January 2009

10th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Trent Park

Under 13 boys (3000m)
1st Stanley Harrison 11mins 26s
7th William Fitter 11mins 55s
8th Eugene Potter 11mins 59s
21st Peter Laing 13mins 12s
41 finishers
Under 13 boys team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 16 points
2ndEaling, Southall & Middx   32 points
3rdShaftesbury Barnet37 points

Under 15 girls (4000m)
22nd Amy-Jane Cotter 19mins 06s
31st Thea Slotover 20mins 52s
37 finishers

Senior Women (8000m)
6th Svenja Abel 31mins 18s
12th Rhian Hampson-Jones 33mins 25s
15th Elizabeth Ogunde 34mins 08s
16th Esther Evans 34mins 42s
20th   Louise Faherty35mins 12s
23rd Natasha Cendrowicz 35mins 37s
28th Sonja Saqui 37mins 20s
46th Sarah Chapman 43mins 09s
55 finishers
Senior women team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 49 points
2ndLondon Heathside  49 points
3rdEaling, Southall & Middx   53 points

Under 17 men (6000m)
7th Sean White 22mins 32s
12th William Laing 23mins 23s
24th George Laing 25mins 25s
29 finishers
Under 17 men team positions
1stHillingdon10 points
2ndSt Mary's29 points
3rd Highgate Harriers 43 points

Senior Men (12000m)
2nd Henry Dodwell 38mins 56s
3rd David Bruce 39mins 33s
11th Jonathan Henderson   41mins 04s
14th Alistair Lindsey41mins 24s
24th Peter Downie 42mins 29s
30th Martin Hoeven 43mins 07s
33rd Eric Southam 43mins 36s
42nd Richard Stewart 44mins 23s
43rd Thierry Lebreton 44mins 29s
59th Chris Bailey 46mins 21s
76th Tim Gascoigne 48mins 33s
88th Kevin Linehan 49mins 22s
89th Joseph Lowe 49mins 23s
92nd Steve Scruton 49mins 53s
96th Greg Fuzesi 50mins 34s
132nd John O'Shea 58mins 54s
137 finishers
Senior men team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 84 points
2ndHarrow142 points
3rdHillingdon187 points

Full Middlesex 2009 results

17th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League

Senior Women
9thAstrid Wingler 23m 16s
12thAriane Pritchard 23m 23s
15thAlexia Trafford 23m 36s
25thElizabeth Ogunde24m 36s
31stAlex Goodwin25m 01s
35thJenny Turner 25m 06s
37thNatasha Cendrowicz25m 11s
39thSarah Bailey25m 19s
48thSally Hannah25m 45s
49thLouise Faherty25m 49s
55th     Sonja Saqui26m 40s
98 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 4 (top 3 of 32)
1st Woodford Green & EL 2741 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 2717 points
3rd Serpentine2526 points
Under 13 boys
13th Peter Laing12m 32s
 19 finishers 
Match Position8th
League position after race 4     6th
Under 17 men
11th George Laing13m 26s
 37 finishers 
Match Position9th
League position after race 49th
Senior Men
35thJohn Laybourn29m 18s
39thPeter Downie29m 25s
65thThierry Lebreton30m 33s
100thChris Bailey31m 44s
154thJon Gardner33m 57s
165thJohn O'Shea34m 22s
166thKevin Linehan34m 26s
176thGreg Fuzesi34m 50s
 262 finishers 
Match Position11th
League position after race 48th

