January 2012

7th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Wormwood Scrubs

Under 13 boys (3000m)
1Terry Fawden10:36
14Dempster Fawden11:27
31Filip Bastion12:14
33Arnold Harrison12:27
51Raphael Rossiter13:43
52Rory Budd14:23
53Clem Harrison17:09
53 finishers
Team position 5th

Under 13 girls (3000m)
7Marjolaine Briscoe12:14
9Cecily Turner12:19
16Julia Beltradi12:46
23Lilah Fear13:05
34Maya Doolan13:54
41 finishers
Team position 4th

Under 15 boys (4000m)
16James Millet 16:12
24Alexander Machin-Pacey16:40
28Ben Hatch17:01
35Gabriel Springer17:37
38Peter Laing18:09
49 finishers
Team position 8th

Under 15 girls (4000m)
9Georga Fear18:30
21Ellie Doolan19:49
36 finishers

Under 17 men (6000m)
19Stanley Harrison 22:15
27 finishers

Under 17 Women (5000m)
8Hannah Viner22:42
22 finishers

Senior Women (8000m)
3Esther Evans31:45
4Katie Meredith33:09
16Louise Faherty36:19
19Elinor Winter37:36
42Natasha Cendrowicz42:06
62Kirat Nandra51:08
67 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 9)
1stHighgate Harriers42 points
2ndHarrow 54 points
3rdThames Valley Harriers54 points

Senior Men (12000m)
2Shaun Dixon39:23
3Henry Dodwell39:27
8Danny Russell40:45
11Richard Scott41:15
13Ryan McKinlay41:34
15Glenn Saqui41:42
25Nick Gold42:37
29Stephen Whiting42:54
30Jon Deane43:02
37Ed Green44:31
81Rob Walker48:58
99Kevin Linehan50:21
100Steve Scruton50:28
119Nick Stockman52:57
155 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 10)
1stHighgate Harriers52 points
2ndHarrow131 points
3rdHillingdon132 points

Full Middlesex 2012 results

14th January - London City Runner Metropolitan Cross Country League
Trent Park

London City Runner logo
Under 13 Girls
20 Maya Doolan15m 10s
26 finishers
Under 13 Boys
16 Filip Bastien12m 54s
34 finishers
Under 17 Women
15 Ellie Doolan17m 11s
36 finishers
Under 17 Men
20 James Millett14m 37s
30 Alexander Machin-Paley15m 04s
34 Ben Hatch15m 14s
40 Pierce Boyle15m 43s
53 finishers
Senior Women
3Katie Meredith 23m 53s
9Sarah Peterson24m 29s
27Alexia Trafford26m 02s
28Louise Faherty26m 04s
38Elinor Winter26m 41s
41Jenny Chewter26m 48s
50Astrid Wingler27m 41s
70Georgia Doolan (2nd U20)29m 04s
84Alex Goodwin30m 09s
89Natasha Cendrowicz    30m 37s
114Kirat Nandra36m 07s
117 finishers
Match Position 4th
League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3)
1stHighgate Harriers 971 points
2ndSerpentine RC938 points
3rd Woodford Green & EL 863 points
Senior Men
2Sean Dixon24m 38s
4Ben Pochee (1st V40)25m 09s
10Ryan McKinley25m 25s
37Jonathan Deane27m 00s
40Duncan Burbidge27m 05s
49Stephen Whiting27m 26s
67Edward Green28m 02s
69Marten Van der Hoeven28m 04s
72Jonathan Laybourn28m 11s
106Tom Christopher29m 20s
110Oliver Kean29m 26s
113Chris Bailey29m 31s
141Thierry Lebreton30m 11s
158John O'Shea30m 37s
215Kevin Linehan32m 34s
225José-Antonio Barretta32m 48s
230Steve Scruton32m 58s
260Nick Stockman34m 03s
285Stephen Bayliss35m 23s
335 finishers
Match Position 3rd
League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3)
1st Woodford Green & EL 4651 points
2nd Serpentine RC4284 points
3rdHighgate Harriers 3434 points

