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The Gate                                                                         April 2008

Wow! What a picture! Simeon was eventually selected for the World Indoor Championships in Valencia where he finished seventh.


In this edition I have put in some photos of people who are the backbone of our club - they don't usually "win" but are the "winners", backing up the leaders and tirelessly representing HIGHGATE HARRIERS. Ladies, apologies for lack of a female gallery this time though you have done well in previous issues. I do need people to take photos at different venues and email them to me.
Photos of seniors are from the Middlesex Cross Country Championships.
Thanks to Anna Murray for her article. I would like more articles from you out there - Dads and Mums, Girls and Boys, Old Stagers and Newcomers - so get writing those emails (or even pen and paper).

At the AGM presentations were made to the outstanding
athletes of the year.

Harry Rothery Trophy for the outstanding senior       Simeon Williamson
Runner Up Ben Noad
Walter Jewell Trophy for the outstanding junior Eucalypta Bradley
Runner Up Hakeem Aderibigbe
Masters Trophy Sylvester Stein


The Gate                                                                         April 2008

    Mixed results for the women's cross country team
    By Astrid Wingler
Highgate Harriers' women won the Metropolitan Cross Country League title for the 6th consecutive year, but struggled to gain top positions in the major championships.

A good start to the season
As usual, the cross country season started with the St Albans Relays. Mainly thanks to Sula Young, who stormed ahead on the first leg, our team came first, but we were chased hard by Garden City Runners on the later legs. This was a first warning that it would not be easy to beat Garden City in future races, especially as Sula was planning to spend the winter in New Zealand. Our next race was the Ealing Cross Country Relays, where veterans Kate Jenrick and Anne Curley showed that they were in fine form and our team won again. Anne, who had struggled with injury in previous years, certainly had a good season, scoring many valuable points for Highgate throughout the winter. Kate's excellent shape became even more obvious in the first Metropolitan League race of the season, where she won a battle with Anna McCutcheon for third place. In the same race, Esther Evans, returning to cross country racing after a successful triathlon season, showed that she was also in great shape and took second place. Not surprisingly, our team won this first Metropolitan League race, but Garden City Runners were a close second. A notable event of this race was Natasha Cendrowicz' return to racing, just two weeks after giving birth to her second son. Having missed the start, Natasha set off to chase the field, still carrying her backpack. If only all runners were as dedicated as her...
The team's success continued in the North London Championships.
As in 2005, Highgate Harriers took all three individual medals. After many second and third places in the previous season, this was Esther's first cross country victory for the winter with several others to follow. Kate chased Esther hard on the first half of the course, but then sprained her ankle, an injury that hampered her training for the next few months. Nevertheless, she managed to limp to the finish and take silver. With Anne taking the bronze medal and marathon veteran Sarah Chapman completing the team, our women also took the team title.

Mid-season blues
We suffered our first defeat of the season in the Metropolitan League race in Woodford, where we were not only beaten by a strong home team (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies), but also by our early-season rivals Garden City Runners. Still - we retained a competitive position in the league thanks to, among others, ultra-triathlete Jo Carritt (who had just returned from Hawaii where she was fifth in her age group in the World Ironman Championships), Anna McCutcheon (a week after running the New York Marathon) and 800m runner Alex Goodwin (who scored many point for us in this and previous seasons). Garden City Runners first took the overall lead in the Metropolitan League in Wormwood Scrubs, the last league race before Christmas. This race was the cross country debut for new Highgate recruit Emily Murray who completed the scoring six and thereby contributed vital points. Before the well-deserved Christmas break, our runners were in action on the muddy Trent Park course in the Sorority Cup race which provided another

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The Gate                                                                         April 2008

