AC   1hr 45m 20s
3rdNewham & Essex Beagles   1hr 45m 55s

31st Highgate Harriers 1hr 53m 17s
79 teams finished

Full results

27th October - Liddiard Cross Country Trophy

4th Chris Beecham 26:29
18th Ed Green 27:59
26th Damian Shirley 28:49
27th Chris Bailey 29:04
31st John O'Shea 29:30
43rd José Barretta 31:24
47th Steve Scruton 32:14

27th October - North West London Young Athletes League
Alexandra Park

Full results and report can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

November 2007

3rd November - North London Cross Country Championships
Horsenden Hill

Senior Women
1st Esther Evans 23:00
2nd Kate Jenrick (1st vet) 23:44
3rd Anne Curley (2nd vet) 24:02
22nd Sarah Chapman30:54
31 finishers

Team Positions (4 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers28 points        
2ndSerpentine 'A'38 points
3rdSerpentine 'B'61 points
Senior Men
7th Alistair Lindsay32:49
13th Andrew Aitken33:18
18th Ed Green33:43
34th Thierry Lebreton35:42
35th John O'Shea35:45
38th Chris Bailey36:01
58th José Barretta 38:21
74th Nick Stockman41:26
90 finishers

Team Positions (6 to score)
1stSerpentine81 points
2ndEaling, Southall & Middlesex108 points
3rdLondon Heathside113 points
4thHighgate Harriers145 points

Full Results

10th November - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Woodford Green

Under 17 women
3rd Samara Williams (1st U15)16m 43s
45 finishers
Senior Women
5th Kate Jenrick (1st Vet) 22m 17s
8th Anna McCutcheon (2nd Vet) 22m 43s
11th Anne Curley 23m 14s
22nd Jo Carritt 23m 48s
30th Astrid Wingler 24m 36s
42nd Alex Goodwin 25m 38s
52nd Jenny Turner 26m 19s
64th Fiona Maguire 27m 04s
72nd Sarah Schwiersch 28m 02s
94th Natasha Cendrowicz 30m 19s
95th Niona Sorensen 30m 26s
98th Sarah Chapman 30m 46s
115 finishers
Match Position 3rd
League table after race 2 (top 3 of 23)
1st Woodford Green & EL 1080 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 1070 points
3rd Garden City Runners 1065 points
Under 13 boys
29th Phoenix Love13m 25s
37 finishers
Under 17 men
19th William Laing15m 27s
38th George Laing16m 38s
57 finishers
Senior Men
5th Henry Dodwell 25m 39s
8th Glen Saqui 26m 04s
88th Thierry Lebreton 29m 38s
113th Jonathan Deane 30m 37s
119th Joseph Lowe 31m 02s
126th John O'Shea 31m 07s
139th Tim Gascoigne 31m 45s
153rd Keven Linehan32m 19s
165th Nigel Stephens 32m 51s
233rd Nick Stockman 36m 20s
279 finishers
Match Position 10th
League table after race 2 (top 6 in Division 1)
1st Woodford Green & EL 3355 points
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet3265 points
3rd Serpentine RC2930 points
4th Hillingdon2645 points
5th Metropolitan Police2438 points
6th Highgate Harriers 2338 points

Full results

17th November - North of the Thames Championships

Senior Men (8000m)
1st Saningo Martyn25:26
23rd Damian Shirley27:33
26th Lawrence Matthewman27:50
31st Chris Bailey28:10
32nd     Thierry Lebreton28:11
52nd Nigel Stephens31:12
89 finishers

Team Positions (6 to score)
1stHillingdon83 points
2ndEaling, Southall & Middlesex86 points
3rdSerpentine132 points
4thHighgate Harriers160 points

Full Results

24th November - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Wormwood Scrubs

Under 17 women
4th Samara Williams (1st U15)16m 25s
45 finishers
Under 17 men
16th William Laing14m 56s
26th Hammish Birrell15m 16s
50th George Laing16m 25s
64 finishers
Senior Women
1st Esther Evans 21m 28s
8th Kate Jenrick (1st Vet) 22m 23s
18th Alexia Trafford (Guest) 22m 56s
19th Jo Carritt 23m 23s
20th Astrid Wingler 23m 15s
37th Alex Goodwin 24m 09s
53rd Emily Murray 25m 09s
90th Natasha Cendrowicz 27m 56s
97th Niona Sorensen 28m 28s
122 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 3 (top 3 of 31)
1st Garden City Runners 1683 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 1657 points
3rd Woodford Green & EL 1448 points
Senior Men
3rd Henry Dodwell 27m 36s
20th Saningo Martyn 29m 07s
25th Jon Henderson 29m 22s
31st Alistair Lindsay 29m 39s
34th Chris Chapman 29m 43s
52nd Dale Bickham 30m 15s
91st Chris Bailey 31m 44s
95th Lawrence Matthewman 31m 55s
99th Jonathan Gardner 32m 02s
102nd Thierry Lebreton 32m 12s
109th Joseph Lowe 32m 27s
122nd Richard Stewart 32m 47s
124th Jonathan Deane 32m 55s
134th John O'Shea 33m 22s
160th Steve Scruton34m 39s
163rd Nigel Stephens 34m 45s
172nd José Barretta 35m 01s
234th Nick Stockman 37m 26s
284 finishers
Match Position 10th
League table after race 3 (top 6 in Division 1)
1st Shaftesbury Barnet4975 points
2nd Woodford Green & EL 4735 points
3rd Serpentine RC4143 points
4th Hillingdon3756 points
5th Metropolitan Police3690 points
6th Highgate Harriers 3628 points

Full results

December 2007

1st December - Fraternity Cup / Sorority Cup
Trent Park

Fraternity Cup
1stHenry Dodwell26mins 11s
9thAlistair Lindsay28mins 14s
25thThierry Lebreton30mins 25s
32ndRichard Stewart31mins 12s
39thTim Gascoigne32mins 21s
64thNick Stockman35mins 53s
Team positions (top 5 of 9)
1st Enfield & Haringey 73 points
2nd Barnet & District 84 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet   130 points
4th Hillingdon AC 158 points
5th Highgate Harriers 170 points

Sorority Cup
1stEsther Evans30mins 26s
3rdAnna McCutcheon32mins 17s
11thJenny Turner36mins 09s
20thNatasha Cendrowicz     41mins 16s

Team positions
1st Barnet & District 24 points
2nd Highgate Harriers     35 points
3rd Trent Park 71 points

Full Results

8th December - London Cross Country Championships
(incorporating the Southern Inter-County Championships)
Parliament Hill Fields

Full results (Middlesex website)