Full Results

28th January - South of England Cross Country Championships

Under 13 boys (3000m)
20Terry Fawden10m 55s
158Filip Bastion12m 42s
167Theo Noble12m 55s
187Gus Skinner14m 08s
Team position 23rd
Under 15 Boys (4500m)
 James Millett16m 41s
117Ben Hatch17m 14s
Under 17 Men (6000m)
136Pierce Boyle25m 05s
Senior Women (8000m)
88Elinor Winter35m 47s
183Natasha Cendrowicz 40m 07s
Senior Men (15000m)
10Shaun Dixon 50m 40s
17Ben Noad51m 33s
23Henry Dodwell52m 09s
32Danny Russell52m 22s
33Ryan McKinlay52m 23s
42Ben Pochee53m 53s
56Richard Scott54m 21s
129Chris Panayiotou57m 16s
137Jon Deane 57m 34s
167Stephen Whiting58m 34s
179Maarten Van Der Hoeven58m 50s
184Tom Christopher58m 56s
227Richard Petty60m 24s
239Oliver Kean60m 56s
280Rob Walker 62m 40s
Team positions (6 to score)
1st Highgate Harriers157 points
2nd Bedford & County174 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers259 points
14th Highgate Harriers 'B' 853 points

February 2012

4th February - North West London Young Athletes League
Race 4 - Wormwood Scrubs

Full results can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

4th February - Middlesex Masters Cross Country Championships
Mad Bess Wood, Ruislip

Men & Women combined
2Duncan Burbidge28m 01s
3Chris Beecham28m 26s
11Chris Bailey30m 27s
18Alex Davidson31m 33s
41Louise Faherty (2nd woman)34m 04s
65Natasha Cendrowicz37m 57s
91Kirat Nandra46m 41s
92 finishers
Mens Team positions (3 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers13 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers  39 points
3rdLondon Heathside41 points
Womens Team positions (3 to score)
1stEaling, Southall & Middx   12 points
2ndSerpentine17 points
3rdHighgate Harriers35 points

Full Results

11th February - London City Runner Metropolitan Cross Country League
Horsenden Hill, Perivale

London City Runner logo
Under 13 Boys
2 Terry Fawden10m 44s
14Arnold Harrison11m 39s
15Dempster Fawden11m 43s
31Clement Harrison18m 12s
31 finishers
Senior Women
3Esther Evans (1st V35) 22m 00s
8Sarah Peterson22m 56s
18Louise Faherty23m 57s
26Rhonda Munnick24m 25s
28Elinor Winter24m 28s
29Astrid Wingler24m 29s
44Alla Ouvarova26m 02s
59Alex Goodwin26m 57s
64Natasha Cendrowicz    27m 35s
100Kirat Nandra33m 07s
103 finishers
Match Position 1st
Final league table after race 5
(Division 1 - top 3)
1stHighgate Harriers 1195 points
2ndSerpentine RC1117 points
3rd Woodford Green & EL 1052 points
Senior Men
1Sean Dixon28m 10s
5Ryan McKinley28m 38s
9Henry Dodwell28m 50s
31Jonathan Laybourn30m 28s
38Stephen Whiting31m 03s
39Nick Gold31m 12s
56Tom Christopher31m 55s
72James Parker32m 26s
140Chris Bailey35m 09s
169Steve Scruton36m 44s
176Stephen Meridith37m 26s
193Nick Stockman38m 23s
223Stephen Bayliss40m 24s
267 finishers
Match Position 4th
Final league table after race 5
(Division 1 - top 3)
1st Woodford Green & EL 5614 points
2nd Serpentine RC5275 points
3rdHighgate Harriers 4205 points

