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The Gate                                                                                   October 2006


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My very first attempt! Thanks to Alistair and Shanne for a wealth of material. I would like to have a greater variety of contributors so why don't you put your ideas, comments and enthusiasms on the Smart Group or email me directly? It would be extremely helpful if you could spread them out through the season and not deliver them all at once just before the publication deadline!
I had problems with photographs: - too few, too large to handle, too small to enlarge. So come on you happy snappers - put them on the club website or send them to me.
Suggestions for improvement and positive criticism are welcome.

Jeanne Coker

Welcome to Elizabeth Ogunde as a young athlete's coach
She can be contacted at the track


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

There were some good performances at the London Schools Championships on 10th June at Battersea Park.
They were representing the London Borough of Camden.
Those winning medals were
   IG  300mH 2nd Hannah Ashman  49.9s
   JG  DT    2nd Odrina Svarga  20.86m
   JB  100m  3rd Anthony Norris 12.0s
   JB  1500m 1st William Laing  4m39.2s

Medal winners in the London Schools Championships for years 7 and 8 were
   Year 8 DT    1st Gabriel Ankrah 24.78m
   Year 8 SP    2nd Eucalypta Bradley 8.51m
      and 75mH  2nd (pb 13.00 heat) 13.3s
   Year 8 100m  2nd Rochelle Miller 13.3s
      and LJ    2nd 4.68m
   Year 7 1500m 3rd Samara Williams 5m 39.5s

Highgate At Oxford
5 Star & 10 Step Competition

Young Athletes travelled from clubs as far away as Leeds, Liverpool and The Forest of Dean to participate. Highgate were well represented Daniel Lavin and Eucalypta Bradley won bronze medals in the overall competition
5 Star Competition
U10 Daniel Lavin 5 Star U10 Shaye Annereay 5 star U10 Lulu Szego 3 star U11 David Calder-la Croix 4 star U12 Leo Ritson-Turnell 4 star U13 Roland Ritson-Turnell 4 star U14 Eucalypta Bradley 5 star Hanna Williams 3 star

10 Step Competition
age 8 Lizzie Quacquarelli 7 step
Middlesex County Championships
U13G JT 1st Samara Williams U13G JT 2nd Rosie Bastien U13G 3KW 3rd Amy Jane Cotter U15G 3KW 1st Eucalypta Bradley U15G 75H 2nd Eucalypta Bradley U15G SP 2nd Eucalypta Bradley U15G 100m 3rd Rochelle Miller U15G 75mH 3rd Hannah Rose U15B 3KW 1st William Laing U15B 1500m 2nd William Laing U15B HJ 2nd William Laing U15B SP 1st Anthony Norris U13B Minithon 2nd Soji Aiyenuro

Club Schools Links
16th June 2006

Year 6 athletes from Camden School Sports Association (CSSA) came down to a special introductory session at Parliament Hill. Twenty arrived with Jef Gooding a former Highgate Harrier junior pole vault champion, who teaches PE at Gospel Oak Primary School and runs CSSA.

The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Double Victory in the BELGRAVE 5K road race on 13th August
HENRY DODWELL defeated 239 runners to win in a time of 15:28. SVENJA ABEL was the first woman in the race in 17:18, over half a minute ahead of the next woman home.
(Henry also won the 5000m race at the Belgrave Speed Grand Prix Open Meeting 20th July)

Champion Walker John Hall of Belgrave Harriers was so impressed by our athletes at the 2k Walk at the Middlesex Champs he has started Race walk coaching at the club. There are walking races in the London Inter Club League. There is also a special Enfield walking League where young athletes can compete for medals on a soft parkland course. Athletes of any age please contact John Hall if interested in walking.