Full results on the Hillingdon AC  website

24th January - South of England Cross Country Championships

Under 13 Girls
182nd Edith Ault16m 42s
221 finishers
Under 15 Girls
167th Amy-Jane Cotter18m 46s
220 finishers
Under 13 boys
11th Stanley Harrison12m 24s
30th William Fitter12m 49s
73rd Eugene Potter13m 16s
159th Adam Augustsson14m 13s
188th Peter Laing14m 54s
228th Daniel Lavin16m 14s
244 finishers
Team positions
1st Aldershot, Farnham & District 28 points
2nd Tonbridge AC66 points
3rd WSE & Hounslow85 points
8th Highgate Harriers 273 points
26 teams finished
Under 17 men
122nd George Laing24m 53s
180 finishers
Senior Women
14th Svenja Abel 34m 15s
21st Esther Evans 34m 46s
44th Astrid Wingler 36m 28s
74th Rhian Hampson-Jones37m 58s
92nd Sarah Bailry 38m 29s
118th Jenny Turner 40m 10s
192nd Fiona Maguire 43m 56s
311 finishers
Team positions
1st Aldershot, Farnham & District 118 points
2nd Woodford Green & EL 119 points
3rd Havering Mayesbrook AC129 points
4th Highgate Harriers 153 points
38 teams finished
Senior Men
66th Henry Dodwell57m 40s
85th Glenn Saqui 58m 28s
109th Peter Downie 59m 42s
144th Martin Hoeven 61m 26s
201st Thierry Lebreton 63m 31s
210th Dan Higgins 63m 51s
326th John O'Shea 69m 02s
391st Jon Gardner72m 00s
672 finishers
Team positions
1st Winchester & District AC162 points
2nd Newham & Essex Beagles 201 points
3rd Bedford & County210 points
12th Highgate Harriers 815 points
52 clubs finished

Full results

February 2009

14th February - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Horsenden Hill

Highgate women crowned League Champions
for the 7th successive year

Under 13 boys
5th Eugene Potter11m 40s
20th Peter Laing13m 04s
32 finishers
Match Position    6th
Final League position after race 5    6th
Senior Women
1st Svenja Abel 23m 15s
2nd Becky Penty 23m 46s
4th Astrid Wingler (1st V40) 24m 15s
7th Esther Evans 24m 45s
9th Anna McCutcheon 24m 52s
21st Sarah Bailey 26m 09s
22nd Rhian Hampson-Jones 26m 16s
34th Natasha Cendrowicz 26m 57s
40th Alex Goodwin27m 24s
43rd Kate Jenrick27m 32s
48th Sally Hannah28m 03s
53rd L Croxson28m 36s
78th Sarah Chapman31m 23s
105 finishers
Match Position 1st
Final League table after race 5 (top 3 of 32)
1st Highgate Harriers 3309 points
2nd Woodford Green & EL 3230 points
3rd Serpentine RC 3018 points
Senior Men
5th Henry Dodwell 32m 03s
10th Glen Saqui 32m 41s
41st Thierry Lebreton 34m 58s
46th Dale Bickham 35m 22s
49th Dan Higgins 35m 27s
66th Ed Green 36m 17s
70th Chris Bailey 36m 24s
74th Richard Stewart 36m 33s
40th Andrew Aitken 28m 34s
46th Ryan McKinlay 28m 43s
122nd John O'Shea 38m 39s
137th Tim Gascoigne 39m 33s
138th Joseph Lowe 39m 35s
150th José Barretta 40m 27s
156th Kevin Linehan 40m 39s
184th Nick Stockman 41m 52s
260 finishers
Match Position    6th
Final League position after race 5    8th

Full results on the Hillingdon AC  website

21st February - English National Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 13 Girls (3K)
312 Edith Ault 16mins 57s
354 finishers
Under 13 Boys (3K)
32 Stanley Harrison 12mins 42s
77 Eugene Potter 13mins 06s
255 Peter Laing 14mins 41s
279 Gabriel Springer 14mins 57s
328 Daniel Lavin 15mins 59s
356 finishers
Team position (4 to score)   27th from 42 teams
Under 15 Boys (4½K)
219 Roland Turnell-Ritson 18mins 40s
398 finishers
Under 17 Men (6K)
160 William Laing 24mins 00s
175 Sean White 24mins 15s
232 George Laing 25mins 23s
285 finishers
Senior Women (8K)
32 Svenja Abel 32mins 30s
88 Anna McCutcheon 34mins 59s
133 Esther Evans 36mins 20s
152 Natasha Cendrowicz 37mins 01s
180 Jenny Turner 37mins 47s
185 Sarah Bailey 37mins 56s
305 Fiona Maguire 41mins 12s
413 Sarah Chapman 45mins 13s
546 finishers
Team position (4 to score)   12th from 63 teams
Senior Men (12K)
34 David Bruce 40mins 58s
70 Henry Dodwell 42mins 06s
109 Glenn Saqui 43mins 07s
183 Alistair Lindsay 44mins 54s
191 Ryan McKinley 45mins 07s
203 Peter Downie 45mins 19s
292 Saningo Martyn 46mins 57s
310 Jack Matthewman 47mins 06s
319 Stephen Whiting 47mins 15s
338 Thierry Lebreton 47mins 34s
344 Martin Hoeven 47mins 39s
391 Dale Bickham 48mins 15s
439 Jon Deane 48mins 54s
453 Richard Stewart 49mins 09s
466 Chris Bailey 49mins 21s
477 Andrew Aitken 49mins 32s
486 Duncan Burbidge 49mins 43s
685 Joseph Lowe 52mins 29s
703 John O'Shea 52mins 46s
727 Tim Gascoigne 53mins 04s
790 Greg Fuzesi 53mins 58s
907 Kevin Linehan 55mins 57s
912 Steve Scruton 56mins 03s
1037   Nick Stockman 58mins 04s
1049   Jon Gardner 58mins 14s
1455 finishers
Team position (6 to score)   9th from 112 teams