Full Results

25th February - English National Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 13 girls (3K)
1 Sabrina Sinha (Cambridge Harriers) 11:40
122 Marjolaine Briscoe 13:25
222 Cecily Turner 14:18
225 Julia Beltrandi 14:19
331 Bethany Green 16:05
346 Zhanet Kostova-Thomson 16:47
368 finishers
Team position 36th of 38 teams
Under 13 boys (3K)
1 Canaan Solomon (Woodford Green) 10:51
33 Terry Fawden 11:42
198 Arnold Harrison 12:55
283 Filip Bastion 13:39
327 Gus Skinner 14:18
350 Cameron McGovern 14:55
362 Raphael Rossiter 15:41
369 Roch Briscoe 16:55
373 Clem Harrison 20:17
373 finishers
Team position 31st of 39 teams
Under 15 girls (4K)
1 Bobby Clay (Invicta East Kent) 13:28
248 Ellie Doolan 18:01
336 Kate Bilton 21:24
338 Lulu Szego 21:54
342 finishers
Under 15 boys (4½K)
1 George Duggan (Tonbridge AC) 14:58
116 Ben Hatch 16:57
140 James Millett 17:05
245 Peter Laing 18:09
251 Daniel Light 18:16
263 Alexander Machin-Paley 18:25
318 Gabriel Springer 19:35
355 Robert Johnson 21:27
363 Yanko Kostov-Thomson 23:36
366 finishers
Team position 25th of 34 teams
Under 17 Women (5K)
1 Rebecca Straw (Cannock & Stafford) 18:00
130 Hannah Viner 23:22
196 finishers
Under 17 Men (6K)
1 Mathew Shirling (Liverpool Harriers) 19:42
284 Pierce Boyle 24:47
336 finishers
Senior Women (8K)
1 Gemma Steel (Charnwood AC) 27:06
60 Tessa Hill 31:30
147 Elinor Winter 33:43
174 Louise Faherty 34:23
351 Natasha Cendrowicz 38:16
584 Kirat Nandra 47:01
650 finishers
Team position 22nd of 73 teams
Senior Men (12K)
1 Keith Gerrard (Newham & Essex) 35:56
38 Murray Strain 38:20
48 Ben Noad 38:37
61 Shaun Dixon 38:58
64 Henry Dodwell 38:59
67 Ryan McKinlay 39:02
82 Danny Russell 39:25
128 Richard Scott 40:23
233 Chris Panayiotou 42:01
240 Nicky Martyn 42:09
257 Nick Gold 42:23
266 Chris Beecham 42:35
271 Greg Fuzesi 42:40
292 Stephen Whiting 42:50
349 Maarten Van Der Hoeven 43:37
360 Duncan Burbidge 43:44
377 James Parker 43:56
417 Richard Petty 44:30
446 Jack Matthewman 44:48
516 Tom Christopher 45:44
728 Oliver Keane 48:13
730 Thierry Lebreton 48:14
739 John O'Shea 48:18
797 Rob Walker 49:04
806 Tommaso Mancuso 49:07
951 Kevin Linehan 50:50
976 Joseph Lowe 51:09
977 Steven Scruton 51:09
1040 Stephen Meredith 51:55
1078 Chris Bailey 52:28
1244 Nick Stockman 54:55
1486 Glenn Saqui 59:50
1688 finishers
Team positions
1 Leeds City AC 219 points
2 Tipton Harriers 304 points
3 Stockport Harriers 310 points
4 Bedford & County AC 325 points
5 Highgate Harriers 360 points
125 teams completed

Full results on the ECCA website

March 2012

3rd March - Ealing Relays
Horsenden Hill

Men (6 x 2¼ miles)
Leg 1Chris Bailey13:08
Leg 2Nick Gold12:15
Leg 3Alex Davidson13:10
Leg 4Henry Dodwell11:48
Leg 5Niall O'Braine13:03
Leg 6Ryan McKinlay (3rd fastest overall)11:15
92 finishers
Team positions
2ndHighgate Harriers1:14:39
3rdHillingdon AC1:17:45
14 teams finished

Full Results

25th March - South of England Road Relay Championships
Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes

Men (12 stage)

'A' team
Leg 1 (L)Henry Dodwell (17th)25:00
Leg 2 (S)Edward Jackson (8th)15:20
Leg 3 (L)Danny Russell (2nd) 23:57
Leg 4 (S)Duncan Burbridge (3rd)16:34
Leg 5 (L)Ryan McKinlay (3rd)24:15
Leg 6 (S)Nick Gold (4th)16:39
Leg 7 (L)Richard Scott (3rd)24:43
Leg 8 (S)Chris Panayiotou (3rd)16:54
Leg 9 (L)Shaun Dixon (2nd)24:19
Leg 10 (S)Chris Beecham (3rd)16:37
Leg 11 (L)Ben Noad (3rd)24:06
Leg 12 (S)Ben Pochee (2nd)15:49
Long leg = 7664m / Short leg = 5053m
'B' team
Leg 1 (L)Stephen Whiting (28th)25:46
Leg 2 (S)Robel Bahelbi (24th)16:35
Leg 3 (L)Tom Christopher (21st) 26:29
Leg 4 (S)Glenn Saqui (21st)16:16
Leg 5 (L)Dan Higgins (18th)26:38
Leg 6 (S)Patrick Davis (17th)16:19
Leg 7 (L)Oliver Kean (19th)27:40
Leg 8 (S)Nick Stockman (22nd)20:49
Leg 9 (L)John O'Shea (24th)30:32
Leg 10 (S)Jon Deane (24th)16:43
Leg 11 (L)Alex Davidson (24th)28:06
Leg 12 (S)Peter Downie (24th)18:24
Long leg = 7664m / Short leg = 5053m

Team Positions

1stNewham & Essex4:03:41
2ndHighgate Harriers 'A'4:04:13
3rdKent AC4:04:25
24thHighgate Harriers 'B'4:30:17
36 teams finished