    Mixed results for the women's cross country team
     continued .....
opportunity for Esther to demonstrate her good form by winning the race. With Anna in third, the team was completed by a strongly running Jenny Turner and the most dedicated of our runners, Natasha.
Despite now having two young boys to look after, Natasha hardly missed a race and even managed to bake cake for us on several occasions. She was again in action in the London Championships, taking place as usual on our home course on Parliament Hill.
For the second consecutive year, this race was run in combination with the Southern Women's Intercounties Championships. Unfortunately - due to the fact that some runners competed in the Intercounties as well as London competition, complicated by the different age groups that had to be considered - the organisers were unable to provide individual results for the London Championships. While our team was beaten into second by a very strong Havering and Mayesbrook team, I was eventually awarded the medal for first London veteran for what turned out to be my strongest performance of the season.
After Christmas, the season continued with the Middlesex Championships on a tough course in Trent Park. After a few short-notice cancellations due to injury or illness, we just about managed to scrape the four required women for the team together. By now being almost un-stoppable, Esther took the Middlesex title for the first time and the team came second behind Hillingdon. Still struggling to activate some of our top runners, we were beaten again by Garden City Runners in the Metropolitan League race on Horsenden Hill. However, thanks to the effort of all of those who ran, including ex middle-distance runner Rhonda Munnik, who ran her longest cross country race ever, we didn't lose too many points before the vital, final league race.

All's well that ends well
By the time the South of England
Championships were held, persistent rain had turned the Parliament course into the famous mud bath that runners either hate or love. Esther, who is one of those who usually hate the course, coped surprisingly well, taking 12th place in a very strong women's field. While Anna and I did not exactly enjoy the race, we managed to get around in one piece, closely followed by Jo, who somehow manages to run through the mud without spikes. Anne, meanwhile, who had lost some fitness due to illness, discovered that she really does not enjoy sliding up and down steep hills in ankle-deep mud. Overall the team did quite well and we hoped for bronze. Unfortunately, the high quality of the competition meant that we only came fifth, but we beat Garden City Runners on this occasion, demonstrating that our performance as a team was certainly improving.
Having to gain 40 points over Garden City Runners to win the Metropolitan League title, we knew that the last league race had to be a major team effort. Looking around at the start line to check out our rivals' team, it became clear that Garden City were keen to win. However, I had always believed that we could beat them if only we could motivate most of our good runners to race. Fortunately, Svenja decided after long injury that she would have a go. While Esther never looked in danger of conceding her leading position, Svenja - despite having done hardly any training - bravely battled on to second place. With Anna 4th, Kate 6th, Anne 7th and Jo 10th, all of Highgate's scoring six finished in the top ten and, as a result, we beat Garden City Runners quite convincingly in the overall team competition. For the first time, we also won the veteran's league title. Whether this is a good or bad omen is debatable; sometimes our team now entirely consists of veterans and some young blood is urgently required.

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The Gate                                                                         April 2008

    Mixed results for the women's cross country team
     continued .....
It was also a veterans-only team travelling to Alton Towers for the National Cross Country Championships. Instead of enjoying fun rides on the famous roller coasters, we had a hard slog up and down some very steep hills to look forward to. The killer hill of the course was definitely the steepest I have ever run (or walked) up in a cross country race, but as the course was mainly dry and shorter than advertised, all of us made it safely to the finish. Again, I had the impression that women's cross country running is very strong at the moment and, despite having rapidly re-gained good shape after some time out with injury, our best runner Kate "only" finished 69th, followed by myself, Anne and Natasha. One of the highlights of the trip was inspecting Glenn Saqui's spikes on our minibus journey to the race: Instead of six equally long spikes in each shoe, his assortment mainly consisted of one about 25 mm long nail that was probably more suitable for spiking his opponents than for cross country running. No surprise that, throughout the season, Henry tried to run away from Glenn, usually beating him narrowly as on this occasion!

                  Natasha Cendrowicz
A big thanks to those named below who gave their time in helping with the programme / result sheet selling and the car parking for the recent London and for the SEAA Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill. The weather at the London was particularly bad. In addition to your helping to make both these events successful, the club received a useful donation from SEAA
Deborah Laing         Graham Norris         Jane Cotter

Juliet Kavanagh         Marie Williams         Pam Fosbrook

Rhonda Munnik         Tony Maitland


The Gate                                                                         April 2008


The Award winners for January and February were Stella Sabin and Hannah Rose, two very worthy recipients. Stella is a middle distance runner who has not only trained hard and regularly but has also started competing for the club at cross-country, running in the North West London YA League, the Middlesex Championships and the South of England Championships. Hannah is a track athlete who has shown her commitment to the sport by training regularly during the winter.
Voting forms are now available on our website, You can either print the form and pass to me at the track or download it and complete it on your pc then email to me.