Full results on the ECCA website

March 2009

21st March - Middlesex Masters Cross Country Championships
Mad Bess Wood, Ruislip

6thAlex Davidson28mins 09s
10thChris Bailey28mins 46s
16thJohn O'Shea29mins 53s
24thSteve Scruton30mins 46s
29thJon Gardner31mins 05s
87 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 8)
1stLondon Heathside9 points
2ndHighgate Harriers32 points
3rdThames Valley Harriers  38 points

3rdSarah Bailey32mins 04s
24 finishers

Full Results on the Middlesex website

April 2009

1st April - Highgate Harriers/City of London Open Meeting
Pariament Hill

5th April - South of England Road Relay Championships
Milton Keynes

Men (12 stage)
Long leg (7978m)  Short leg (5506m)
Leg 1 Henry Dodwell (16th)25:50
Leg 2 Dale Bickham (17th)18:20
Leg 3 Ben Pochee (17th) 25:57
Leg 4 Chris Bailey (18th)19:31
Leg 5 Stephen Whiting (18th)26:36
Leg 6 Peter Downie (14th)17:55
Leg 7 Ryan McKinlay (15th)26:58
Leg 8 Joseph Lowe (15th)18:30
Leg 9 Saningo Martyn (16th)28:16
Leg 10 John O'Shea (18th)20:59
Leg 11 Andrew Aitken (20th)28:20
Leg 12 Richard Stewart (20th)18:20

Team Positions
1stBelgrave Harriers4hrs 09m 53s
2ndAldershot, Farnham & District4hrs 13m 47s
3rdWoodford Green & Essex Ladies4hrs 17m 28s

20th Highgate Harriers 4hrs 35m 32s
42 teams finished

Full results

25th April - Southern Womens League

Division 3 - St. Mary's College, Twickenham

1St. Mary's Richmond     246 points
2Basingstoke 243½ points
3Walton240½ points
4Exeter209 points
5Bracknell190 points
6Watford163 points
7Southend88 points
8Orion85 points
9Highgate69 points
10London Heathside58 points

25th April - London Inter-Club Challenge

1Shaftesbury Barnet     136 points
2Highgate Harriers 68 points
3Enfield & Haringey61 points
4Woodford Green with Essex Ladies     43 points
5London Heathside39 points

1Shaftesbury Barnet     172 points
2Highgate Harriers 19 points
3Enfield & Haringey17 points
4Woodford Green with Essex Ladies     16 points
5London Heathside9 points

Full Results on the LICC website

26th April - Flora London Marathon

Nick Martyn
Nick Martyn - 1st V45 - 2hrs 28m 41s

Full Results on the London Marathon  website

May 2009

2nd May - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Parlament Hill

1Worthing118 points
2Highgate Harriers   113½ points
3Newbury102½ points
4Newham & Essex Beagles      96 points
5Chelmsford    92 points

16th May - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Battersea Park

1Hercules & Wimbledon AC   125 points
2Highgate Harriers   122½ points
3Serpentine Runners107½ points
4Woodford Green 102 points
5Swindon AC    58 points

23rd May - London Inter-Club Challenge

1Enfield & Haringey120 points
2Shaftesbury Barnet     111 points
3Woodford Green with Essex Ladies     81 points
4London Heathside56 points
5Highgate Harriers 44 points