Full results

April 2012

11th April - Highgate Harriers/City of London Open Meeting
Parliament Hill

Full Results

14th April - English National Road Relay Championships
Sutton Park - Sutton Coldfield

Men (12 stage)
Leg 1 (L)Ben Noad (16th)26:47
Leg 2 (S)Glen Saqui (15th)15:14
Leg 3 (L)Richard Scott (12th) 27:54
Leg 4 (S)James Parker (15th)15:39
Leg 5 (L)David Bruce (13th)27:21
Leg 6 (S)Robel Bahelbi (14th)16:00
Leg 7 (L)Henry Dodwell (12th)28:04
Leg 8 (S)Duncan Burbidge (11th)16:00
Leg 9 (L)Ben Pochee (11th)27:55
Leg 10 (S)Jon Deane (11th)16:03
Leg 11 (L)Ryan McKinlay (10th)28:05
Leg 12 (S)Chris Panayiotou (11th)16:13
L = Long leg / S = Short leg
Team Positions
1stTipton Harriers4:10:17
2ndLeeds City AC4:13:12
3rdNotts AC4:14:13
11thHighgate Harriers4:21:15
61 teams finished

Full results

21st April - Southern Athletics League (Division 2 Central)
Hemel Hempstead

1Dacorum & Tring214 points
2Vale of Aylsebury183½ points
3Highgate Harriers 128½ points
4Ealing, Southall & Middlesex128 points

Full Results

28th April - London Inter-Club Challenge
Parliament Hill

1Achilles198 points
2Shaftesbury Barnet64 points
3Woodford Green with Essex Ladies48 points
4Highgate Harriers 47 points
1Achilles70 points
2Shaftesbury Barnet31 points
3Woodford Green with Essex Ladies15 points
4Highgate Harriers 15 points

Full Results

May 2012

6th May - Young Athletics League (Division S2 London & East)
Parliament Hill

1Highgate Harriers476 points
2London Heathside379 points
3Queens Park Harriers308 points
4Medway Park Phoenix278 points
5Victoria Park & TH264 points

Full Parliament Hill Results

More results can be found on the UK Young Athletes results page

12th May - British Masters Road Relays
Sutton Park

Senior Men V35
Leg 1Chris Bailey17:23 (35th)
Leg 2Alex Davidson16:56 (20th)
Leg 3Richard Scott15:31 (8th)
Leg 4Duncan Burbidge16:00 (7th)
Leg 5Chris Beecham16:11 (5th)
Leg 6Henry Dodwell15:33 (3rd)
Leg 7Ben Pochee (2nd fastest of day)14:56 (1st)
Leg 8Ben Noad (3rd fastest of day)14:59 (1st)
Team positions
1stHighgate Harriers2h 07m 29s
2ndRon Hill2h 08m 20s
3rdSalford2h 09m 37s
21 complete teams finished

Full Results

19th May - Southern Athletics League (Division 2 Central)

1Hillingdon AC191½ points
2Belgrave Harriers174½ points
3Highgate Harriers 161½ points
4Serpentine RC132½ points

Full Results

20th May - Young Athletics League (Division S2 London & East)
Parliament Hill

1Highgate Harriers518 points
2Victoria Park & TH359 points
3London Heathside350 points
4Queens Park Harriers311 points
5Medway Park Phoenix278 points

More results can be found on the UK Young Athletes results page

June 2012

9th June - Southern Athletics League (Division 2 Central)
Parliament Hill

1Thames Valley Harriers212 points
2Wycombe Phoenix210 points
3=Highgate Harriers 124 points
3=London Heathside124 points

Full Results

July 2012

7th July - London Inter-Club Challenge
Woodford Green

Full Results (London Athletics website)

14th July - Southern Athletics League (Division 2 Central)

1Woking217½ points
2Oxford City162 points
3Highgate Harriers 155½ points
4Barnet & District143 points

Full Results

August 2012

September 2012

1st September - Southern Athletics League (Division 2 Central)
Parliament Hill

1Radley236 points
2Highgate Harriers 195 points
3Orion68 points
4Sutton & District60 points

