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The Gate                                                                         November 2008

MEMBERSHIP 2008/2009

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£43 for seniors and £23 for juniors

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    By cheque payable to Highgate Harriers

    To Graham Norris at the track on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Send to Graham at 32 Mansfield Road, London, NW3 2HP

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For Young Athletes
By kind agreement with the City of London no photos are needed for this
year (one year trial), and the card will again include full track membership.


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

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The Gate                                                                         November 2008

    Battle for bronze!
     By Sally Charlton age 10
This is about the 31st of August when only one Highgate Harrier (myself), Sally Charlton entered a competition at Oxford City athletics club.

Earlier on in the week, I injured my heel on a see-saw (my friend's mum was on one end but jumped off, me and my friend were on the other and bumped to the ground landing on my foot)
But by the weekend it was okay so I decided to enter the competition. The day before the competition I played hours of sport at a music festival near Bedford, which was a big mistake! (But it was fun and much better than watching really old bands with my parents).

We were camping too - not the best preparation for a race day. The next day I woke up to find myself aching all over, my muscles were pulled but I was up for it. So we drove down to Oxford nice and early. Well, Mum said it was nice and early when we set off, but it was still really misty and much further than Mum had admitted, so actually we only got there with 20 minutes to spare.
I started with 55m hurdles. I fell over the first hurdle in practice and scraped my leg and elbow. So then my heel started playing up again.
But I went back out and ran the race. I missed out on a silver or gold because I was in pain but I battled and bagged third place and was awarded a bronze medal.
Later on I didn't do so well (in the 600m and long jump) because of the see-saw heal injury I described earlier, but I still finished the competition. It was a shame nobody else was there but I enjoyed it just as much.


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

     By Alastair Aitken
Usain Bolt (Born 21.08.86) from Jamaica talked to me in Croydon before he ran at Crystal Palace on the 26th of July 2008.
      "For me, when I was at primary school, cricket was my sport and my Father took me to cricket when I was 6/7 and we would stay watching all day. When I was 9/10 I was a fast bowler and it was suggested I should give athletics a try and in my first race was on Sports Day at school and I won. In those days we were running 100 or 150 races.'
    Usain Bolt showed fantastic talent early on. At only 15 years and 332 days of age he ran 20.58 for the 200m which was an age World best. He was also a World age record holder again at 16 and 17 years of age.
    Although he continued to run fast times every year his rate of progress was hampered a little bit at one stage. 'The period of adjustment was after I came out of High school. I got injured and the first two years was a kind of challenge. I had to build from scratch again. It was OK and good for me.'
    In 2008 Usain Bolt decided to run the 100m several times as well as his speciality the 200m and the consequence of that was he broke the 100m World record in New York on the 31st of May with 9.72. He had run 10.03 and 45.28 for the 400 as personal bests in 2007 (His pb for 200 was 19.75 in 2006).
    He said about 2008 'This season I would do the 100m more because I did so well last season. The training helped for that'
    It had been noted by me that for last few years the 200m, more than any other sprint, contained more World-class sprinters. I am sure Bolt could achieve great things by moving up to 400m but like Tommie Smith and Henry Carr indicated to me, they all preferred the 200m because of all the 400 entails as far as training is concerned. 'I do think I could run quick and did so at high school but the training for it is a little too hard so I just put it down'
    He added ' Maybe in the future I may do it but now I am training and concentrating on the sprints.'
    Which event was his favourite? The 100/200/400 and unsurprisingly he came back with ' Definitely the 200. It is always my favourite event.'
    Which of the 'Great' 200 men did he most admire?
    'Definitely Don Quarrie. I have watched him in a couple of races and he is brilliant at cornering, very smooth and Michael Johnson is another I admire'
    How long did he feel he would like to compete at top level then?
    'A couple more years in the Game'

...have recently acquired a photograph of four lads (in late teens/early 20's) posing for a photograph with 3 silver cups and a fob watch. I estimate that the photograph was taken in the 1880/90's. The letters "..ghgate Harri.." can just be made out on one of the cups. "Unity Ath...." can be made out on another cup. For sale/sold on ebay


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Highgate Harriers Go French
A letter and telegram has reached the club from the Societe Athletique de Montraige challenging us to a cross-country race with 10 to run and six to score from each club. The sponsors, a firm called "Auto" has offered to cover expenses.