1Woodford Green with Essex Ladies     127 points
2Enfield & Haringey69 points
3Shaftesbury Barnet     35 points
4London Heathside19 points

Full Results on the LICC website

June 2009

6th June - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Southampton

1City of Portsmouth117 points
2Reading113 points
3Enfield & Harringey   109 points
4Highgate Harriers   104 points
5Brighton & Hove    95½ points

27th June - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Parliament Hill

1Highgate Harriers   118    points
2Ashford111    points
3Luton103½ points
4Kent AC105    points
5Ilford AC   93½ points

July 2009

11th July - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Linford Christie Stadium

1Thames Valley Harriers   124½ points
2Nene Valley119½ points
3Highgate Harriers   108 points
4Tonbridge106½ points
5North Devon    78½ points

25th July - London Inter-Club Challenge
Parliament Hill

Full Results on the LICC website

August 2009

1st August - Southern Mens League

Division 1 - Ipswich

1Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets   135 points
2Ipswich110 points
3Milton Keynes110 points
4Highgate Harriers     91 points
5Woking AC   82 points

Final league position 9th of 25 teams

29th August - London Inter-Club Challenge
Barnet Copthall

Full Results on the LICC website

September 2009

16th September - Highgate Harriers/City of London Open Meeting
Pariament Hill

27th September - South of England Road Relays

Senior Men
Leg 1 David Bruce18:30 (8th)
Leg 2 Peter Downie20:01 (17th)
Leg 3 Ryan McKinlay19:59 (15th)
Leg 4 Stephen Thompson     21:25 (20th)
Leg 5 Chris Beecham20:03 (22nd)
Leg 6 Henry Dodwell19:28 (20th)

Team positions
1st Aldershot, Farnham & District     1h 49m 28s
2nd Belgrave Harriers 1h 50m 30s
3rd Newham & Essex Beagles 1h 50m 54s
... .......... ...
20th Highgate Harriers 1h 59m 26s
78 complete teams finished

Veteran Men (M40)
Leg 1 Alex Davidson21:20
Leg 2 Kevin Linehan23:36
Leg 3 John O'Shea22:18
Leg 4 Craig Ross     22:26

Team positions
1st Herne Hill Harriers     1h 19m 33s
2nd Thames Hare & Hounds 1h 19m 47s
3rd South London Harriers 1h 20m 39s
... .......... ...
17th Highgate Harriers 1h 29m 40s
39 complete teams finished

Full Results

October 2009

3rd October - Ealing Cross Country relays
Horsenden Hill


'A' team
'B' team
Leg 1 Kate Meredith14m 25s
Rhonda Munnik15m 41s
Leg 2 Astrid Wingler15m 13s
Rhian Hampson-Jones15m 25s
Leg 3 Sarah Bailey15m 11s
Natasha Cendrowicz16m 37s

'C' team
Leg 1 Jenny Turner16m 31s
Leg 2 Sarah Chapman18m 21s
Leg 3 Jenny Turner16m 58s

Fastest Times
1st Jenny Lundgren (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers) 14mins 19s
2nd Kate Meredith (Highgate Harriers) 14mins 25s
3rd Sarah Swinhoe (London Heathside) 14mins 47s

Team positions
1st Highgate Harriers 'A' 44mins 49s
2nd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex    46mins 49s
3rd Reading AC 47mins 26s
4th Highgate Harriers 'B' 47mins 43s
11 teams finished

Full womens results (ESM website)

Leg 1Jonny Laybourne13m 33s
Leg 2William Laing13m 57s
Leg 3Nick Stockman     15m 32s
Leg 4Richard Stewart13m 06s
Leg 5Chris Bailey13m 59s
Leg 6Steve Thompson13m 44s

Team positions
1st Harrow AC 77mins 36s
2nd Reading AC 80mins 42s
3rd Hillingdon 81mins 08s
... ... ...
7th Highgate Harriers     83mins 51s
15 teams finished

Full mens results (ESM website)