Full Results

9th September - Middlesex Young Athletes Relays
Minet Park, Hayes

Full Results

12th September - Highgate Harriers/City of London Open Meeting
Parliament Hill

Full Results

15th September - St Albans Cross Country relays

Men 'B' Team
Leg 1Robel Bahelbi (3rd fastest of day)14:28 (1st)
Leg 2Chris Bailey16:39 (5th)
Leg 3Ryan McKinlay14:51 (3rd)
Leg 4Richard Stewart17:35 (3rd)
Leg 5Dave Gilbert16:27 (3rd)
Leg 6Ben Pochee (4th fastest of day)14:31 (3rd)
Men 'A' Team
Leg 1Michael Dan (7th fastest of day)14:36 (3rd)
Leg 2Steve Scruton19:36 (10th)
Leg 3Danny Russell (1st fastest of day)14:17 (7th)
Leg 4Brahma Pochee16:11 (7th)
Leg 5Michael Cribbin17:23 (8th)
Leg 6Andrew Lawrence15:15 (6th)
Team positions
1stHillingdon AC 'A'1:30:08
2ndNene Valley Harriers 'A'1:32:14
3rdHighgate Harriers 'B'1:34:31
4thHarrow AC 'A'1:36:03
5thHerts Phoenix 'A'1:37:08
6thHighgate Harriers 'A'1:37:18
20 teams finished

Full Results

22nd/23rd September - South of England Road Relays

Senior Women
Leg 1Sarah Peterson13:53 (21st)
Leg 2Elinor Winter15:02 (28th)
Leg 3Heather Bijman14:34 (20th)
Leg 4Katie Meredith14:04 (13th)
Team positions
1stAldershot, Farnham & District 'A'52m 15s
2ndAldershot, Farnham & District 'B'54m 04s
3rdBelgrave Harriers54m 17s
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
13thHighgate Harriers57m 33s
60 complete teams finished
Senior Men 'A' (Team Southam)
Leg 1Robel Bahelbi19:54 (39th)
Leg 2Shaun Dixon (7th fastest of day)18:13 (10th)
Leg 3Ben Pochee19:16 (7th)
Leg 4Ben Noad18:40 (6th)
Leg 5David Bruce18:38 (5th)
Leg 6Ryan McKinlay18:58 (6th)
Senior Men 'B' (Team Manners)
Leg 1Richard Scott19:47 (35th)
Leg 2Michael Dan19:52 (35th)
Leg 3Henry Dodwell19:45 (27th)
Leg 4Jon Deane20:34 (31st)
Leg 5John McKeane20:19 (27th)
Leg 6Peter Downie20:36 (29th)
Senior Men 'C' (Team Quinn)
Leg 1Brahma Pochee20:45 (58th)
Leg 2Dave Gilbert21:18 (56th)
Leg 3Tom Christopher21:14 (50th)
Leg 4Stephen Meredith22:57 (55th)
Leg 5Rob Walker22:30 (56th)
Leg 6John O'Shea23:31 (55th)
Incomplete Senior Men 'D' (Team Naisbitt)
Leg 1Nick Gold21:09 (65th)
Leg 2Kevin Linehan24:23 (80th)
Leg 3Jon Oviasu31:47 (84th)
Team positions
1stKent AC 'A'1:51:19
2ndAldershot, Farnham & District 'A'1:51:43
3rdBedford & County AC 'A'1:52:34
4thNewham & Essex Beagles 'A'1:53:24
5thTonbridge AC 'A'1:53:35
6thHighgate Harriers 'A'1:53:39
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
29thHighgate Harriers 'B'2:00:53
52ndHighgate Harriers 'C'2:12:15
66 complete teams finished

Full Results

October 2012

13th October - English National Relay Championships
Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire

Senior Men (6 stage)
Leg 1Murray Strain15:18 (22nd)
Leg 2Shaun Dixon15:06 (8th)
Leg 3Benjamin Noad15:05 (5th)
Leg 4Ryan McKinlay15:38 (6th)
Leg 5Ben Pochee15:42 (10th)
Leg 6Henry Dodwell16:06 (11th)
Team positions
1stNewham & Essex Beagles AC1hr 30m 36s
2ndLiverpool Harriers & AC1hr 31m 07s
3rdBelgrave Harriers1hr 31m 16s
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
11thHighgate Harriers1hr 32m 55s
55 complete teams finished

Full results

20th October - Active Training World Metropolitan Cross Country League
Claybury, Woodford Green (Race 1 of 5)