Profile: the Present       BOB SLOWE
by Alastair Aitken
There are precious few Highgate Harriers that could claim to having been officials and committee members for the club for 45 of the last 50 years but in that regard Bob Slowe is certainly one of those.
Bob Slowe has been a competitive athlete, till the last five years and, held the post of President, General Secretary, Running Section Secretary, auditor, treasurer,' Gate' Editor/publisher, physio and he has even sponsored an athlete!
I talked to Bob at his office in Hampstead, where he still carries on business in a major capacity, a couple of times a week. It was a glorious sunny day in early September, which really showed off Hampstead at it's best.
The one thing that interested me most was 'What stood out for Bob over all those years with Highgate Harriers?'
He said in that positive way of his "When I finally became a descent cross-country runner and started finishing towards the front of fields and eventually got selected for Middlesex. I enjoyed that period immensely and also when I discovered in my 40's that I was basically a marathon runner anyway and started doing respectable times for the marathon (2:32) but cross-country has always been the thing I enjoyed. I never really enjoyed track running."
I would like to point out though that Bob also ran well for Highgate on the track

The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Profile: Bob Slowe continued ...

doing around 1:54 to 1:56 for 800m and also came fifth in a blanket finish in the Maccabiah Games 1500 in Tel Aviv, behind the winner Ray Roseman, who was the first runner to run 'exactly four minutes' for the mile.
Bob was placed several times in age categories 'Over the age of 50' in the London Marathon.
I have vivid memories myself of Bob Slowe, pulling away from me with a group, on six mile training runs in the late 60's early '70's, as we ran up Bishops Avenue. He was training at the time with such good runners as Alan James, Oliver Fenton, Guy Ogden, and Doug Gunstone.
"I was never up with internationals in races but I was a good club runner. Olly and Allan were good club or county runners, Doug Gunstone went on to be a very good marathon runner and both Guy and Doug were superb track runners. Dave Yaffe in fact was better than me till we got very old!"
Living in Hampstead Garden Suburb and being able to run on the Heath must have meant a lot to him and, a wonderful anti-stress mechanism for his intense business dealings.
"Definitely. For many years I have run to work and home again over the heath about six miles each way and that enabled me to keep training during the time the children were growing up and a long time afterwards. Many people still come up to me and recognise me, even now, and they say 'Oh you are the chap who used to run across the Heath. We used to set our clock

by you'. I valued my run in and out from work when I could go over problems in my mind, even without thinking about it and even more so running home, having left work somewhat stressed but by the time I got home I was completely calm and quite a lot of problems had sorted themselves out."
Amongst the jobs that Bob has done with the club some must have been really pleasurable. Bob pointed out 'I can't say that any one was particularly more pleasurable than the others. I enjoyed being in the management of the club and of course the thing that went on the longest was editing the club magazine 'The Gate' which I started with Rob Kennan and I did it on and off for ages. Various other people like Paul Lovell came and went while we were doing it. Rob went to Ireland and I joined up with Sonia Wilson and more recently Javier Pes. Probably the first club journal I had anything to do with was in the early 1960's. I have been doing it on and off since then.'
With all those jobs, what did Bob feel about people, that have been years in the club but don't necessarily contribute to helping with the club. He was understanding about that when he said
"Some people are joiners, some takers, some join the club for a particular reason because they enjoy their sport but don't want to have any further involvement. I think you must respect everyone's own decision on that and not be critical. I got a lot of pleasure out of joining in and doing things with people and I would not have missed it for the world but there are some people

The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Profile: Bob Slowe continued ...

whose lives are structured in a different way and I think one must accept everybody's decision on that."
He added 'I have got a lot of pleasure out of my sports massage and remedial massage. I spent every Thursday night at the track treating all the Highgate members. It was hard work but I found eventually I was getting too tired.'
Bob has not relinquished himself totally from Highgate matters by any means, although there are many people he does not know personally like he did in days gone by. He is involved with the Corporation on running the Heath and views things from a distance. He did point out though "I think the Management and coaching side of the club is weak. I don't think the club could survive by losing someone like Jack Bayliss.
The younger members are starting to get involved with management, like Ben Pochee and Nick Gold but it needs a lot more at the top particularly on the young athletes side.'
He continued 'They are vastly overloaded with no permanent athletics team manager.' One could say the recent success we have been having was despite all those problems rather than....There is no secret that I believe in this modern world there is not the room for more than one club in North London.'
Bob hoped that the time would be right for such clubs as say London Heathside and Highgate merging, in order to have a stable and robust structure for the future. Bob added, " While we are having success it

