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SUNDAY 14th May 2006

5 Gold ,7 Silver, 5 Bronze Medals were won by Highgate Harriers Young Athletes at what turned out to be a fun day at Barnet Copthall stadium.

2000 WALK
Highgate won 4 medals in this as the youngsters decided to have a go at the 5 lap speed walk. Eucalypta Bradley repeated her success of last year and won gold in the U/15 girls age group[13:13:9) with Amy-Jane Cotter taking gold in the U/13 girls age group (14:47:9).
Brothers William and George Laing took gold (12:50:5) and silver(13:05.8) respectively in the U/15 boys age group.
Their performance so impressed John Hall of Belgrave Harriers he is coming to coach a walking group at the club on THURSDAY 25th May at 6pm !

Under15 GIRLS

Eucalypta Bradley (Parliament Hill SCH)
In her first year as an Under 15 Girl she had a good day at The County championships-
Gold 2000m Walk: Silver 75m Hurdles (13.4s):Silver in the Shotputt (with a personal best of 8.31m):3rd heat 200m (30.6s).

Rochelle Miller (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson SCH)
Bronze100m Sprint (13.3s):1st heat 100m sprint (13.5s).

Hannah Rose (Hampstead SCH)
Bronze 75m Hurdles (13.7s) 4th Highjump (1.31m):6th heat 100m Sprint (14.3s).

Cristina Carbajo (Haberdasher Askes SCH)
4th 75m Hurdles (14.8s)4th Final 200m Sprint (28.5s)2nd heat 200m (28.8s) 3rd heat100m Sprint (14.5s).

All the above are first year under 15 Girls

Under13 GIRLS

Amy-Jane Cotter
Gold 2000m Walk():1500m(PB 5mins 57secs) Bronze high jump (PB 1.10m): 5th 70m Hurdles (14.8s).

Lauren Hamilton (Parliament Hill SCH)
Bronze 200m Sprint (31s):7th Final 100m Sprint (15.3s): 3rd heat 100m (15.00s)

Rosie Bastien
Gold Javelin: 4th (11.23m) 70m Hurdles (13.5):5th heat100m sprint( 15.7): 6th Shotputt (4.47m)

Samara Williams
Silver Javelin (10.89): 6th 70m Hurdles (15.3).

Kirby Williams
Bronze Shotputt (5.37m):4th 70m Hurdles (13.5s): 4th heat 100m sprint 15.0s.

Isabel Barnes (Brookfield primary Sch)
age 10 competed in the Minithon (9th) gaining 30 points and a Middx certificate in Longjump, shotputt and an excellent 800m (3m-6s). She is Camden Schools year 6 Cross country champion.

Under15 BOYS

Anthony Norris (William Ellis SCH)
Gold shot putt( 8m.0M) :5th 100m sprint (new PB of 12.2s) :200m 1st heat 200m sprint (24.4s )pulled up injured in final.

William Laing (UCS SCH)
Gold 2000m Walk: Silver 1500m 4-47.1: Silver Highjump (1.45m).

George Laing (UCS SCH)
Silver 2000m Walk: 7th 1500m 5-19.1, 5th Javelin 18.62m.


Soji Aiyenuro ( William Ellis SCH)
won Silver in his first ever athletics champs. He came 2nd in the triple event Minithon by 2 points! (Total 41 points).
His excellent shot putt (7.51m)getting him extra points after a good 100m Sprint and high jump (1.20m).

Saturday 13th May

Under 17 men

John Nduwimana
4th heat 100m Sprint (a new Personal best of 12.72).

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