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England Athletics latest update
Following guidance from the UK Government and England Athletics relating to non essential contact and non essential travel there will be no Highgate Harrier sessions for young athletes and no coach-led session for seniors, until further notice.

Highgate Harriers have appointed a Covid-19 officer, in line with England Athletics guidance.

Club AGM
Our constitution requires that we hold an AGM by the end of April but due to the current exceptional circumstances, your club committee has taken the decision to postpone the AGM until the coronavirus pandemic has passed. Once a new date for the AGM has been set we will make our members aware, in the meantime the committee will make club decisions by email.

Club members will be informed of any updates via the weekly newsletter. We will also use the newsletter to communicate any cancellation of events, as and when new decisions are made.

Highgate Harriers are based at
Parliament Hill athletics track
Hampstead Heath, London NW5.

The club welcomes new members of all standards and abilities from the age of seven. Club training sessions take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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10-Aug-2020     Jon Sleeman

Top Highgate men were out running at Chelmsford in the 'Miles of Miles races'.  Alex Lepretre won the race on the 9th of August in 4:29.3, with another 'Star', Roger Poolman, 3rd in 4:34.4. Niki Faulkener was 6th in 4:42.6 and 7th was James Ross in 4:43.6.

The elite women’s ‘Podium 5km’ event in Barrowford on the 8th August was won by international Beth Potter, a former winner of the Night of the 10,000 m PBs, in 15:24. A bit further  down the field but running well were two Highgate Harriers: Rebecca Johnson finished in 16:35 and Hannah Viner in 16:52.

The previous Saturday (1 August) in the LICC event Sam Amdor did a personal best in the 400m and Amy Rutherford ran a season’s best in the 400m on Sunday (2 August). Veronica Chan also ran a 400m.


Ben Pochee's Night of 10,000m PB's, incorporating the European Cup and UK Olympic Trials, has been confirmed by the ‘Powers that be’ as being on the 5th of June 2021. Pochee is hugely optimistic. This news is certainly a step forward by the Highgate Harrier.


Highgate Harriers’ cross country captain, Robert Wilson, has been told that the Metropolitan League fixtures in October, November and December have been cancelled. He was informed of this by the League Administrator Janice Bowman. The 2021 fixtures will be reviewed nearer the time.

Alastair Aitken, as the Press Officer for the Met League said ‘I consider, having also run in the first ever Metropolitan League in 1966 in Hainault Forest, that the Met League is and was the most friendly, social but also competitive fixture for all for London clubs.’


06-Jul-2020     Alastair Aitken

There has been plenty of running by members of Highgate Harriers’ Strava virtual running group, with regular changes at the top of the leader boardWhat follows is a round-up of the leader board over recent weeks.

Dan Biagi heads the list from 217 members

Last week (week starting 22 June) Dan Biagi ran a total of 119k in 9hrs 45:47 climbing 1,343m. His runs were round Holloway, Islington and Stratford.  Terry Fawden was 2nd doing 108k in the week and Charlie Haywood 3rd with 101.2k. It is good to see Highgate's popular Norwegian international Audun Nordtveit well into this competition. He has been running around the Oslo areas in Norway.

Popular Highgate Harrier 'Star' Shaun Dixon tops the Leaderboard

Dixon's efforts last week (week starting 15 June) were in the attractive Devon countryside, around Modbury. He ran 123k in 9:37:54, climbing 2,050m. It was only a few years ago that Dixon finished fourth in the senior National Cross Country Champs. The other two at the top of the leader board were Charlie Haywood with 118k under his belt and Zechariah Cohen with 110k.

Mornington Chaser a Highgate Harriers’ Strava Leader

Out of the 217 members of the Highgate Strava Virtual runners group, Italian Dan Biagi, topped the list on last week's leader board (week starting 8 June). Dan runs with Mornington Chasers but one must remember that Mornington Chasers joined Highgate in their Southern League Track & Field fixtures, when they were on! Biagi ran 162 k in the week and his total running time was 12:04:27. He ran one route recently of 38k which took in Holloway, Camden Town, Kensington and the City of London. Second was Robert Wilson, the Highgate cross-country captain, whose wife Ashley Scott-Wilson is also a good runner. Robert ran 127.5k in a total time of 9:37:21. Sean Renfer, whose sister Molly Renfer is a fast runner for Highgate, was next with 152k in 11:23:27.