won't happen and I can quite understand people thinking 'Why should we merge ourselves?' History has shown clubs only merge from weakness when they are on the way out, when the way of survival is 'merger' but that is not a good merger. What I would really like to see is two strong clubs merging."
Bob can remember how he came into running partly through a Master at prep school in Seaford. He had been an Olympian. Bob found out as a ten year old he could run better than many boys at school when overtaking them on a run back to school. It was something he then enjoyed for the foreseeable future.
There was one period in his life, five years ago (at the time of writing this story) when he had a heart attack brought on mainly through personal stress because, he did not have a family history in such matters. It was a great shock to him at the time, having been a runner for so many years for that to happen at all but typically, Bob rose above it all and continues to go out jogging and even playing some golf, as well as continuing his work but his racing days are over. However, by then, he was already well into his '60's and had a very long racing life.
Bob values all his time with Highgate Harriers and there are many, particularly the older members of Highgate Harriers, who realise how important it was that he was willing to put in so much time over the years to further the cause of the club and, for that we can all be thankful.


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Fuzz Ahmed with Eucalypta Bradley
British Coach Fuzz Ahmed with Eucalypta Bradley
Parliament Hill July 2006
MSIE corrector


Two 13-year-old pupils from Parliament Hill School, Eucalypta Bradley and Charlotte Reed FitzGerald, who train with Highgate Harriers, were thrilled to participate in a special athletics session with top British coach Fuzz Ahmed and his brilliant athlete Julie Crane. Julie who is a high jump specialist had just returned from the Commonwealth Games in Sidney where she won the silver medal for
Wales in High Jump. Those who watched her on TV may remember that she was involved in a controversial decision by the judges. She told us that she is upholding an appeal.
Athletics Coaches from Highgate Harriers, London Heathside and Hackney enjoyed an inspiring session from Fuzz who first made himself known to Highgate last summer after commandeering a High Jump session! He also works with athletes such as Kelly Sotherton and Steve Backley. During the session he informed us that he used to train 250 rugby players for 2 hours and eight of them played for Scotland. His message became clear - it's now time to put Athletics back into Sport and for children to get physically active and strong again.
Shanne Bradley

Thank you, thank you, thank you
To all those who helped at our home and away meetings this season. Without you our successes would have been lessened. Thanks, also to those who organised transport and accompanied our athletes to away meetings.
I would like to generate a list of all helpers so that I can write to them at the beginning of the season, detailing where, and in what capacity is needed.
Jeanne Coker

AGM Saturday 18th November
Come and express your views
Contact Nick Stockman


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Summer Overview     compiled by Alistair Aitken
Two key players who were injured for the latter part of the season, John Tartarau in the throwing events and Dennis Ntoluke the triple jumper.
However, Highgate had many non-specialists in the field building up valuable points to keep us away from being a bottom club in the top Southern League Division. It was lucky such men as Mike Reiss and Sean Majestic were available for some of the meets and Mathew Dore-Weeks and Simon Child were really fantastic points scorers. Both improved their personal bests over the short and long hurdles and were ably backed by Ollie Barnet. Dwayne Bromfield was looking really good and winning sprints early on before damaging a hamstring and Simon Duncan returned after an injury in one of the early league matches to sprint really well in the latter part of the season. Two athletes who are starting to make their mark as youngsters amongst the senior sprinters are Amin Admadnia and Marius Guei. In the field a couple to note for the future are Adam Taylor and Hakeem Aderibigbe. Besides Ross Curran's valuable runs over 200/400 it was good that Greg Smith was still able to run between 50 and 51 seconds so often in the 400m, someone you can always rely on. Pat Davis had a fine win in the Southern Area Championships over 800m at Crystal Palace in 1:54.39. He also ran to a personal best of 1:51.68 in the European Trials. Dominic Hall, despite injury late in the season did 'stirling work' as usual in the league and managed to get down to around 1:57 for 800, showing there is plenty of club life in him after his International performances.
Two South Africans with plenty of potential, running for Highgate for the first time this year, are worth noting. Ryan McKinley, runs very smoothly over 5000 and 3000 steeplechase and is only 20 years old. Another one with a good future appears to be Warren Frey, who this year ran an