Active Training World logo

Under 13 Boys
11 Dempster Fawden12.03
23 Filip Bastien12.51
39 finishers
Under 17 Women
1 Georgia Fear16.03
26Lilah Fear18.51
44 finishers
Under 17 Men
13Stanley Harrison14.40
15Terry Fawden14.43
48Ivan D'Avoine18.18
55 finishers
Senior Women
7Katie Meredith22.34
14Becky Penty23.14
43Vicky Frew25.22
44Elinor Winter25.25
54Rhonda Munnik 26.05
63Sophie Sheldrake 26.35
66Louise Faherty 26.44
84Alex Goodwin 27.44
93Natasha Cendrowicz 28.09
147 finishers
Match Position 7th
League table after race 1
(Division 1 - top 3)
1stSerpentine RC218 points
2ndWoodford Green with Essex Ladies 198 points
3rdShaftesbury Barnet Harriers161 points
Senior Men
4Ben Noad 25.15
8Ben Pochee (1st V40) 25.59
13Ryan McKinley 26.24
16Josh Guilmant 26.40
18Henry Dodwell 26.52
20Robel Balhebi 26.56
35Andrew Lawrence 27.46
41Shane Snow 28.16
47Jonathan Deane 28.30
48Peter Downie 28.31
55Luke McMullan 28.54
86Tom Christopher 29.55
92Chris Panayiotou 30.03
95Chris Bailey 30.17
100Duncan Burbidge 30.21
114David Gilbert 30.46
161Oliver Kean 32.12
184John O'Shea 33.02
188Pierce Boyle 33.18
229Steve Scruton 35.12
232Nick Stockman 35.21
314Jonathan Oviasu 42.24
337 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 1
(Division 1 - top 3)
1st Woodford Green with Essex Ladies 1161 points
2nd Highgate Harriers1107 points
3rd Serpentine RC891 points

Full Results from the ATW website (Provisional)

Full Results from the Met League website

27th October - North London Cross Country Championships
Horsenden Hill

Men (5 miles)
1 Ryan McKinlay26.03
3 Henry Dodwell26.33
4 Robel Bahelbi26.35
7 A Lawrence27.20
11Chris Beecham (1st Vet)27.57
14Jonathan Deane28.19
27W Sharp29.37
54Richard Stewart31.26
60O Kean31.36
87Steve Scruton33.24
88Nick Stockman33.26
93Kevin Linehan33.49
135 finishers
Team Positions (6 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers40 points
2ndSerpentine RC125 points
3rdBarnet & District176 points
Women (6,000m)
1Tessa Hill22.13
2Katie Meredith22.20
14S Sheldrake25.19
17Louise Faherty25.41
44Natasha Cendrowicz28.28
62B Goodrig32.21
63E Jones32.21
68 finishers
Team Positions (4 to score)
1st Serpentine RC28 points
2nd Highgate Harriers34 points
3rd London Heathside52 points

Full Results

27th October - North West London Young Athletes League
Race 1 - Horsenden Hill

Full results can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

November 2012

3rd November - English Cross Country Relays

Under 13 Girls (3 x 2km)
Leg 1O Hirschfield (23rd)8:13.75
Leg 2A Willis (18th)8:22.25
Leg 3Cecily Turner (20th)8:27.65
Team positions
1stHerne Hill Harriers23:10.35
2ndSale Harriers23:17.95
3rdManchester Harriers & AC23:37.70
20thHighgate Harriers25:03.65
89 complete teams
Under 15 Girls (3 x 2km)
Leg 1Georgia Fear (19th)7:46.45
Leg 2Ellie Doolan (20th)8:10.80
Leg 3Marjolaine Briscoe (22nd)8:09.05
Team positions
1stAldershot, Farnham & District22:14.50
2ndWest Suffolk AC22:17.15
3rdCharnwood AC22:35.45
22ndHighgate Harriers24:06.30
96 complete teams
Senior Women (3 x 3km)
Leg 1Katie Meredith (35th)11:07.45
Leg 2Sophie Sheldrake (37th)12:21.15
Leg 3Becky Penty (29th)11:10.80
Team positions
1stBirchfield Harriers30:45.40
2ndShaftesbury Barnet Harriers30:51.25
3rdAldershot, Farnham& District31:02.00
29thHighgate Harriers34:39.40
102 complete teams
Under 15 Boys (3 x 2km)
Leg 1Terry Fawden (13th)6:52.25
Leg 2Ben Hatch (21st)7:10.95
Leg 3Alex Machin-Paley (21st)7:23.45
Team positions
1stCity of York AC20:07.80
2ndGateshead Harriers & AC20:18.25
3rdLeicester Coritanian AC20:24.40
21stHighgate Harriers21:26.65
81 complete teams
Under 17 Men (3 x 3km)
Leg 1Stanley Harrison (42nd)10:05.20
Leg 2Gabriel Springer (55th)11.10.05
Leg 3Peter Laing (54th)11:16.85
Team positions
1stTonbridge AC28:14.35
2ndLiverpool Harriers & AC28:21.25
3rdWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow28:24.40
54thHighgate Harriers32:32.10
70 complete teams
Senior Men (4 x 5km)
'A' Team
Leg 1Ryan McKinlay (51st)16:38.95
Leg 2Sean Dixon (19th)15.37.95
Leg 3Ben Pochee (17th)16:32.95
Leg 4Ben Noad (10th)15:49.40
'B' Team
Leg 1Robel Bahlelbi (58th)16:44.05
Leg 2Henry Dodwell (42nd)16.53.95
Leg 3Michael Dan (43rd)17:39.80
Leg 4Richard Scott (36th)17:05.75
Team positions
1stBelgrave Harriers62:18.40
2ndLeeds City AC62:37.75
3rdStockport Harriers & AC62:40.70
10thHighgate Harriers 'A'64:39.25
36thHighgate Harriers 'B'68:23.55
157 complete teams