The Achievement Award is open to all 11-24 year olds. We haven't had much participation from the older athletes so please try and take part; this scheme brings many benefits to the club.

George Laing at Middlesex XC

During the winter I have managed to get to see the Heads of PE at Parliament Hill School and Camden School for Girls, which has been very productive. One of the outcomes of these chats has been that Kate's youngsters have been able to use the Parliament Hill gym during the cold weather. I am also hopeful that pupils from both schools will now be encouraged to come along and try out our sessions. I aim to go into Haverstock, Acland Burleigh and La Sante Union next to try and improve the club links with them.

Something I have been meaning to start is a Young Athletes newsletter. Unfortunately the first attempt at this was lost when my hard drive crashed, but I am
hopeful that I can get this up and running very shortly.

Club sponsorship is something else I would like to look into. If anyone knows of a local company that may be interested in sponsoring the club then please let me know. One of the planned Jack Petchey purchases is a club flag (the long ones, called feather flags), which could include a sponsors name.

Our stock of spare club vests has diminished, so if you have an old vest, in any condition or style, it would be gratefully received.

Graham Norris
Youth Support Coordinator


The Gate                                                                         April 2008

Jack Petchy award winners January and February

Hannah Rose

Stella Sabin with coach Sarah

Cheering from the touchline         by Anna Murray
The first time I watched my daughter, Sally, run was a couple of years ago when she got caught up in the Sport Relief excitement at a local fete and joined in the fun-run mile. I was impressed by Jeremy Corbyn, our local MP, who led the way, but rather alarmed to see my 8-year-old surging along with the leading group. Of course, by the second lap she was at snail's pace. She later admitted: she'd thought it was four times across the field, not around it. As I watched her doggedly plod on to the finish, I realised for the first time what determination she had.
Sally joined Highgate Harriers last September and not long after, she took part in her first cross-country run at Horsenden Hill. Twenty times more confident than I'd have been at her age, she looked quite relaxed at the start - Kate and Graham do a fantastic job of making the youngsters believe in themselves. I was looking forward to seeing her set off - but then I realised that I hadn't warned her there would be a starting pistol. The look on her face when that went off was hilarious. After a second's delay she was charging off - far too fast as usual. Everyone tells them, "don't start too fast" but it just isn't easy to pace yourself when you're nine and keen! By the second lap, her enthusiasm was waning as fast as her strength. But the guts I'd noticed before showed through, and she
managed to win a battle to stop another girl overtaking her right near the end of the race.
My pride rapidly disappeared when I had to pick up an exhausted and tearful girl from the ground after the finish - what sort of a mother was I? Was I pushing the poor thing into doing too much? Should we spend Saturdays shopping instead? Of course, her sense of achievement very quickly overtook her feelings of tiredness - and she was only slightly reluctant to go through it all again at Ally Pally a few weeks later. This time she loved it and got quite big-headed once she found out what a "PB" was and that she'd shaved two seconds off it.
And now we're at the end of the cross-country season and she's just seen her name listed in the leading runners in her league. She's really fired up to try to do even better in the last race on Saturday.
I encouraged her to start athletics just to get a bit fitter, but I'd underestimated how much it would do for her confidence. Having good coaching to inspire her, meeting new friends on the track, the feeling of belonging to a club, cheering on the older girls - its been a great first season. Those Thursday evenings standing around in the freezing cold watching training were worth it (just!)

The Gate                                                                         April 2008

Men's Winter Season

The winter season must highlight the achievements of Simeon Williamson. It was obvious that when Simeon came a close second in the Norwich Union International in Birmingham, on the 16th of February he had started to show that he could match strides with World Class sprinters. In the 60m, in which he did a personal best of 6.57, he beat top indoor American at the time Mick Rodgers and sub-10.00 second outdoor sprinter Kim Collins. In that race he beat most of the other top UK sprinters. We hope his good from continues right through to the Olympic Games in August.
Regarding the road, Ben Noad ran a sub 50 minute 10miles race when winning the Sidcup 10 and Dan Higgins, Damien Shirley and Jeremy Rodgers have performed well on that surface.
Highgate's biggest interest, team-wise, was the cross country and, we are kept informed by David Burrows who keeps a keen eye on things thousands of miles away and of course Terry Driscoll rarely misses a major fixture and is on hand to help.