Thomas Cook & Sons estimate for a team and one trainer for the return train journey from Charing Cross and second-class hotel in Paris is £2.13.9 (£2.69) per person.

As you will have guessed this was some time ago, 104 years to be precise, when the French Club were national champions of France and Highgate were the English winners. A Challenge Trophy valued at 1,000 francs was offered for the winning team.

Highgate accepted the challenge and won the event. There is no record of the detailed result but the club awarded gold medals to the first 6 in the race. However, the trophy had still not been received some four weeks after the race and a month or so later it transpired that South London Harriers had it and were intent on keeping it since they had (presumably) won it on an earlier occasion and claimed that a change in the rules allowed them to hang on to it. The matter was to be referred to the AAA.

The resolution to the question of the custody of the trophy was not recorded. However, the French club invited Highgate to a similar race the following year but "over a more natural cross-country course".

This quaint piece of club history is culled from the minute books which are held at the Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre, Holborn Library, 32-38 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8PA. If you have any photos, medals, programmes etc and of course minute books, don't throw them away. Send them to Tudor Allen, the archivist at the above address. Maybe in another 100 years someone will want to write an article about how Highgate Harriers won the National in 2008, or 2009 or...............
Bob Slowe

Sineade Gutzmore came 5th in the South of England Championships senior triple jump with 12.25m and came 1st in the England Athletics U23 Championships with 13.02m (It was a pb and the Championship best is 13.09)

In the Chartered Great City 5k race road race Chris Beecham (2nd) ran for Practical Law Company, Shane Snow (9th) ran for Transport Direct-MED and Gowry Hodge (5th) ran for Dundee & Wilson

Ben Noad was second in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge road race in Battersea Park

In the Self-Transcendence 5k Henry Dodwell won by 50 seconds


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Men's Report                  By Alastair Aitken
Pride of place amongst the Highgate senior men must go to Simeon Williamson (22) who ran 10.03 for the 100m in the Olympic Trials in Birmingham on the 12th of July.
That time was the fourth fastest ever recorded by a UK sprinter. Only Linford Christie, Dwain Chambers and Jason Gardner have run faster ever.
Back at the Southern League match in 2003 Simeon told me his ambition was to go to the Beijing Olympics, as it was a much more interesting prospect than running in London in 2012 where he has grown up and so familiar with.
Despite niggling injuries that dented his immediate preparation for the Games he still qualified for the second round on the 'World Stage', which was something credit worthy anyway. His time in the second round was 10.32 and he missed out by one place to progress further. However, there is next year when the World Championships are in Berlin, followed by the European and Commonwealth Games in 2010. The latter two must be a realistically mouth watering prospect for him!

Alistair Lindsay
The Southern League always is of prime importance to the club, as a team affair but there were other good team results early in the year when Highgate Harriers were eight in the Southern 12 Stage Road relay Championships, on the 6th of April at Aldershot. The team was Glenn Saqui, Nick Gold, Chris Beecham, Ryan McKinlay, Henry Dodwell, Thierry Lebreton, Peter Downie, Eric Southam, Nicky Martyn, Andrew Aitken, Alistair Lindsay and Stephen Whiting.
On the 13th of April was the London Marathon. Nicky Martyn and his elder son Saningo ran round for much of the way before Saningo had to drop out and Nicky went on to run 2:41. Guillaume Cribier (2:37.24) and Dan Higgins (2:39.41) were the first two Highgate runners to finish.
Surprisingly, only one senior Andrew Aitken competed in the Middlesex Senior Championships at Hendon on the 10th of May. He came second in the 5000m but, future junior sprint prospects took part and they were Finbarr Rickets, Gabriel Hakeem and Kristian Clarke. Before that on 16th of April was Highgate Harriers Open Meeting. The first Open meeting for the club for many, many years and it was a success as was the one held on the 10th of September.
continues on next page ...

The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Men's Report
continued ...