800 in 1:51.62. Frey, who was coached in South Africa by Marcello Fiascanaro, is fast over 200/400/800/1500. Richard Priestly continues to lead the Southern League team.
The club also finished on the same league points as Belgrave when coming fourth in the Inter-club challenge. Highgate do not have a team in the women's Southern league but they have been able to compete in the Inter-club challenge.
Young schoolboy William Laing, looks a good future prospect, after winning the final Inter-club Challenge 1500 at Battersea Park.
Shanne Bradley has been a tremendous organiser and motivator for the youngsters and the improvement in the young athletes league is a testament to that.
Sineade Gutzmore's performances in the triple jump and long jump were a great help to the overall scores in both the Jubilee Cup and the final meet the Vancouver Trophy at Parliament Hill. In the latter the John Wild coached athlete won the triple and long jump. Jacky Bayliss continues to be a 'Great' coach at Parliament Hill Fields and the sprints and hurdles always benefit from the work by Juliet Kavanagh. Our President Terry Driscoll is a 'Doer rather than a Talker' which sums up the general spirit of the club at the present time.
Two athletes from both ends of the spectrum should not be left out. Simeon Williamson joined the senior ranks this year and after coming second into the AAA Indoor sprint, got chosen for the relay in the Commonwealth Games, then got injured.
To show what a good Highgate Harriers clubman he is he came back and ran well in the Jubilee and the 'Vancouver' at the end of the season with very close second places and I am sure when he gets back to full fitness he should be short listed for the next Olympics in China. Sylvester Stein won the Veterans 'Over85' 100m at Battersea in 20.1 - he is truly amazing.


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

on Saturday 13th May

Highgate Harrier SANINGO MARTYN won the 2000 steeplechase under 20 event in 6:33:84, and improved on his time when winning last year in the annual championships. Martyn went on, much later in the day to come second in the Under 20 1500 in 4:18:6. HENRY DODWELL was easily the best in the senior 5000m. He came home in the modest time for him of 15:42:06.
There were a several good bronze performances by Highgate Harriers. Elizabeth Ogunde was 3rd in the senior women's 800m in 2:15:4; Pat Davis was 3rd in the senior men's 800m in 1:55.46. In third in the Under 20 400m final was Rory Campbell, making a welcome return to the track with a 51:5 clocking. Press Secretary Alastair Aitken said, "For me the highlight of the long day at Copthall Stadium was the Under 20 800m and the way Atak Diing rallied up the straight, well down on the first three. He fought back to get a bronze". Atak Diing is 17 and has only been running seriously for just over a year and improved in only his second 800 ever to 1:59:57 beating his recent previous time by 2:1:01. Simon Child came in third in the final of the senior men's 400 hurdles in 56:57.

Profile: The Past


An email from a lady in the USA resulted in our acquiring a remarkable scrapbook. It is the newspaper cuttings of Albert Aldridge, the greatest runner in Highgate's 'Golden Age' which ran from 1900 to the outbreak of the Great War in 1914.

The Scrapbook is remarkable in itself. It consists of countless press cuttings pasted into a copy of "The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News". Unfortunately very few of the cuttings are dated and it is only by inference that the story can be put together.

Aldridge was born at Redhill, it seems in 1881 (he is stated as being 24 in 1905) but we are told "he started running in 1887 and quickly made his mark as a long-distance and cross- country runner". One can only assume this is a misprint as he would be unlikely to make any sort of mark at the age of six! - more likely 16. Whatever the case he was Highgate's leading runner by 1905 when he won the Southern, the National, the International, the International Race in France and the AAA 10 miles. (It is worth noting that Highgate won the team race scoring 1,2,6,7,12 and 19 beating Crewe, Birchfield, and Herne Hill - 12 teams finished).

Throughout his career Aldridge rarely beat the man who was acknowledged to be England's finest runner of that time, Alf Shrubb. Indeed, it was probably only Shrubb's absence in Australia in 1905 that allowed Aldridge to have his wonderful series of successes in that year.


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Profile: Albert Aldridge continued ...

The rivalry between Aldridge and Shrubb was no less intense than that between Coe and Ovett some 70 years later. Both runners threw down challenges to each other but somehow they rarely met when both were in top form. On one occasion Shrubb alleged that he found a challenge letter waiting for him on his arrival at Tilbury docks when he returned from the Antipodes, which he considered "not very sportsmanlike". There are many references to one or the other withdrawing from a challenge, leading to headlines such as "Shrubb and Aldridge - a disappointment". However, it does seem that when they had raced each other Shrubb was generally triumphant.