3rd October - North West London Young Athletes League
Horsenden Hill

Full results can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

10th October - Metropolitan Cross Country League

Under 13 boys
13th Peter Laing12m 19s
28 finishers
Under 17 men
39th George Laing14m 50s
63 finishers
Senior Women
7thKate Meredith 22m 50s
16thSarah Bailey 23m 56s
17thAstrd Wingler24m 01s
19thRhian Hampson-Jones24m 08s
40thAlex Goodwin25m 48s
41stRhonda Munnick25m 49s
48thNatasha Cendrowicz26m 19s
83rdSarah Chapman28m 38s
136 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 1 (top 3 of 29)
1st Woodford Green & EL 711 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 682 points
3rd Serpentine671 points
Senior Men
10thHenry Dodwell 27m 11s
42ndDuncan Burbidge29m 23s
46thA Panayiotou29m 26s
50thStephen Whiting29m 48s
67thRichard Stewart30m 42s
74thAlex Davidson30m 55s
90thR Walker31m 34s
99thMax Coventry31m 41s
119thWilliam Laing32m 32s
179thJoseph Lowe34m 53s
181stNick Stockman35m 03s
192ndRyan McKinley35m 22s
329 finishers
Match Position 6th
League table after race 1 (15 teams)
1st Shaftesbury Barnet 2007 points
2nd Serpentine RC2000 points
3rd Woodford Green & EL 1957 points
6th Highgate Harriers 1487 points

Full results on the Hillingdon AC  website

17th October - National 6 stage Relay Championships
Sutton Park, Birmingham

Leg 1 - Peter Nowill17:32 (16th)
Leg 2 - David Bruce17:47 (12th)
Leg 3 - Henry Dodwell18:44 (19th)
Leg 4 - Ryan McKinlay18:47 (23rd)
Leg 5 - Peter Downie19:34 (28th)
Leg 6 - Ben Pochee18:31 (27th)
Team positions
1stNewham & Essex Beagles   1hr 43m 14s
2ndBelgrave Harriers1hr 44m 54s
3rdAldershot, Farnham & District1hr 45m 05s

27th Highgate Harriers 1hr 50m 55s
80 teams finished

Full results

24th October - Liddiard Cross Country Trophy

1st Becky Penty16:22
3rd Sarah Bailey 18:00
8th Chris Beecham 26:43
9th Matthew Green26:45
16thAlex Davidson27:55
26th Chris Bailey 28:32
32nd Richard Stewart 29:31
33rd John O'Shea 29:33
46thKevin Linehan31:02
82nd Steve Scruton 33:44

24th October - North West London Young Athletes League

Full results can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

31st October - English Cross Country relays

Leg 1David Bruce (20th)15m 35s
Leg 2Henry Dodwell (30th)16m 34s
Leg 3Ryan McKinlay (27th)     16m 21s
Leg 4Ben Pochee (24th)16m 37s
Team Positions
1stBedford & County AC61m 12s
24thHighgate Harriers65m 08s
151 teams finished

Full results on the English Cross Country  website

November 2009

7th November - Metropolitan Cross Country League

Under 13 boys
14th Gabriel Springer12m 50s
17th Peter Laing13m 04s
24 finishers
Under 17 men
44th George Laing16m 43s
45th Eugene Potter16m 44s
61 finishers
Senior Women
2ndBecky Penty 21m 12s
3rdEsther Evans21m 45s
9thKate Meredith 22m 48s
12thAstrid Wingler23m 05s
19thSarah Bailey 23m 23s
20thA Forshaw23m 25s
50thAlex Goodwin25m 55s
57thSonia Saqui26m 35s
98thSarah Chapman28m 22s
135 finishers
Match Position 1st
League table after race 2 (top 3 of 30)
1st Woodford Green & EL 1452 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 1427 points
3rd Serpentine1300 points
Senior Men
20thDale Bickham 26m 34s
31stRyan McKinlay27m 10s
32ndGlenn Saqui27m 11s
39thJohn Laybourn27m 34s
41stDuncan Burbidge27m 35s
59thM Green28m 06s
61stJon Deane28m 14s
65thA Panayiotou28m 22s
66thStephen Whiting28m 26s
69thP Downing28m 33s
87thChris Bailey29m 08s
113thWilliam Laing29m 43s
132ndR Walker30m 14s
135thM Van der Hoeven30m 19s
161stJohn O'Shea31m 14s
186thJosé Barretta32m 23s
217thJon Gardner33m 21s
226thJoseph Lowe33m 44s
249thRichard Solomans34m 25s
254thSteve Scruton34m 34s
255thNick Stockman34m 35s
354 finishers
Match Position 4th
League table after race 2 (15 teams)
1st Woodford Green & EL 4234 points
2nd Serpentine RC4133 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet 4090 points
4th Highgate Harriers 3491 points