                        Glenn Saqui
Regarding the Southern League at Parliament Hill Fields the Team Manager Richard Priestley commented on the season
" If you consider we were a creditable 9th out of 25 clubs in Division One with only a 2/3rds team and no throwers in the six meetings bar one Mike Reiss in just the hammer 'A' at Parliament Hill, we did amazingly well.
Even more surprising was that we went all the way down to Exeter for the penultimate meeting and came second to the home club. You can not ask much more from the boys!"
Thierry Lebretton, Matt Dore-Weeks, Simon Child and Calvin Chua were the backbone of the team, doing so many events whenever they competed in the Southern League and Glenn Saqui was really good in the middle distances.
A Scot's double of Johnny Henderson/Peter Downie were useful at the middle distances when called upon. Dennis Ntoluke, Eric Guei and Henry Dodwell were always enthusiastic perfumers when they turned out too. Greg Smith stood in as a Team Manager on the day, a couple of times and was a British Masters M35 400m Champion and Sylvester Stein, who will be 88 on Christmas Day, was an M85 British Masters Champion, like Greg at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham in July.

He was second in the UK Championships and World Trials with 10.03 which is the FOURTH best time ever achieved over the 100m in history for any British athlete.
In the first round at the Olympics he came third in 10.42 to qualify for the second round where he came fourth to just miss out on qualifying for the semi finals.
Alastair Aitken recalls that when he talked to Simon before a Southern League match and

after Williamson won his first major title outdoors at the AAA Junior
Championships three years ago he "thought it more interesting to go away to another country like Beijing. I would rather go there than wait for London." He added " If I am still running in 2012 it will be a bonus."
He was once coached by Juliet Kavanagh and is now coached by Lloyd Cowan at Mile End Stadium.

The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Jack Petchey Foundation
We are grateful for the financial support we have received to date from the Jack Petchey Foundation's (JPF) Achievement award and Project Grant schemes. From your letter and my subsequent telephone call with a JPF advisor on 8th September 2008, we were somewhat disappointed to learn that the second and third years of Project Grant funding, previously offered by the foundation subject to completion of satisfactory progress reports, have now been withdrawn altogether, and that there is no intention of reinstatement regardless of the outcome of the JPF's formal period of review in November. Whilst we appreciate the difficulties that the JPF is currently facing and that tough decisions have to be made, we do feel that the foundation should at least honour its existing prior arrangements. The sudden withdrawal of the funding offer without prior warning leaves our club is a difficult position.
I have enclosed our Project Grant progress report dated July 2008 and you will see from it that last year's project grant has been successfully invested in the appointment of a Young Athletes'
Coordinator (YSC) since July 2007. We were aiming to build on that success with the aid of a second year of funding for which we felt our case is strong. Without further funding, there is a likelihood that we will be required to terminate our YSC's position.
We are currently researching alternative sources of funding, though it should be noted that even if such applications are successful, the funds are unlikely to be received in time to save the YSC's position. It would therefore be necessary to repeat the lengthy YSC appointment process with no guarantee that the incumbent YSC will be available for reappointment at the time.
With the above in mind, we would be grateful if the Jack Petchey Foundation would reconsider our application for a second year of Project Grant funding on the basis of our progress report as agreed previously. Should it be necessary for the foundation to wait until the end of the period of review in November, then we would be grateful if the foundation would consider an interim funding solution to cover the period until then.

British Masters Track & Field Championships
Sylvester Stein
won the M85 100m in 21.5.
Greg Smith won the M35 400m in 51.63.
Rebecca Hardy won the W35 discus with 35.48

Jeanne Coker W70 competed in the European Masters
  Chris Bailey was first M40 in the Asthma 10K in 37:01 and in the Hyde Park BUPA Great City Run

Jeffrey Wiseman was 1st M70 in the Self-Transcendence 5k in 32:27   Allan Sowden won the M65 200m in 33.4 at the VAC championships. He was Club Champion over the 880 and One mile in the late 1960's.

Stephen Whiting was 1st M40 in the London Pride 10k in Victoria Park


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Thank You   Thank You   Thank You  

To all the people who helped at our meetings both home and away. Please come back next year and bring a friend with you!
Shanne BradleyCathy DawsonMrs LavinGeorge Richardson
Mr AshmanIan GallagherJoseph LoweDebbie Ricketts
John BrassintonPaul HarrisonBob ManningBob Slowe
John BrettBrian HollandRhonda MunnikDon Turner
Rob BushMartin HollandBill MutlerIvor Wiggett
Millie CelesteMartin HowardBrenda MyersEileen Williams
Sarah ChapmanKate JenrickGraham NorrisTerry Williams
Kyoko CorbettJuliet KavanaghElizabeth OgundeAstrid Wingler
Jane CotterDeborah LaingRichard PriestleyJohn Wright

Stanley Harrison - the winner with Clem beside him at the fell race

Stanley was asked to represent Middlesex in an Under 13s South of England Inter-Counties championship. He came 3rd in the 1500m

And Stanley entered the Mochyn Du fell race in Wales while on holiday, and came 1st in the U14s.
He won a massive cup!