In 1902 Aldridge had beaten Shrubb in the 'Great Manchester AC 15 miles flat race', but both had been beaten by F Appleby. The journalist wrote about Aldridge that "he is not much more than a youth and with the inevitable filling out process which comes with maturity he will be a perfect terror in the long distance ranks". However, he goes on "It is doubtful whether he would have beaten Shrubb on Saturday had it not been for the decisive way that the latter's heart seemed broken when Appleby so easily and so full of running took the lead". Nevertheless, there seem to be very few occasions in later years when anyone beat the "diminutive" Shrubb.

On a personal note we hear that Aldridge was married - presumably in 1905 as he was described as "our present cross-country champion" - and although a subscription list was opened by his admirers at Redhill there is no mention of the name of his bride! There is also an undated cutting reporting that Aldridge had withdrawn from a five-mile race against Shrubb owing to the death of Aldridge's brother.

Commenting on one race (the course of which had previously been inspected by none other than Dr W G Grace who "helped to drag the roller during the week"), the journalist comments "I think it quite possible that, providing Aldridge does the proper sort of work for the next twelve months, that he may yet beat Shrubb. His arm action can be greatly improved. At times he dropped them to his side and ran along in splendid form, but for the greater part of the journey he adopted the bad habit of carrying them high and across the chest. There is far more in arm action than people think." He was described by the 'Expert' of Athletic News as "a strapping country youth with the chest and bearing of a Grenadier and a face like a rosy apple".

By 1909 things had changed. Aldridge had turned professional and in accordance with the strict AAA rules of the time had left Highgate. He is described as "running in a jersey of the same design but not the same colours of his old club, the Highgate Harriers". The event on May 22nd was an attempt on the 15 miles world record of 1 hour 22 minutes set by W Howitt, 'The American Deer', which had stood for 57 years. The attempt met with disaster. It took place at "the Stadium" (none of the reports states which one) where the Evening News Marathon starting at Windsor was to finish, but Aldridge collapsed with heat stroke shortly after 10 miles (which he reached in 57:15).

We have a poster for a race on 5 April, six weeks earlier than the above, for a "Great 15 Miles Race" for £200 between Aldridge and the great French runner Bouchard at Stamford Bridge. The result was a win for Aldridge in 1:23:32.

At about the same time Aldridge put out a series of challenges for which he deposited £50 with the Sporting Life for anyone to race him over any distance from 15 to 26 miles for a side bet of £100 or upwards. He was disappointed that no one had accepted the challenge.

The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Profile: Albert Aldridge continued ...


In 1910 Aldridge took part in the Universal Sports Syndrome (professional) Marathon Derby. The marathon race was run indoors at the Agricultural Hall in Islington, former home of the great pedestrianism races. The race was won by, Bouchard, in 2:36:18, with Aldridge 2nd in 2:48:58. Bouchard's intermediate times were 1:23:36 at 15 miles and 1:54:13 at 20 miles. Amazing times for an indoor race.

Shrubb went to live in America but there was much speculation that he might return to London to race Aldridge. However, there is no record that such an event took place. Aldridge was the subject of several reports in French newspapers and offers were made for him to stay in France. Shrubb had races in Canada and America but was beaten several times and suffered an ankle injury. Dorando, hero of the 1908 Olympics when he crossed the line first but was disqualified as he was assisted after he collapsed in site of the finish, challenged Aldridge for £50 but there is no record of any such race taking place. Aldridge ("Brother Aldridge") became a member of the Ancient Order of Oddfellows - a type of Masonic organisation.

And so we lose sight of Albert Aldridge. I can only presume that he crossed the Atlantic, but at the time of going to press I have not been able to find out how his scrapbook finished up in America or what became of him. I will continue with my enquiries and hope to be able to give you the end of the story of one of Highgate's greatest runners in a later edition of the Gate.

The scrapbook will be placed, with the rest of the club memorabilia, in the care of Camden Local History Librarian and can be inspected by appointment with him.

Bob Slowe
AGM Saturday 18th November
Support your club
Contact Nick Stockman if you have ideas, suggestions, etc.

The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

PAT DAVIS, Highgate's most consistent 800m runner in the last two years, improved on his best time ever of 1:51:79, which he achieved last year to run 1:51:68, when he came seventh in a heat of the AAA's and European Trial at Manchester.
There was good news about Highgate's top sprinter SIMEON WILLIAMSON, as he returned from a long lay off through injury to make the Semi-Final of the 100m at the same meeting.
However Williamson, not having raced recently, did very well to come 3rd in his heat in 10.56 and in the semi final was 4th in 10.58. Strangely enough the heat was won by ex-Highgate Harrier TYRONE
EDGAR, who now runs for Woodford Green & Essex ladies club. His time was 10.19 winning that semi-final and he came 2nd in the Final behind Marlon Devonish.