Full results on the Hillingdon AC  website

14th November - North London Cross Country Championships
Alexandra Park

Senior Women (6000m)
  Becky Penty (non-scorer)19:49
6th Kate Meredith21:28
8th Alexia Trafford21:42
9th Sarah Bailey22:06
13th Rhian Hampson Jones22:54
14th Rhonda Munnick23:20
20th Natasha Cendrowicz24:16
22nd Louise Croxon24:21
38th Sarah Chapman26:09
58 finishers

Team Positions (4 to score)
1stLondon Heathside32 points
2ndSerpentine RC39 points
3rdHighgate Harriers (1st vets team)40 points        
10 teams finished
Senior Men
1st Henry Dodwell26:44
  Ryan McKinlay (non-scorer)27:37
4th Dale Bickham27:50
6th Duncan Burbidge27:59
8th Jon Deane28:39
11th Steve Thompson28:54
14th Nick Gold29:07
21st Chris Bailey29:28
45th Richard Stewart31:23
53rd Rob Walker32:07
58th Jon Gardner32:49
69th Nick Stockman33:49
85th Greg Fuzesi35:59
110 finishers

Team Positions (6 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers52 points
2ndLondon Heathside142 points
3rdSerpentine RC166 points
14 teams finished

Full Results

21st November - London Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 13 girls
??thDaniella Simpson 
??thOlivia Jordan 
??thLulu Szego 
??thHelena Roberts 
Team Position 3rd
Under 15 Girls
66thIsabel Barnes18:14
73rdFrancesca Simpson18:41
??thEdith Ault 
Under 17 Women
66thAmy-Jane Cotter24:24
Under 13 boys
66th Jimmy Brock11:53
88th Peter Laing12:24
??th Gabriel Springer 
94th Keshin Harrison12:49
97th Daniel Lavin13:04
100th Harry James13:23
Team Position 3rd
Under 15 boys
42nd Stanley Harrison14:40
88th Eugene Potter16:28
Under 17 Men
78th    George Laing      19:54
2ndBecky Penty21:33
4thSvenja Abel22:19
31stKate Meredith23:45
39thAstrid Wingler24:00
49thSarah Bailey24:22
65thAlexia Trafford24:55
101stJenny Turner 26:12
113th   Natasha Cendrowicz   26:41
119thLouise Croxon25:52
135thSonia Saqui 27:46
176thSarah Chapman30:10
215 finished
Team Positions
1stHighgate Harriers   25 points
2ndSerpentine RC 44 points
3rdHerne Hill Harriers59 points
3rd David Bruce 32:57
10th Henry Dodwell 34:13
17th Dale Bickham 35:05
19th Glenn Saqui 35:25
24th Peter Downie 36:13
32nd Nick Gold36:51
35th Chris Beecham 37:00
42nd Jonathan Deane 37:10
53rd Steve Thompson   37:56
59th Chris Bailey 38:11
67thMax Coventry 38:45
75thRichard Stewart 39:08
87thRob Walker 39:46
103rd   William Ling 40:34
114thJohn O'Shea 41:22
119thTim Gascoigne 41:39
126thKevin Linehan 41:56
169thNick Stockman 43:25
181stSteve Scruton 44:18
190th???? 44:58
197th???? 45:22
205thJoseph Lowe 45:40
213th???? 46:00
237thAdam Irvine 49:37
263 finishers
Team Positions
1stHighgate Harriers   49 points
2ndSerpentine RC 57 points
3rdMet Police61 points