Innocenti - a long distance star 

Mark Innocenti was top of the Highgate Harriers’ Strava Virtual runner group leader board for the week starting 1 June. Innocenti completed 162k in a total of 17:43.25. Back in January Innocenti finished third in a 50k race in 3:02:31, and in 2018 in Berlin he ran his fastest marathon of 2:31:53.

Haywood rises to the top of the Leaderboard on Strava

In the week starting 25 May, Highgate's London University student, Charlie Haywood, (one of the successful Metropolitan League scorers for the 'A' team) finished top of the leader board with a total of 161 k and a longest run of 41.00k; second was Justin Zachan with 161.k. Ben Wood was third on the leader board with 143.3k.

"It will be wonderful when the social distancing rules can stop eventually, but not now, and we can have competitive athletics - but all these members are keeping nice and fit for when that happens" says Press Secretary Alastair Aitken.


26-May-2020     Alastair Aitken

Last week's ‘Leader Board’ (week starting Monday 18 May) was headed by Alex Holley with 155.4kms/12:47.40 of running time/2,951m elevation. Alex ran in the Crouch End, Highgate and Tufnell Park areas, as well as in the City and Kensington. One of Highgate's A' road team Sean Renfer did 148kms for second place and Luke McManus, who did 138.5km was third.  Highgate's Strava virtual ‘racing’ group now has 213 members.

210 are now members of the Strava virtual racing set up with Highgate Harriers and last week's ‘Leader Board’ (week starting Monday 11 May) showed a regular runner top of the virtual ‘racing’: Alex Holley ran 153.1km in the week, in 12:37.34, with Sean Renfer and Roger Poolman on 148km & 137.3km respectively. Poolman ran one of the fastest middle distance times ever over 3k and 5k for Highgate Harriers the year before last, so it is good to see him doing well.

Last week's leaders on the Board (week starting Monday 27 April) were: 1 Alex Holley, 2 Sean Renfer and 3 Tufnell Park’s Kipchoge. This week's Leader (week starting Monday 4th May) was Sean Renfer 105.4kms with 21.1k being his longest run, doing an average time per km of 4.25. His elevation was 690m. Second was Alex Holley and third was Tufnell Park's Kipchoge. It was good to see Roger Poolman, Charlie Haywood, and Sean Dixon well up the Leader Board, as was Luke McManus and of course Le Pretre. For the women ex-Highgate 'Star' Harrier Svenja Abel runs very well still, and Rebeca Johnson is often the first woman. The runners are keeping fit to race when the coronavirus has died down.

Virtual ‘racing’ is here to stay for some time yet as the ‘lockdown’ continues. On another weekly, virtual racing Leader Board, the top three, were: 1 Alex Holley, who ran 105.1k's over 5 runs (furthest run, 21.8k; average time 4.51 per km and an elevation gain of 92m; 2nd Aurel Sinko-Uribe, 96.4/ 8 runs/ longest 20.8km/ 4.37 /574m elevation; 3rd Sean Renfer, 90.1/9 runs/

In Strava Virtual Challenge last week (week starting Monday 20 April) and out of the 209 members, familiar names filled the first three in Highgate's Challenge.  First on the Leader Board was Alex Holley who ran 156kms in the week in 13:04:06; second was Sean Renfer, who did 130kms in 9:58.23 and third was Robert Wilson 131.6 kms in 9:50.7. Rebecca Johnson was the first woman again on the Leader Board.

Terry Fawden, 21 years old, of Highgate Harriers was the fastest in the Virtual 5k 'Strava' Race with a time of 15:31 in the weekend (25/26 April). The ‘Mob Match’ was against Thames Hare and Hounds club who won the match but Fawden was fastest overall.

In the Strava virtual running Leader Board, Alex Lepretre is still out in front (week starting Monday 20 April) with 90km of running done over 5 runs with a longest one of 25.9k; at an average speed of 4.44 per km, elevation1 ,333m. Of the 100 that took part in the challenge the first woman was Rebecca Johnson, 8th overall on the Leader Board. Her marks: 64.2km/ 4 runs/ longest 15.4km/ speed 4.42 per km, elevation 224m.  