SYLVESTER STEIN, not just content to be the oldest man to have his first ever play put on in London last year, and then having his second one put on in Hampstead this Summer, did not just sit back in his armchair after that but, came out and won the Veterans Athletic Club's 100m at Battersea in the OVER 85 category in a new Championship best performance for an M85 of 20.1.

Have you paid your subscription?

STANDING ORDERS FOR ALL (even for runners and jumpers)

Please consider this method of paying your membership [due on 1st September - have you paid?]
The club's account details you need are: sort code: 203616, acc no: 40039071- £40 to come out every Sept for those 20 and over, and £20 for those under 20. The process of printing out over 200 invoices, stuffing them into envelopes and posting them out, along with writing out members' details on membership cards and posting them out is very, very time consuming for those volunteers in the club who do it, and a none too insignificant and unnecessary burden on the club's finances.
Also, keeping the membership database up to date with who has paid and who hasn't paid- along with chasing via email and/or telephone calls also takes up time and is tedious. Apologies if you are not / never in arrears with your membership subscription, but if nothing else, it's not fair on those members who do pay their subs & support the club.

Much appreciated,

Membership Secretary

The Gate                                                                                   October 2006


Young Athletes League 2006

"Best wishes to Carol after the accident at the last match on 23 July. We all hope she is feeling a lot better now"

Southern Division 2E
We were always in with a chance of promotion after an excellent second place at Dartford on a wind-swept and wet day. The second match at Thurrock saw a poor turnout due to revision for some (and half-term for others!) but we were still in contention. The Ilford match was very close with our main rivals Victoria Park beating us to second place by seven points and Ilford beating us by 62 points. At PHF on the last match, we had to beat Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets and Ilford to be sure of promotion. Over 50 athletes turned out for the club and we achieved a magnificent first place, beating the champions Dartford and our main rivals for promotion, VP&TH by 91 points and Ilford by 163 points. What a glorious and exciting finish!
MSIE corrector
FINAL LEAGUE POSITIONS: 1st Dartford Harriers 24 (2027 points) 2nd Highgate Harriers 22 (1830 points) 3rd VP H & TH 20 (1761½ points) 4th Ilford AC 18½ (1685 points) 6th Thurrock 13 12 (48½ points) 5th Eton Manor 10½ (1287 points) 7th Queens Park Harriers 4 (82 points)
Young Athletes
some young athletes

U17 Women: Rosie Alda; Zahra Akinpeju; Hannah Ashman; Genvieve Beintoi-Addison;
Mash Blake- Pink; Millie Chandler; Nina Sorensen
U15 Girls: Arinola Akinyemi; Assimwe Allen; Yasmin Amadinezad; Phoebe Boulton-Jaggi; Eucalypta Bradley; Mathilda Bridge: Cristina Carbajo; Talia Caspi; Alice Keane; Andrea Kennedy; Alex Pecanac; Jordane Regis; Cheanelle Robinson; Hannah Rose; Odrina Svarga
U13 Girls: Hilda Adjbeng; Isabel Barnes; Rosie Bastien; Aaliyah Burke; Amy-Jane Cotter;
Marian Mills; Alba Norris; Saeng Fa Sapani; Makeba Vernon; Kirby Williams


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

U17 Men: Hakeem Aderibigbe; Kossi Ekerin; David Flatley; Rickardo Henry;
Lawrence Mathewman; Jessy Mendes; David Mobbs; Orhan Mulishi; Daniel Glaude; Eric Guei; Rohan Siddiqui; Adam Taylor
U15 Boys: Gabriel Ankrah; Hamish Birrel; Sonney Colligen; Max Coventry; William Evans;
Matt Kavanagh -Talbot; Frankie Lee Farmer; George Laing; William Laing; Santi Martyn;
Cedric Muwati; Anthony Norris; Ygor Santos; Leon Silcott; Robert White
U13 Boys: Soji Aiyenuro; Gideon Adjbeng; Hardy Amadinezad; Nathaniel Blake-Perry; CJ Burke; Joshua Hockney; Leo Jaggs; Simon Martyn; Jack Morris

Team Captains Millie Chandler, Rosie Alda, Jessy Mendes, Eric Guei set good examples and encouraged the team in every match.