28th November - Metropolitan Cross Country League
Wormwood Scrubs

Under 13 boys
12th Gabriel Springer14m 05s
19th Peter Laing14m 29s
34 finishers
Under 17 men
22nd Stanley Harrison15m 24s
38th George Laing16m 21s
47th Eugene Potter17m 04s
62 finishers
Senior Women
2ndSvenja Abel21m 33s
5thEsther Evans21m 54s
20thSarah Bailey 23m 02s
29thAstrid Wingler23m 58s
49thLouise Croxson25m 33s
54thNatasha Cendrowicz25m 45s
61stSonia Saqui26m 05s
72ndFiona Maguire26m 48s
89thSarah Chapman27m 58s
101st   S Duerden28m 47s
132 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 3 (top 3 of 30)
1st Woodford Green & EL   2169 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 2066 points
3rd London Heathside1938 points
Senior Men
11thHenry Dodwell 27m 51s
20thGlenn Saqui28m 20s
23rdDale Bickham28m 30s
38thDuncan Burbidge29m 08s
45thS Dixon29m 28s
49thJohn Laybourn29m 34s
54thNick Gold29m 52s
58thNick Martyn29m 57s
59thStephen Whiting29m 58s
81stM Green30m 46s
84thS Thompson30m 51s
94thAlex Davidson31m 04s
116thRichard Stewart31m 38s
118thWilliam Laing31m 41s
123rdAndrew Aitken31m 49s
149thJohn O'Shea32m 44s
152ndRob Walker32m 47s
197thKevin Linehan34m 37s
206thSteve Scruton34m 47s
217thNick Stockman35m 08s
245thGreg Fuzesi35m 57s
287thRichard Solomans36m 26s
281stJoseph Lowe37m 52s
336 finishers
Match Position 3rd
League table after race 3 (15 teams)
1st Woodford Green & EL 6322 points
2nd Serpentine RC6307 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet 5899 points
4th Highgate Harriers 5526 points

Full results on the Hillingdon AC  website

December 2009

5th December - North West London Young Athletes League
Trent Park

Results can be found
on the Young Athletes page

5th December - Fraternity Cup / Sorority Cup
Trent Park

Fraternity Cup
4thHenry Dodwell26mins 15s
6thRyan McKinley27mins 22s
7thSean Dixon27mins 24s
8thJohn Laybourne27mins 41s
9thChris Beecham27mins 53s
10thGlenn Saqui27mins 58s
15thMatt Green28mins 25s
23rdRichard Stewart    29mins 22s
39thNick Stockman32mins 46s
61stJ Rossiter37mins 06s
81 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 9)
1st Highgate Harriers 44 points
2nd Enfield & Haringey 95 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet   121 points

Sorority Cup
1stSvenja Abel29mins 45s
7thNatasha Cendrowicz     34mins 58s
14thSarah Chapman38mins 22s
23 finishers

Full Results

12th December - North of the Thames Championships

Senior Women (6000m)
1st Becky Penty (non-scorer)22:32
8th Sarah Bailey25:01
29th Natasha Cendrowicz27:44
36th     Sonia Saqui28:45
41st Gaelle Lebray29:48
65 finishers
Team Positions (4 to score)
1stSerpentine22 points
2ndHighgate Harriers74 points
3rdMornington Chasers     84 points

U15 boys (4000m)
4th Stanley Harrison13:28

U20 Men (6000m)
5th William Laing22:52

Senior Men (8000m)
3rd Ben Pochee25:22
5th Henry Dodwell25:26
7th Ryan McKinlay25:43
13th Dale Bickham26:09
15th Glenn Saqui26:22
23rd Nick Gold27:02
24th Chris Beecham27:05
28th Jon Laybourn27:18
30th Stephen Thompson27:20
32nd Jon Deane27:33
40th Richard Stewart28:31
51st     Rob Walker29:15
60th John O'Shea29:55
85th Nick Stockman32:09
93rd Greg Fuzesi32:51
130 finishers
Team Positions (6 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers53 points
2ndSerpentine128 points
3rdThames Valley Harriers     163 points

Full Results

26th December - Highgate Harriers Boxing Day Handicap
Parliament Hill Fields

Boxing Day Handicap Start

1stWilliam Laing18mins 28s
2ndGeorge Laing18mins 51s
3rdStanley Harrison19mins 57s
4thRichard Solomons   20mins 03s
5thPeter Laing25mins 12s
6thArnold Harrison29mins 00s
7thLulu Szego29mins 43s
8thAdrian Laing29mins 44s