Full Results

10th November - Active Training World Metropolitan Cross Country League
Stevenage (Race 2 of 5)

Active Training World logo

Under 17 Women
14Ellie Doolan (7th U15)17.19
39 finishers
Under 17 Men
6Stanley Harrison13.56
8Terry Fawden (3rd U15)14.07
23Alexander Machin-Paley (9th U15)15.00
53Alistair Sleeman (29th U15)17.38
61 finishers
Senior Women
7Katie Meredith22.44
9Alex Gounelas22.47
12Becky Penty23.01
29Hanah Wylie24.37
35Alexia Trafford24.55
47Sophie Sheldrake 25.41
53Louise Faherty 26.05
80Natasha Cendrowicz 28.02
137Kirat Nandra36.23
141 finishers
Match Position 4th
League table after race 2 of 5
(Division 1 - top 4)
1stSerpentine RC436 points
2ndShaftesbury Barnet Harriers403 points
3rdWoodford Green with Essex Ladies 399 points
4thHighgate Harriers307 points
Senior Men
3Sean Dixon25.51
11Ben Noad 26.26
16Ryan McKinley 26.52
22Ben Pochee (1st V40) 27.19
24Robel Balhebi 27.25
28Richard Scott27.35
35Fergal Smithwisk27.55
41Andrew Lawrence 28.09
44Michael Dan28.12
52Peter Downie 28.45
63Stephen Whiting29.12
64Nick Gold29.13
67John McKeane29.15
71Jonathan Deane 29.25
80Brahma Pochee29.38
88Tom Christopher 29.59
93Alex Thomas30.05
105Duncan Burbidge30.32
123Oliver Kean 31.01
191Pierce Boyle 33.06
226Nick Stockman 34.13
246Steve Scruton 34.58
311Jonathan Oviasu 38.45
355 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 2 of 5
(Division 1 - top 4)
1stHighgate Harriers2222 points
2ndWoodford Green with Essex Ladies 2181 points
3rdSerpentine RC1776 points
4thShaftesbury Barnet Harriers1729 points

Full Results from the ATW website (provisional)

17th November - London Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Senior Women
2Becky Penty22:48
3Katie Meredith23:14
28Alexia Trafford25:53
41Louis Faherty26:51
47Sophie Sheldrake27:14
81Natasha Cendrowicz28:49
111Alex Goodwin31:39
124Sarah Chapman33:37
139 finishers
Team Positions (top 3 of 11)
1stSerpentine RC 38 points
2ndWoodford Green with Essex Ladies58 points
3rdHighgate Harriers   74 points
4Henry Dodwell34:04
6Ryan McKinlay34:51
7Richard Scott34:51
9Tim Gardner34:56
20Peter Downie36:16
24Nick Gold36:45
27Chris Beecham 37:13
30Jonathan Deane 37:30
38R Petty38:07
46Duncan Burbidge 38:26
72Stephen Meredith39:28
96Chris Bailey40:36
104Alex Davidson40:46
112B Lyngnes41:11
120Richard Stewart41:56
157Rob Walker 43:46
171John O'Shea44:32
215Steve Scruton47:08
223Greg Fuzesi47:31
279 finishers
Team Positions (top 3 of 24)
1stHighgate Harriers26 points
2ndSerpentine RC 80 points
3rdThames Valley Harriers80 points