Outstanding performance for the season:
Anthony Norris in top 20 for U15s - 100 (11.5), 200 (24.1) Athlete of the match at Ilford.

Match reports and individual results can be found on the Young Athletes website

Special mention needs to be made of Shanne Bradley and Juliet Kavanagh as joint team managers who supported and cajoled our youngsters. Graham Norris did a grand job as pre-match administrator and a big, big thank you to all the parents, coaches, officials, club members and supporters who helped us get those vital extra points.

So what about next season? The competition in Division 1E will be much tougher than this year. Will we be able to rise to the challenge? Next season's aim is not 'to avoid relegation' but 'to perform well and to let the opposition know that we will be a force to be reckoned with'. We have an excellent team spirit, real talent in our top performers and bags of enthusiasm. If you all train hard, sensibly and consistently during the winter months and the spring, everyone should produce more personal bests to meet the tough challenges in the higher division next year.

We need more team managers to cope with the large numbers in each age group.

A new satellite branch of Highgate Harriers
opened on Thursday 25th May at The Hub in
Regents Park (next to London Zoo!)
Age: 6-11 years
Time: 4.30-6.00pm
Cost of facilities: 50p
Coaches Denise Wilson and Robert Danson
We need more children from the local schools and area to come

There is a 'Young Athletes' notice board on


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

16/09/06 St Albans Relays St Albans
23/09/06S of E 6/4 stage RR (men)Aldershot
24/09/06S of E 4 stage RR (women)Aldershot
07/10/06Ealing CC relays Perivale (Horsenden Hill)
07/10/06NW London YA League Perivale (Horsenden Hill)
14/10/06Metropolitan League St Albans
21/10/06 AAA 6 & 4 stage RR Sutton Park, Birmingham
21/10/06 Liddiard Trophy Kingsbury
28/10/06 Metropolitan League Ruislip
04/11/06 English CC Relays Mansfield
04/11/06 North London Championships Kingsbury
04/11/06 NW London YA League Kingsbury
25/11/06 Metropolitan League Claybury
02/12/06 Fraternity Cup Trent Park
02/12/06 NW London YA League Trent Park
09/12/06 London CC Championships Parliament Hill
09/12/06 S of E Inter Counties CC Parliament Hill
06/01/07 Middlesex CC Championships Perivale (Horsenden Hill)
13/01/07 Metropolitan League Wormwood Scrubs
13/01/07SofE Combined Events Lee Valley
14/01/07SofE Combined Events Lee Valley
20/01/07North of Thames CC Champs Kingsbury
20/01/07SofE Senior, U20, U17, U15 Lee Valley
21/01/07SofE Senior, U20, U17, U15 Lee Valley
27/01/07S of E CC Championships Holkham Park, Norfolk
03/02/07North West London YA League Copthall
03/02/07Middlesex Masters CC Champs Ruislip
03/02/07S of E Masters CC ChampsRuislip
10/02/07Metropolitan League Perivale (Horsenden Hill)
10/03/07National CC Championships Sunderland
17/03/07NW London YA League Wormwood Scrubs
01/04/07Southern 12 and 6 stage RR Milton Keynes
14/04/07National 12 and 6 stage RR Sutton Park, Birmingham


The Gate                                                                                   October 2006

Coaching Times: Tuesday: 5:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (X-Country & Middle Distance) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field) 6:30pm onwards - Seniors (Track & Field) Thursday: 5:15pm Young Athletes 7-11 (Track & Field & Games) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field ) 6:30pm onwards - Seniors (Track & Field ) Saturday: At Hampstead Heath Extension 11:00am Seniors & Juniors (Middle/Long distance) Sunday: 10:30am onwards Seniors (Track & Field) 11:30am Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field) 12.00am All ages Throws with John Wild


President    Terry Driscoll
Treasurer   Joseph Lowe
Secretary   Nick Stockman
Information & Membership Kate Jenrick (Young Athletes 7-11 years) Juliet Kavanagh (All ages Sprint, Jumps & Throws) Jack Bayliss (middle/long distance) Astrid Wingler (middle/long distance)


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