Virtual ‘racing’ by single individuals on the road and country to keep their interest and fitness going, was really under full swing, starting with the virtual National road relay, when the virus lockdown began.  
Alex Holley headed the Highgate leader board for 'Strava' last week (week starting Monday 6 April). Strava put Alex Lepretre ahead this week (week starting Monday 13 April) with 10 runs. His longest run was 23.2k and his overall average pace was 4:24 km.  

With much sadness, we hear that John Bryant, a former second claim member of Highgate Harriers, died recently. A very kindly and friendly man, John had been editor of national papers, author of athletics books, and had won the London 5,000m Championships at one time. He also ran a quick marathon (of 2:21) in the London before he had a serous leg injury.

Highgate Harrier, Ben Noad, who ran for England in the World Cross Country Championships of 2007 and who has been a force in all Highgate's winning Metropolitan League teams, has had a challenge thrown down to him by his great friend, Ben Pochee and that is, in 2021, to try and break Ben’s Highgate Harriers club 10,000m 'over 45' record of 31:55. Pochee thinks he can do it. It is interesting to note that on the Strava Virtual running site Ben Noad has been running a lot recently. By 18th May he had already run 119.9 miles in the month in a total moving time of 14:48:57. Ben has routes he does as the morning, afternoon and evening runs. Ben who coaches three athletes, two being Highgate Harriers, has sometimes been seen running his Strava runs around Ladywell, Crofton Park and Brockley.


16-Apr-2020     Alastair Aitken

Highgate’s Gareth Creagh was the fastest runner of 96 that entered 'the second Sunday in the Month’ Virtual 5-mile road race, organised by Thames Hare & Hounds running club and held between 10 and 13 April. Athletes individually choose their 5-mile running routes. Gareth, a M40 athlete, ran 27:45 for his course with no other Highgate runners competing; but, ex-Highgate Harrier Andrew Aitken (42) ran 30:46 and was the 8th fastest finisher.

Gareth Creagh ran in the Highgate team that came 12th in the Virtual National road relay with a time of 16:13 for his 5k stretch. The fastest Highgate runner in this event was Alex Lepretre who ran a swift 14:34 and was the 34th fastest out of the 2,457 that ran in the Men’s 12-stage event.


13-Apr-2020     Alastair Aitken

Highgate Harriers' men were 12th in the 12-Stage and the women 8th in the Six-Stage in the Virtual National Road Relay Championships, held around the time the actual National Road Relays would have happened had they not been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The hope was to raise £5,000 for the National Health Service and by the 11th of April £8,210 had been raised.
The main objective of the virtual competition was to give the distance runners of the UK something to aim for despite the lockdown. Each runner would run alone over a local 5 km course while adhering to social distancing guidelines with a target of doing the fastest time they could muster. Individual efforts were then fed into a computer to give a full club team result.
The overall response was fantastic all round. For the Women's 6-stage relay Highgate were placed 8th in 1:49.56, and the winners Herne Hill Harriers did 1:43.20. Regarding the men, they were 13th of 130 teams that completed. Highgate's time was 3:06.37 and the winning team was from Leeds City AC finished in 2:57.08.
Highgate's women’s team, in order of the fastest, comprised: Rebecca Johnson; Hannah Viner; Yasmin Goater; Emma MacAlister Hall; Emma Butcher; and Kari Hinshelwood. The men’s team, in order of fastest times, comprised: Alex Lepretre; Alex Crossland; Roger Poolman; Charlie Haywood; Shaun Dixon; Rob Wilson; Niki Faulkner; Alex Brampton; James Ross; Ash Chambers; Gareth Creagh; and Andre Chau.

Parliament Hill track is managed by the City of London and a fee is payable for use.
A special arrangement with the City of London gives Highgate Harriers members
free access to the track on club nights.

Hampstead Heath information and maps can be found on the City of London website.

The nearest stations are Gospel Oak or Hampstead Heath on London Overground
and Belsize Park or Kentish Town on the London Underground.

See for track details and location

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