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Olympics ace Tyrone was a fast learner!
Mum tells how she was 'stunned' the first time she saw Beijing 100 metres sprint star run. When Tyrone Edgar settles into the starting blocks at the Beijing Olympics early tomorrow (Friday) morning he will be fulfilling a life-long dream that started at his family home in Somers Town more than 15 years ago. The £300 million Bird's Nest stadium, with its 91,000 capacity, is a far cry from the Somers Town Community Sports Centre in Chalton Street where he worked and trained as a schoolboy.
Now 26, Tyrone is making a fairytale appearance in the 100 metres heats in a bid to become the fastest man in the world and bring the gold medal back to his family, who have backed him all the way. His mum Rita a bus driver, told the New Journal: "Tyrone has done so well. We are all so proud. He has trained really, really hard all of his life to get to the Olympics. It has always been his dream, ever since he was a boy running on Parliament Hill." Tyrone's fastest time this year is 10.06 seconds - the world record is held by the Jamaican Usain Bolt at 9.72 - and he will have to make it through four qualifying rounds to reach the final. But back in Somers Town, everybody has their fingers crossed for him.
Tyrone, who most recently trained in Los Angeles, was confirmed in Team GB when Dwain Chambers lost a High Court appeal to overturn a lifetime Olympic ban for using performance-enhancing drugs. When he heard the judge's verdict, the first thing Tyrone did was call his mum. Rita said: "Tyrone rang up and said, 'Mum - that's my dream. My dream is going to happen'. I said to him, 'just do your best'.
He would have been totally devastated if he had not got in."
Tyrone was born in south London before moving to Drummond Crescent in Somers Town, aged five. He attended St Aloysius Catholic infant and junior schools in Somers Town and then the secondary school in Highgate.
Rita said: "When he was 12 or 13, I took him to a family sports day at Parliament Hill and I was really stunned when I saw the way he ran. He was always such a quiet child. The coach asked me if he was in a club. He wasn't, so he joined the Highgate Harriers."
Tyrone was later spotted by javelin gold-medal winner Tessa Sanderson and sent for special training in the United States. Rita, who has filled her lounge room with Tyrone's trophies, said he was fiercely driven as a teenager. "I didn't have to wake him up in the morning for training - he would go of his own accord," she said. "Sometimes I'd see him in bed in the morning and say 'no training today?' and he'd reply 'I've already been, mum. "I'd like to thank everyone here in Somers Town who supported Tyrone over the years." Tyrone will be 30 when the Olympic torch comes to London in 2012. Rita added: "I'm sure if he is capable he will go. After that, I think he will start coaching the younger generation."

Tyrone Edgar, who used to run for Highgate Harriers several years ago but now competes for Woodford Green & Essex Ladies was 7th in the semi-final in 10.18