Dale Bickham
by Alastair Aitken
Saningo Martyn, as an under 20 runner, comfortably won the North of Thames cross country Championships on the 17th of November at Kingsbury. Henry Dodwell won the Fraternity Cup race on the 1st of December and on the 8th of December Highgate Harriers had a field day at Parliament Hill Fields, taking first and second place with their 4 to score teams (Henry Dodwell, Saningo Martyn, Glen Saqui, Johnny Henderson, Chris Beecham, Ryan McKinlay, Dale Bickham and Tasmanian Chris Chapman).
2008 started very well with the Middlesex Championships at Trent Park and Highgate's Men's team had a clear win, finishing all their six scorers in the first 25 places out of the 123 finishers. David Bruce was fourth overall and the rest were Chris Beecham, Dale Bickham, Nick Gold, Andrew Aitken and Stephen Whiting.
On the 2nd of February, Highgate 'Star' of yesteryear Eric Southam, led the Highgate team into second team place in the Middlesex veteran cross country at Mad Bess Woods.
Highgate could have done with a few more of their 'London Championship's runners in the Southern Championships at Parliament Hill Fields but the team still did well coming 16th of 86 clubs. The six to score were Alistair Lindsay, Nick Gold, Andrew Aitken, Dan Higgins, Ryan McKinlay, and Thierry Lebreton. Parisian Lebreton is quite a character and an all rounder in the field, track, road and cross-country. It was his first cross-country season and he was in the lead, briefly after the start in Met Leagues, Middlesex and the National Championships!

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The Gate                                                                         April 2008

Men's Winter Season
continued ...

Chris Bailey and Joseph Lowe are always good at backing up the teams on most occasions. It is really a shame that Ben Pochee has a permanent injury because his motivation and inspiration would take the club even further up the tree if he were competing now. When he ran 'Star' runners Ben Noad and Keith Cullen nearly always turned out for him. Watching the Southern he shouted at John O'Shea, who was running in the middle of the field, 'Don't look at your watch. Your time is now!'
In the Final Metropolitan League Meeting at St Albans seventeen Highgate Men turned out and the end result was that Highgate moved up to fourth from sixth, which was the position they finished in last year.
The curtain went down on the cross-country season at remote Alton Towers fairly near Stoke on Trent. Highgate Harriers were a solid 18th of 99 club teams. They were one place ahead of top rated Belgrave Harriers and one behind the strong Aldershot club. There was one massive hill in the race which was negotiated on each of the three laps. I am going to list all the runners and their times, as they all should get a mention for being 'Stalwarts of the club'
1244 finished the race:- 92 The enthusiastic Captain, Henry Dodwell (35.53), 94 Glenn Saqui (35.54), 213 Alistair Lindsay (37.49), 221 Chris Beecham (37.59), 246 Andrew Aitken (38.18), 308 Peter Downie (39.02), 314 Daniel Higgins (39.08), 397 Thierry Lebreton (40.26), 744 Joseph Lowe (45.28), 872 Jose Barretta (47.27) and 932 Nick Stockman (48.23).
Saningo Martyn was a good 39th of 197 in the National Junior race and Jack Matthewman was 150. Jack's brother Lawrence had some good results in the earlier part of the season, running with the seniors and the three University College

Boys William Laing, Hamish Birrell and George Laing often turned out for Highgate for youngsters races and did well. The very other end of the spectrum it was interesting to see an old rival of mine of the early 1960's and '70s Richard Solomons still running well, and not near the back, in the Met leagues and Southern and he is 60! In the 25th Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon, Ben Noad of Highgate took a convincing victory by almost 2 minutes over Huw Evans of Tonbridge AC with a winning time of 1:09:48, demonstrating that he is on good form for April's London Marathon, where he will form part of a strong Highgate team.