Full Results

24th November - Liddiard Trophy

Senior Women (approx 3 miles)
7Louis Faherty20:16
8Sophie Sheldrake20:20
9Sarah Bailey21:14
10Natasha Cendrowicz21:47
21 finishers
Team Positions (3 to score)
1stSerpentine RC 8 points
2ndEaling, Southall & Middx20 points
3rdHighgate Harriers   24 points
6 complete teams finished
Men (approx 5 miles
1Henry Dodwell26:22
2Ryan McKinlay26:23
6Fergal Smithwick27:52
7Nick Gold28:00
8John McKeane28:02
15Dave Gilbert29:41
19Chris Bailey30:18
33Martin Bright33:32
37Nick Stockman34:00
41Greg Fuzesi35:15
61 finishers
Team Positions (8 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers89 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers132 points
3rdHillingdon AC156 points
9 complete teams finished

Race Report and Full Results from the Queens Park Harriers website

24th November - North West London Young Athletes League
Race 2 - Harrow

Full results can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

December 2012

1st December - North West London Young Athletes League
Race 3 - Trent Park

Full results can be found
on the Young Athletes Results page

15th December - Active Training World Metropolitan Cross Country League
Alexandra Palace (Race 3 of 5)

Active Training World logo

Under 13 Boys
29Filip Bastien11.30
33Calum Anderson11.42
50 finishers
Under 13 Girls
6Lucy Fitzpatrick??.??
35 finishers
Under 17 Women
9Hannah Viner??.??
35 finishers
Under 17 Men
6Terry Fawden (3rd U15)15.15
11Alexander Machin-Paley (7th U15)15.36
13Sam Ginzburg15.46
22Joshia Mills (11th U15)16.20
25James Millett (13th U15)16.47
37Bruce Allinson (18th U15)18.00
39Alistair Sleeman (19th U15)18.13
56 finishers
Match Position 1st
League Position 3rd after race 3 of 5
Senior Women
8Alex Gounelas23.36
14Katie Meredith24.15
35Alexia Trafford25.24
55Louise Faherty 26.39
56Rhonda Munnik 26.39
60Sophie Sheldrake 26.45
91Fallon Everitt29.00
95Natasha Cendrowicz 29.11
97Emma Burgess29.14
116Alex Goodwin30.14
127Elizabeth Ogunde 31.13
141Sarah Chapman 32.17
156 finishers
Match Position 4th
League table after race 3 of 5
(Division 1 - top 5)
1stShaftesbury Barnet Harriers654 points
2ndSerpentine RC640 points
3rdWoodford Green with Essex Ladies 511 points
4thLondon Heathside 442 points
5thHighgate Harriers440 points
Senior Men
3Sean Dixon27.10
4Ben Noad 27.13
22Danny Russell28.32
23Tim Gardner28.33
28Richard Scott28.44
30Henry Dodwell28.52
37Fergal Smithwisk29.15
38Stephen Baylis29.17
39Andrew Lawrence 29.18
42Ben Pochee (1st V40) 27.19
55Rob Walker30.10
56Luke McMullan 30.13
59Guillaume Cribier30.22
67John McKeane30.40
68Jonathan Deane 30.41
71Chris Beecham30.45
73Michael Dan30.47
78Chris Panayiotou30.53
80Stephen Whiting31.00
93Gordon Pearce31.28
98Tom Christopher 31.34
131David Gilbert 32.41
134Oliver Kean 32.47
169Leo Kirkhaar33.50
207Pierce Boyle 35.08
212Richard Stewart35.20
213Simon Child 35.22
243Michael Cribbin36.31
245Nick Stockman 36.36
259Martin Bright 37.11
262Stephen Meredith 37.14
291Daniel O'Donnell 38.23
300Greg Fuzesi 38.40
305Steve Scruton 38.49
373Jonathan Oviasu 44.35
392 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 3 of 5
(Division 1 - top 4)
1stHighgate Harriers3389 points
2ndWoodford Green with Essex Ladies 3357 points
3rdSerpentine RC2734 points
4thShaftesbury Barnet Harriers2668 points

Full Results from the Met League website

26th December - Boxing Day Handicap Race
Parliament Hill Fields

Boxing Day Run 2012
1Ben Hatch / James Millet20:35
3Will Laing21:28
4Peter Laing22:03
5George Laing22:47
6Harvey Dodd23:32
7Frank Trentman26:21
8Isabella / Andrew Millet26:33
10Julia Ruddick-Trentman27:03
11Oscar Ruddick-Trentman27:30
12Lucy Fitzpatrick27:32
13Elizabeth Ruddick28:12
14Miranda Dodd28:27
15Alex Phitipatrick28:47
16John Fitzpatrick28:50
17Adrian Laing30:34
18Deborah Laing34:12
19Chris Bailey / Kevin Linehan36:47
21Stanley / Clement Harrison45:39
Boxing Day Run 2012