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

European Masters Ljubljana 24th July - 3rd August 2008
Home to Gatwick to Ljubljana (where our pre booked taxi was waiting) was all on time and trouble free! The 'snack' on Adria Airlines was a full meal. Within an hour of landing we were at our destination.
Shuttle buses run to and from the stadium and were on time except when our driver got lost but he took us on a pleasant tour of our neighbourhood.
Check in for your event is 3 hours before the scheduled start time. It is often convenient to do this the day before so that you don't forget! There were 3000 registered competitors so the organisation has to be very efficient and instructions understandable for everybody - there were 40 countries represented. Every competitor was given a double card for each event, showing all their details. One part was given in at registration and the other was stamped and retained by the competitor.
I ran 100m, 200m and 400m in W70. Times were adequate and medals were given to others.
We were filmed for local TV and the roving camera operator travelled around on roller blades. BCC eat your heart out! Transporting of paperwork - seeding sheets, etc. was also done by roller blade whilst within the arena a scooter was used (the one leg on, one leg off variety).
Officials worked hard and were helpful. They were supplemented by a handful of athletes (from other countries) who had sustained injuries preventing them from competing. UKA were represented by Danny Mullane, a track judge from Essex.
I was staying with a group of Brits in university accommodation. Fairly basic but with as much as you could eat at breakfast and a permanent help desk. Communal showers were a talking point and much talking was done across the stable type shower doors.
Eating, sleeping, doing, watching athletics 24 hours a day needs a break so I took a
trip to lake Bled, probably Slovenia's most famous lake. Bled is a small town in the Julian (à la Julius Caesar) Alps. The lake has an island in the middle and we went there on a Pletna boat which is rowed from the back by a person with two oars. If you miss-time your stroke you squash your thumbs between the two oars!
Ljubljana is famous for its architecture. The variety of windows and the decoration surrounding them is fascinating. Some "high rise" denote the post world war II socialist era but the modern buildings have some imaginative designs. Slovenia suffered little from the nineties break-up of Yugoslavia so there is no damage to buildings in towns and villages.
I decided the best way to see the "sights" was to hire a bicycle - with a male saddle and no gears I was exhausted by the end of the day.
Friends from ESMAC emigrated to Slovenia two years ago so I went to visit them, in the South East corner of the country. They live in a village with about 50 houses and have renovated a house and two barns, keeping to the local style with painted walls and hanging baskets.
They introduced me to the locality - the spa baths, paddling in the river to straddle the border with Croatia and a local road race. I declined to participate (10K with a mountain climb for the first 2K). Bears live in the forest but I think they are more frightened of the runners than vice-versa. A guided walk was organised for those of a more leisurely disposition which was exercise enough in this mountainous area. Food was provided as part of the entry fee (€8) and there were spot prizes. I got a baseball cap as the oldest walker!

Jeanne Coker


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Young Athletes

Middlesex Champs
Alexandra EastmanU13 silver in the girls high jump.
Amy-Jane CotterU15 bronze in the javelin with 19.41
Hannah RoseU17 bronze in the long jump
Samara WilliamsU17 gold the 1500m
Stanley HarrisonU13 gold in the 1500m

June 1st YAL
Alex EastmanU13 won the high jump with 1.28
Asli ChampionU15 won the shot with 11.43 and the hammer with 21.84.
Finbarr RickettsU17 won 100/200/400 11.2/23.0/51.4.
Samara WilliamsU15 won 1500 in 5:03.9
Stanley HarrisonU13 won 100m in 28.2.

London Schools Championships
Finbarr RickettsU17M bronze 100m 11.3
Finbarr RickettsU17M gold 200m 22.6
Ethan Bushay-Louis U15B gold long jump 5.72

Other personal bests and excellent performances were:

William Laing 1st U17M 800m season's best
Asli Champion U15B 2nd pb shot putt 11.75, 3rd pb javelin
Amy-Jane Cotter U15G 3rd javelin pb
Amber Clarke U15G 6th 200m in 28.7
Daniel White U15B pb 800m 2:14.95
Tyrell Harding-Nathan pb in high jump 1.65
George Laing U17B 2nd 400m in 55.6
Eucalypta Bradley pb 47.2 in the 300m

English Schools Championships
Kristian Clarke ran 11.12 for the 100m in his heat
Finbarr Ricketts ran 22.58 for the 200m heat and 23.03 in the semi-final

Footnote: These are incomplete. I can only publish what I am given!


The Gate                                                                         November 2008


Please check the website for the latest fixtures


The Gate                                                                         November 2008

Coaching Times: Tuesday: 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (X-Country & Middle Distance) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field) 6:30pm onwards - Seniors (Track & Field) Thursday: 5:15pm Young Athletes 7-11 (Track & Field & Games) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (X-Country & Middle Distance ) 6:00pm Young Athletes 11+ (Track & Field ) 6:30pm onwards - Seniors (Track & Field ) Saturday: At Hampstead Heath Extension 10:00am Seniors & Juniors (Middle/Long distance) Sunday: 10:30am onwards Seniors (Track & Field) 12.00am All ages Throws with John Wild


President    Terry Driscoll
Treasurer   Joseph Lowe
Secretary   Nick Stockman
Information & Membership Juliet Kavanagh (All ages Sprint, Jumps & Throws) Jack Bayliss (middle/long distance) Astrid Wingler (middle/long distance) Sarah Chapman & Rhonda Munik (11 - 17 middle distance) Graham Norris (Youth Support Coordinator)


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