Chris Panayiotou

The Gate                                                                         April 2008

This season has seen some emerging talent and great team performances, culminating with U15 girls and U11 boys lifting the team titles at the North West London League.
In U17 age groups, Hamish Birrell was hot on the heels of William Laing in most races. Trent Park served as the Club Championship William finished 5th in the race, Hamish 7th. Max Coventry supported the team well- 10th at the first fixture and similar position at Copthall. David Mobbs made a few appearances. George Laing competed in the U15 age group in the NW London League but also turned out in the met leagues where his races were run together with the U17 and at St Albans showed how close he was getting to older brother and Hamish.
In the U13 boys, Stanley Harrison moved successfully up from the U11s where last season he finished in 2nd place overall in the NW London league. He was selected to represent Middlesex in an indoor competition. Leo Turnell Ritson's regular training in Rhonda's group is starting to pay off. At Trent Park he finished 17th. Phoenix Love raced regularly in the Met League. In the club championships he clearly enjoyed the extra distance of the higher age group and claimed 2nd Highgate spot.

The season belonged to the U15 girls-
Samara Williams won every NW London league race and the team always finished in the top spot. There was not nearly the same pressure on them at the last fixture as with the senior women (see Astrid's report). Amy Cotter, Stella Sabin, Mei Corbett and Georgia Doolan made sure it was a team effort. Amy finished 2nd overall in the League, with race finishes usually in the top 5. In the Met Leagues Samara was usually the first U15 home in the combined U17/U15 race and invariably provided an exciting sprint finish.
Trophy Winners

Girls left to right:
Stella Sabin, Samara Williams,
Amy Cotter, Georgia Doolan

Boys left to right:
Arnold Harrison, Peter Laing,
Daniel Lavin, Keshin Harrison

So to the other victorious team the U11 boys (which I have a particular interest as their coach). Led home every race by Daniel Lavin whose best placing was 2nd at the first and last fixture, Gabriel Springer pushed Daniel hard especially at Ally Pally. Peter Laing started the season with an individual 3rd place in the County Road relay championships and was very competitive throughout. He was often in a head to head with Keshin Harrison. With their consistency they went into the last fixture with a narrow lead over Barnet and District. With Peter unwell it was left to young Arnold Harrison to run, which he did exceptionally well, the full result is that Barnet drew level, so technically they share the title. Whether they ever recover the plaque from Daniel is another matter!
Other performances to report are those of Sally Chalton (U11) and Hannah Ashman (U17), both competing at every fixture. Sally just missed out on a medal position due to a fall at the Scrubs while Hannah was rewarded with 3rd.

The Gate                                                                         April 2008

Selected to represent London Schools were William and Samara, with Amy, Hamish and George on standby for reserve.
So the talent is out there. But I suspect the secret to this year's success is due to a lively and competitive atmosphere at

Phoenix Love

Stella Sabin
events and training which is in part due to the efforts of Graham on so many fronts - tent/ spike carrier/ team manager (just a few of the more visible tasks he undertakes) and to parents whose support this year has been fantastic.

Samara Williams

William Laing

The Gate                                                                         April 2008

In the Cabbage Patch 10 Esther
was the first woman
  St Albans 10mile road race
Stephen Whiting was
the first veteran
over 40

In the Invesco Perpetual
half marathon at Henley
Anna McCutcheon was the
first woman in 1:23

Sidcup 10 miles road race
Joseph Lowe
ran a personal best of 58.53
  Ryan Mckinlay
won the Ampthill
cross-country race

North London
Cross Country Championships
2nd (1st Vet), Kate Jenrick
3rd (2nd Vet) Anne Curley

Henry Dodwell won the London Heathside 5 miles road
race. Chris Beecham second and Stephen Whiting
(first over 40) made a winning team for Highgate

Omitted from the Autumn Gate
Amy-Jane Cotter
achieved Silver in the Junior Girls
Javelin in the London Schools.
  SEAA Indoor Championships
Finbarr Ricketts (U17)
6th in 60m final
(pb 7.17 in heat)


The Gate                                                                         April 2008

5th April Regents Park 10K Regents Park
6th AprilSEAA Men 12 stage RRAldershot
6th AprilSEAA Women 6 stage RRAldershot
16th AprilOpen MeetingPHF
19th AprilNational RRSutton Coldfield
26th AprilWSLErith
26th AprilLICCCopthall
30th AprilMiddlesex 10K Track WalkBattersea
3rd MayMSLBattersea
3rd MayRegents Park 10KRegents Park
10th MayMiddlesex T & FCopthall
11th MayMiddlesex T & FCopthall
17th MayMSLNewham
18th MayYAL?PHF
24th MaySEAA U15/U17Crystal Palace
25th MaySEAA U15/U17Crystal Palace
31st MayWSLLee Valley
7th JunMiddlesex SchoolsCopthall
7th JunMSLTonbridge
7th JunRegents Park 10KRegents Park
8th JunCancer 10KHampstead Heath
14th JunLondon SchoolsBattersea
14th JunSEAA U20/SeniorCrystal Palace
15th JunSEAA U20/SeniorCrystal Palace
21st JunLICCWoodford
22nd JunYALKingston
22nd Jun10KHampstead
24th JunLonson Schools years 7 & 8Linford Christie Stadium
28th JunWSLPHF
28th JunMSLPHF
5th JulRegents Park 10KRegents Park
11th JulEnglish Schools ChampionshipsGateshead
12th JulEnglish Schools ChampionshipsGateshead
12th JulMSLExeter
119th JulBAL Cup Semi-finalvenue to be confirmed
20th JulYALWimbledon Park
26th JulWSLBattersea
26th JulLICCCopthall
27th Jul*U13 i/cKingston
2nd AugMSLSutcliffe Park
2nd AugRegents Park 10KReents Park
3rd Aug*U17 i/cBasildon


The Gate                                                                         April 2008

FIXTURES     continued ...
10th Aug *Senior i/c Kingston
24th Aug*SEAA U20 & U15 i/cCopthall
30th AugWSLYeovil
6th SepRegents Park 10KRegents Park
7th SepMiddlesex 10K RoadVictoria Park
14th SepBAL Qualifier?
14th SepYoung Athletes RRHayes
27th SepSEAA Men 6 stage RRAldershot
27th SepSEAA Veteran Men 6 stage RRAldershot
28th SepSEAA Women 4 stage RRAldershot
28th SepSEAA Young Athletes 4 stage RRAldershot
27th SepCombined EventsBedford
28th SepCombined EventsBedford
19th OctMiddlesex MarathonAbingdon

* Selection Event

Useful websites Abreviations
www.regentsparkraces.orgSEAA South of England Athletic Association
www.englandathleics.orgWSL Women's Southern League London Inter Club Challenge Men's Southern League
www.seaa.orgYAL Young Athletes League
www.ukathleics.neti/c Inter Counties Parliament Hill Fields
 BAL British Athletic League
 RR Road Relay
Middlesex Team Managers
Senior WomenJohn Falvey
Senior MenVacant
U20 Men & U15 BoysAlf Vickers
U17 MenTony Randall
U13 BoysRoy Claridge
U20 Women & U15 GirlsJohn Smith
U17 Women?
U13 GirlsShanne Bradley

Middlesex Indoor Championships
Calvin Cuha gold long jump
Dwain Bromfield silver 60m (6.89 pb in semi final)
Ron Smith silver 200m
Michael Gallagher (U15) bronze long jump


The Gate                                                                         April 2008

Coaching Times: Tuesday: 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (X-Country & Middle Distance) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field) 6:30pm onwards - Seniors (Track & Field) Thursday: 5:15pm Young Athletes 7-11 (Track & Field & Games) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (X-Country & Middle Distance ) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field ) 6:30pm onwards - Seniors (Track & Field ) Saturday: At Hampstead Heath Extension 11:00am Seniors & Juniors (Middle/Long distance) Sunday: 10:30am onwards Seniors (Track & Field) 11:30am Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field) 12.00am All ages Throws with John Wild


President    Terry Driscoll
Treasurer   Joseph Lowe
Secretary   Nick Stockman
Information & Membership Kate Jenrick (Young Athletes 7-11 years) Juliet Kavanagh (All ages Sprint, Jumps & Throws) Jack Bayliss (middle/long distance) Astrid Wingler (middle/long distance) Sarah Chapman & Rhonda Munik (11 - 17 middle distance) Graham Norris (Youth Support Coordinator)


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